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6x6 Arbalet / "Crossbow"

Production base for the model "Crossbow" will be established at the Kiev plant "Lenin's Forge", owned by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. According to preliminary information "Crossbow" will have reinforced armor and a special design which will reduce the power of the mine blast. "Crossbow" Designers equip the Volvo diesel engine, in which the 320 hp, Allison automatic gearbox and a powerful torsion bar suspension. The armament of the unit will consist of a machine gun 12.7 and 40 milemetrovogo grenade launcher UAG-40. On the platform "Crossbow" in the future variants can be built, including combat infantry vehicle, armored personnel carriers, linear, evacuation and other vehicles. It is also reported that the new APCs will be as close as possible to the NATO standards.

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