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Army General Headquarters

The Army General Headquarters is responsible for developing and maintaining the Army's combat power, commanding and supervising all subordinate troops and units. Under its command are the Army Logistics Command, Army Commands, and the Airborne and Special Operations Command. Also under its command are the various Army units (in descending order) of army, division, brigade, battalion, company, and platoon.

The Army General Headquarters is the component which takes responsibility for issuing directives and conducting training. When the GHQ was established in the winter of 1943, at the height of the War of Resistance against Japan, it was called the Military Affairs Committee.It was founded to meet the needs of the resistance coalition and to restrain the spread of Japanese influence on the Mainland and in eastern and southern Asia. Its main branch, located in Kunming, assumed responsibility for coordinating directives and training for the western and southern battle districts. After the defeat of the Japanese, the Military Affairs Committee was converted into the Ministry of Defense, and assumed responsibility for running the army, navy, air force and logistics headquarters. The army GHQ was recomposed of the Military Affairs Committee's training division and troop supervisory personnel and selected personnel from the Public Division located at Shuichin, Hsuchou. This new establishment included the GHQ, divisions one through six, and special work groups for official business, military machinery and medical care.

In October of 1949, as the situation on the Mainland fell into chaos, the GHQ was attacked by the communist forces. A small number of personnel were able to board planes and head for Taiwan. A second group of personnel travelled to Taiwan via Vietnam, while those remaining dispersed. At this point, the GHQ ceased to exist. On March 1, 1950, Chiang Kai-shek resumed the Presidency. He was determined to reconsolidate the military and implement counter-attack preparations. That same month, the Ministry of Defense was reorganized, and it was decided to reinstate the army GHQ. On April 16, the GHQ, a reconfiguration of the Taiwan Defense Headquarters,was intalled at Fengshan. In September of 1950, the GHQ was relocated to Taipei, where it remained until the Northern Anchor exercises of 1976.

Presently, the GHQ is in Taoyuan. Since its establishment in 1943, the GHQ has passed through the War of Resistance, resisted the communists and undergone a number of important changes in Taiwan. Its functions have been tp provide comprehensive directives to troops, and to draft and implement military plans.

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