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Penghu Defense Command

The Penghu Defense Department is responsible for combat command tasks. The defense area covers 64 islands in the Penghu Islands. By 2013 the combat forces under the Peng Defense Department include the 168th garrison brigade and the 503rd armored brigade; the combat support forces include communications battalions, air defense companies, chemical companies, and engineering companies; the service support forces have the first logistics command.

Penghu is an archipelago situated off the west coast of Taiwan near Chiayi, in the middle of the Taiwan Strait. A very beautiful and enjoyable weekend getaway, the sea around Penghu is a saturated turquoise and the sand coral. In the main city, Magong, the major sights include the Tianhou Temple, where sailors and fishermen have prayed to the sea goddess Matsu for safe seafaring for centuries. Nearby is the 400-year-old Four Eyes Well, a single well with four holes so it can be used by many people at once. It's on a picturesque old street that has been tastefully restored to its former glory.

The historical traces of the battlefields in Penghu can also be seen from four forts. The Xitai Fort in Xiyu was the most powerful of the four forts engineered at that time. At that time, the oldest Amstelang cannon was in the fort, and it is also the most preserved. Important relics of the fortifications in various parts of Wuhu include Xiyu Dongtai Castle, Gongbei Fort, and Ma Gongjintoutou Fort. The Gongbei Fort is the only "inland" fort, built during the reign of Emperor Liu Ming of the Qing Dynasty. During the Sino-French War, France captured Penghu and landed on Shetou Mountain. However, because of the lack of water and soil, nearly 1,000 people died. After being buried in the Snake Head Mountain at the end of the wind cabinet, it established the "French Army Memorial Monument.

The Penghu Defense Command in the 1990s was comprised of two infantry brigades, an armor brigade and an artillery command. The PDC also has one company from the 101st Amphibious Recon. Battalion. Formerly known as the ‘’Penphu Defense command’’, was founded in Magong in 1949 years, and was founded by the 12 Jing District commander and the 40Th Military Department. At the end of the same year ,the name was changed to the ‘’Lake Defense command’’ and was attached to the Southeastern General Administration Office. In April, 1950,it was transferred to the Army Defense Command and in July 1958 it was transferred to the Army Headquarters, The 1969 ‘’Kunlun case’’ abolished the military department, the official establishment of the ‘’Lake Defense Command’’, Please pay attention to the lack of history and political officer. Due to ROC Armed Forces reorganization in 2006, the title of the Corps was renamed as “Army Penghu Defense Command.”

By 2019, the defense forces of the Taiwan military in the Penghu Islands were relatively weak. Its so-called defense command headquarters is nominally a military-level unit led by the commander of the lieutenant general, but the actual establishment is only the brigade level. The troops under its jurisdiction only have one riding camp, one chariot camp, one machine step camp, and one artillery unit. Camp and a battalion-level direct unit. Among them, the tank unit was built as a battalion and another company, equipped with about 50-60 CM11 "Yonghu" tanks, and the combat power was only the level of the 05-type amphibious assault vehicle. The infantry vehicle is only available in the US M113 tracked armored transport vehicle, Hummer off-road vehicle and military card.

In the past, the Japanese and Taiwan troops built a large number of permanent fortifications on the Penghu Islands to prevent landing. However, these fortifications have long since been abandoned. Apart from the vehicle tunnels, there are almost no definite permanent fortifications on the Penghu Islands. This undoubtedly reduced the difficulty of our army forcibly landing. After forcibly landing in Wuhu in an air-season manner, our army can use it as a forward base to conduct landing operations on the island of Taiwan. At this time, because the Penghu Islands are less than 30 nautical miles away from Taiwan's main island, the landing fleet can travel back and forth between the two islands within one day, while the troops, equipment, supplies and supplies from the mainland to Penghu can be transported at the port. The port is completed with a civilian vessel temporarily requisitioned. This can double the amphibious transport capacity of the PLA.

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