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Matzu Defense Command

Located on Matzu Island, the Matzu Defense Command is comprised of two infantry brigades and an artillery command. The MDC also has one company from the 101st Amphibious Recon. Battalion.

The Matsu Archipelago is tiny. All told, the islands in the chain amount to 30 square kilometers in area. Its importance was in its location: Matsu is about 210 kilometers northwest of Keelung and lies just outside the mouth of China's Min River. In this forward position, it naturally made an important military outpost in Taiwan's line of defense against China. All that changed in 1994, however, when much of the army moved out and the islands opened to tourists. By 1999, the Matsu National Scenic Area was set up and began attracting visitors to the archipelago's Nankan, Peikan, Chukuang, and Tungyin islands. The main island, Nankan, is often simply referred to as Matsu Island and is the political, economic and cultural center of the archipelago.

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