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Kung Feng 4

In the 1960s, Taiwan began to develop the "Workerbee"-4 multiple rocket launcher. The directional tube of the "Workerbee"-4 multiple rocket launcher has a caliber of 126 mm (inner diameter) and a maximum range of 10.5 kilometers. Its chassis is based on the United States. Produce M-113A1 or LVPT-5 armored vehicle chassis. After the "Workerbee"-4 multiple rocket launcher was successfully developed, Taiwan's "Chinese Academy of Sciences" began to consider the development of a longer range multiple rocket launcher. The Kung Feng 4 is a self-developed multi-barrel rocket launcher developed by Taiwan’s "Zhongshan Academy of Sciences". It was developed in the early 1970s and was equipped with troops in 1976. It is Taiwan’s first self-built rocket launcher. This gun is divided into two types, the towed "worker bee" 3 and the self-propelled "worker bee" 4. The towed "worker bee" 3 is mounted on a two-wheeled trailer and is towed by a 2.5-ton truck and is mainly equipped with army units. The self-propelled "worker bee" 4 can be installed on the Marine Corps amphibious landing armored vehicle LVT-P5, on the Army’s armored transport vehicle M113, or on a truck. At present, the equipment is only found in the artillery directly under the Taiwan Army Corps. The advantage of the Worker Bee-3 is that it is compact and can be used in a variety of different vehicles. It can even be carried by a jeep and has very good maneuverability. It has a high rate of fire, and all 40 rockets can be launched within 16 seconds, with fierce firepower; The operation is convenient, and it can quickly change from the marching state to the combat state. The disadvantages are the short range, wide spread of bullets, and low density; manual loading and long reloading time; few types of warheads, only high-explosive bombs and yellow phosphorus incendiary bombs; heavy weight, not suitable for human backs and horses. Its weight is almost three times that of the 63 Type 107 rocket on the other side.
Caliber 126 mm
Number of directional tubes 40 tubes (20 tubes in each group)
Maximum range 9000 meters
Muzzle velocity 465 m/s
Fire rate 40 rounds/16 seconds
Directional firing circle 10°
high and low firing circle 9 ~ 55 °
transmission mode single, bursts
loaded manner artificial loading
combat weight 1151 kg
gunner 1.66 m
gun width 2.15 m
high cannon 1.74 m
exercise self-drawing or
shell length 0.810 m
projectile diameter126mm
Projectile weight 24.4kg
  • Kung Feng I - Prototype only. Never entered service.
  • Kung Feng II - Prototype only. Never entered service.
  • Kung Feng III - 126mm x 40 round launcher mounted on trailer.
  • Kung Feng IV Army - 126mm x 40 (2x20 round) launcher mounted on CM-21 APC used by the ROC Army.
  • Kung Feng IV Marines - 126mm x 40 (2x20 round) launcher mounted on LVTP-5 used by the ROC Marines.

  • Kung Feng 4 Kung Feng 4 Kung Feng 4 Kung Feng 4 Kung Feng 4 Kung Feng 4
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