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Jong Shyn CITIC Shipbuilding Group

CITIC Shipbuilding Group (without any affiliation with the mainland's China International Trust Investment Corporation related companies, athough the provenance and meaning of CITIC remains obscure), is one of the shipbuilding companies located in Qijin District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. It is currently the largest private shipyard in Taiwan. CITIC Shipbuilding Group has been established for more than 30 years. It has completed more than 500 new ships, repaired and modified more than 600 ships, and always provides customers with the best integration solutions to meet the different needs of customers. To complete the shipowner’s commission on schedule, quality, and budget is the final goal of the operation. The founder of the group, Han Bixiang (currently chairman of the Shipbuilding Association), started his shipbuilding career as an apprentice. With extraordinary determination and perseverance, he spent 50 years creating the kingdom of CITIC Shipbuilding Group.

It is always the mission to promote Taiwan's shipbuilding technology to the world, and in just three years, it entered the European top steel and aluminum yacht market and promoted Taiwan's shipbuilding brand to the world. Based in Taiwan, looking internationally. CITIC Shipbuilding Group will continue to focus on the industry in the future to meet the needs of shipowners of all nationalities, from design and system to cabin interior design.

CITIC Shipbuilding Group is the company that manufactures the largest number of steel and aluminum ships in Taiwan. The types of construction include Marine Patrol Cruisers, cargo ships, passenger ships, oil chemical ships, high-tech research ships, ultra-low temperature refrigerated ships, Yachts, and all kinds of fishing boats, etc., as well as contracting the maintenance of naval large destroyers, etc. After years of hard work, the standardization and accuracy of technology and manufacturing processes can be synchronized with the international.

CITIC Shipbuilding has been in operation since 1974. It currently has five factories including CITIC, Xingao, Linsheng, Xinchuan and Jade Yacht. It currently has about 550 employees. It mainly builds new steel and aluminum ships and repairs various types of ships. Supplementary; currently more than 250 vessels of various types of ocean-going fishing vessels, transportation vessels, work vessels, port tugboats and aluminum speedboats have been constructed, and approximately 600 vessels have been repaired and refitted by navy, maritime patrol and private vessels. Have been deeply affirmed and appreciated by shipowners and industry players.

The Zhongwei Development Center, a consortium commissioned by the Ministry of National Defense, cooperates with the national defense industry as a "qualified manufacturer". It is adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation, improvement, and service", and working with all employees to do their best to pay for new ships. In addition to research and development, it has invested considerable manpower, machinery, equipment and computer automation production. In 1997, it participated in the National Federation of Industry of the Republic of China and cooperated with the Ministry of Economic Industry Bureau to evaluate industrial automation manufacturers. It was awarded a certificate and certificate from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Industrial Bureau Medals.

Obtained ISO-9001 certification from the Lloyd’s Ship Surveying Association at the end of 1990. In order to ensure the quality policy of "Customer First, Quality First", in addition to continuous renovation of plant facilities, strengthening of staff training, and the introduction of CNC computer automated lofting and blanking, more In response to the development of science and technology, the computer design software has been updated to reach a three-dimensional space, which greatly improves the construction accuracy of the hull.

Jade Yacht Factory was established in 1993 and has since developed into one of the largest professional yacht manufacturing companies in Asia. Chairman Han Bixiang said: "The company used to manufacture fishing boats, sea cruisers, and official ships. Taiwan joined the world trade. After the organization, in the face of competition from various countries, innovation is bound to be required, so in recent years it has been transformed into a yacht manufacturing factory." Adhering to the belief that "Taiwan that foreigners can do can definitely be possible", it strengthened the requirement to improve on-site construction technology.

Welding technicians for steel structure and aluminum alloy structure have passed the certification of China Ship Survey Center (CR) and Norwegian Ship Surveying Association (DNV), and combined with more than 35 years of experience in yacht exquisite woodworking in Taiwan, regardless of the accuracy of construction planning and production methods , All strive for perfection. In addition, experts in the design, engineering and coating of large luxury yachts in Europe have been specially invited to serve as consultants for various departments, so that Jade Yachts has improved its overall construction concept and construction technology to the international level.

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