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Anhai - New Type of Rescue Ship

According to a bid award issued by the Ministry of National Defense 02 December 2020, the Navy’s "new type of rescue ship" prototype ship was built by Taiwan Shipping Company for 2.975 billion yuan, and the contract will take effect from December 4. It was expected to be completed and delivered to the navy before August 4, 112 [2023] of the Republic of China.

A new type of rescue ship prototype planned by the military, equipped with advanced rescue and protection systems, including an underwater rescue system (diving bell) that can reach a depth of 100 meters, and an ROV underwater remote control that can operate at a depth of 500 meters The vehicle system will increase the navy's energy for deep-sea rescue.

The Ministry of National Defense also pointed out in the 110th public budget that the new type of rescue ship will be the main task of naval ship distress rescue, towing and large unpowered docks (floating docks, large target ships, working platforms, etc.), and assist Supplemented by other public service units and civilian ships at sea, joint search and rescue and humanitarian missions.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, after the completion of the new rescue ship, it will have the characteristics of fast speed, good maneuverability, high automatic operation capability, and large towing force. It can perform tasks such as ship rescue, towing and salvage of lost objects underwater, and is not vulnerable to operational safety and wind power. Factors are constrained to facilitate the rescue mission.

The new prototype ship of the Navy's "New Type of Rescue Ship" code-named "Anhai Project". The whole project includes a stand, weapon system and rescue equipment. The total amount of the project is 3.658 billion yuan. However, the case did not go smoothly. After the construction and design phases were completed last year and the first half of this year, the bidding phase was entered in 2020.

When the first external tender was issued in April 2020, the amount was 3.191 million yuan. Due to domestic manufacturers’ misgivings about the design and the revision, the bidding amount for the construction of Yantai was reduced to 2.975 million yuan. However, domestic shipbuilders also believed that the price was too low and there would be no profit at all. According to the relevant assessment, according to the amount announced today, the amount of the bid was still maintained at 2.975 million yuan.

Anhai - New Type of Rescue Ship Anhai - New Type of Rescue Ship

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