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6th Corps

Military police company
3rd group Chemical CorpsZhongli District, Taoyuan City "Dragon Force"
3rd Group EngineersBade District, Taoyuan City "Longhua Troops"
5th Group EngineersBade District, Taoyuan City "Longhua Troops"
Army North District Specialty Training CenterZhongli District, Taoyuan City "Pioneer Force"
Sixth Corps cadre training classesTaoyuan City Longtan District"vanguard"
21st Artillery CommandPingzhen District, Taoyuan City "Golden Eagle Force"
Third Area Support CommandZhongli District, Taoyuan City "Carrying Forces"
Guandu District CommandTamsui District, New Taipei City "Tiger Howling Force"
Lanyang Regional CommandSanxing Township, Yilan County"Huanglong Force"
269th Mechanized Infantry BrigadeYangmei District, Taoyuan City "Lion Army"
52nd Armored BrigadeHukou Township, Hsinchu County "Xunlei Unit"
58th Armored BrigadeHukou Township, Hsinchu County "Stepping Force"
3rd Infantry Brigade Yilan City, Yilan County "Xianglong Force"
5th Infantry Brigade Yilan City, Yilan County "Xianglong Force"
206th Infantry BrigadeGuanxi Town, Hsinchu County "Mighty Force"

Name: Chien-Feng Troop
Date: Founded in 1954


  • 106 Infantry BDE
  • 116 Infantry BDE
  • 118 Infantry BDE
  • 152 Infantry BDE
  • 153 Infantry BDE
  • 176 Infantry BDE
  • 178 Infantry BDE
  • 269 Motorized Infantry BDE (Taoyuan)
  • 351 Armored Infantry BDE (Linkou)
  • 542 Armor BDE (Hukou)
  • 543 Armor BDE

  • 21 Artillery Command
  • 53 Engineer Group
  • 73 Signals Group
  • 33 Chemical Warfare Group

  • U/I Infantry Division

The Sixth Army Command (team name: "The Forward Force "), is a corps under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China Army, the Department of the Republic of China military stationed in northern Taiwan (Keelung City, Taipei City, new Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, Ilan County) area of the ground forces, an area of about 9,174 square kilometers, with a total The force is about 32,000 people, and the commander and deputy commander are ranked as lieutenant generals. In wartime, the Sixth Corps will be responsible for the combat command and military control of the third combat zone, and unified command of the three services and police units in the combat zone. Formerly the Army's First Field Corps.

The Sixth Army Corps of the Army is responsible for combat command tasks. The scope of this defense area is the area north of Taiwan’s main island of Houlongxi (including) and Pingxi (excluding) and its offshore islands. The land and Naval, air force, civil, political, police and other units. Due to the large population of this defense zone, the capital of the Republic of China is also the seat of Taiwan’s political and economic center-the Taipei Metropolitan Area , so it is different from the eighth army and tenth army ’s deputy commander with the rank of major general and the sixth army. The deputy commander is the rank of lieutenant general. Because the Sixth Army had to defend the narrowest part of the Taiwan Strait and defend the capital area, it was the army with the most troops and most main tanks.

Formerly known as the "Northern Taiwan Defense Command Headquarters," it was reorganized from the Zhoushan Island Defense Command Headquarters in 1949, and the headquarters initially established the Taipei Mansion. In forty-three years, it was reorganized as the "First Army Command" in Longgang, Zhongli. In January 1965, it was renamed the "Third Army Command". On August 16, the same year, it was renamed the The Sixth Army Command" was renamed the "Sixth Army Command" in March 1995 in accordance with the National Defense Organization Law.

Due to ROC Armed Forces reorganization in 2006, the title of the Corps was renamed as “6th Army Command.”

The 6th Corps in concentrated in Northern Taiwan and is comprised of seven infantry brigades, one motorized infantry brigade, an armored infantry brigade, and two armor brigades. 6th Corps also has engineer, signals, chemical warfare groups and an artillery command.

Prior to the reorganization of the ROCA in the late 1990s and early 2000s the corps was comprised of two infantry divisions. As of 2013 the 6th Corps Department was responsible for combat command tasks. The defense zone covers the area north of Houlongxi (inclusive) and Hepingxi (exclusive) on the main island of Taiwan and its offshore islands. The combat units under the 6th Corps mainly include the 16th, 26th, 49th, and 51st division command structures, the 106th, 116th, 118, 152, 153, 176, and 178th garrison brigades, and the 269th motorized infantry brigade. The 351st Infantry Brigade, the 542th Armored Brigade, the 601st Air Cavalry Brigade, and the 862th Special Combat Brigade; the combat support force includes the 21st Artillery Command, the 53rd Combat Engineer Group, and the 73rd Signal Corps. The 33rd Chemical Corps Group, etc.; the service support unit has the 3rd Logistics Command. The forward force was incorporated by the Taiwan Defensive Area Command and the Reserve Corps Command as the Army's First Field Corps Command on May 1, 1949. The Golden Harvest of the armband symbolizes the great achievements of the army for the Northern Expedition, Anti-Japanese War and Rebellion. It also means to put soldiers in agriculture, and also express self-improvement and sustainable operation. The national flag and the land indicate that the ministry is loyal to the country and has the responsibility to defend the country and the people. The blue sky, the white sun and the ground, the red tricolor, in addition to representing allegiance to the Republic of China, it also means that the ministry has a spirit of sacrifice, unity and responsibility.

The headquarters of the Taiwan Defense Zone was established on June 1, 1999. The headquarters and its officers and soldiers were composed of the Zhoushan Islands Defense Command and Songhu Defense Command, and the cadres of the 9th Corps Command and the 13th Army Command. It was merged and compiled in August 38 of the Republic of China. On May 16, 39, General Shi Jue, the defense commander of Zhoushan, was ordered to command more than 100,000 land and air officers and soldiers in the archipelago. They made a strategic transfer and successfully arrived in Taiwan on the 1st of the following month. It was reorganized into the headquarters of the northern defensive zone, based in Taipei, with General Shi Jue as the commander, assuming the garrison mission in the northern region.

The headquarters of the Reserve Corps was established on August 1, Republic of China, and was formerly the 99th Army and 54th Army. Since the spring of 38, it has served as the Hualien regional defense. Until June 1, 39, the Eastern Taiwan Defense Zone was established in Hualien. Headquarters, with Lieutenant General Que Hanqian serving as the commander, responsible for the defense mission of the defensive area. On August 1, Republic of China, the task of the Ministry was replaced by the Taitung Division Commander Command. The commander was concurrently the Commander of the Taitung Division Command.

The former Taiwan Eastern Defensive Command was changed to the Reserve Corps Command. On May 1, Republic of China, in order to cooperate with the policy of counterattack and restoration of the country, the highest authority of the Republic of China consolidated its military and military operations. Based on the headquarters of the defense zone in northern Taiwan and the headquarters of the Reserve Corps, it merged with one of the two supply divisions. It was organized into the headquarters of the First Field Corps. On January 1, 1965, it changed its designation to the Third Corps, and on August 16 of the same year, it changed its designation to the Sixth Corps.

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