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439th Combined Wing
(6th Combined Wing)

The 439th Combined Wing is located at Pingtung Air Base. The unit was previously believed to be comprised of the 10th Tactical Airlift Group and the 20th Electronic Warfare Group. This wing was established under the Air Force General Command Headquarters order (1954) Zhi-Fa-Zi No. 379 at Shuinan Air Port in Taichung City on February 1, 1954 under the direct command of the Air Force General Command Headquarters. The 20th Group was subordinated to the wing, and was equipped with the C-46 cargo plane to perform the missions as an air transport and combat wing with principal duty of airborne, airdrop, and air transport.

In November 1958, an independent squadron equipped with the C-119 cargo plane was established in Tainan for supporting combat missions and was under the direct command of the wing. The wing was ordered to station at Pingtung Air Force Base in November 1959. The 10th Air Transport Squadron, which was previously under the command of the 3rd Wing, was assigned to the command of us. In addition, the C-119 Independent Air Transport Squadron was also dispatched to Pingtung Air Force Base and changed to the 2nd Squadron under the 20th Group. The wing was assigned the code as the Air Force 6th Wing in June 1960, and was ordered to form an air transport base squadron in July to perform the mission of transports among the bases.

In 1964, the wing was ordered to form a special duty detachment at Dongsha Air Force Base. In 1969, the Hengchun special duty detachment was assigned to the command of this wing. The 10th and the 20th Groups, and all the squadrons were equipped with the new C-119 cargo planes to replace the obsolete C-46 in the same year.

An anti-submarine squadron was established and equipped with the S-2A in November 1966 in response to the urgent need of counter-submarine warfare of the Taiwan Straits. In April 1976, the S-2E models were introduced to replace the S-2A. In August of the same year, the code of the wing was changed to 439th Transports and Anti-Submarine Composite Wing. In February 1979, the anti-submarine squadron was expanded into a group with the assignment of the new S-2T to replace the S-2E started on October 15, 1992. On July 1999, the Anti-Submarine Group was transferred to the command of the ROC Navy.

The 29th Group was dissolved in February 1984, and the 2nd Squadron under the group was assigned to the command of the 10th Group. In July 1986, the wing took over 12 C-130 cargo planes to replace the equipment previously assigned to the 101st Squadron of the 10th Group, and the 101st Transport Squadron was formed and assigned to the command of the wing.

The Early Warning Electronic Warfare Squadron was formed on June 1, 1995 and took over the E-2T and the C-130HE cargo planes. The previous 101st Transport Squadron was assigned to the 10th Group and the code was also changed to 439th Composite Wing. The Early Warning Electronic Warfare Squadron was expanded on January 1, 2000 into the 20th Electronic Warfare Group as dictated by missions. For upgrading the combat capacity, the wing has introduced 2 E-2K with the formation ceremony hosted by former President Chen Shui-Bian on April 15, 2006. This wing is still in service for the time being, and spares no effort in upgrading its equipment and intensifies training in preparing for any missions. Examples are the airdrop in Mainland China, patrolling the Taiwan Straits, airdrop, air transport to the offshore islands, performing special duty in foreign air space, and early warning and electronic warfare with outstanding performance.

The wing was established in 1954, and has procured a great variety of aircrafts including the C-46, C-119, C-123, S-2A, S-2E, S-2T, C-130H, C-130HE, E-2T, and E-2K. The current organization of the wing is somewhat unclear. In 2003 the ROCAF initiated a variety of organizational reforms that would have established a 6th EW and Reconnaissance Group that would control the 4th Reconnaissance Squadron, the 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, and the 20th Electonic Warfare Squadron. It is thought that this group would join the 20th Electronic Warfare Group as part of the 439th Combined Wing. It was not clear as to whether or not the 10th Tactical Airlift Group is still under the operational control of the 439th CW.

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