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427th Tactical Fighter Wing
(3rd Tactical Fighter Wing)

The 427th is also referred to in some publications, most notably Jane's Sentinel as the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing. The predecessor of this wing was the Air Force 3rd Group and was established in Jurong, Jiangsu Province, in 1936. It was expanded into the Air Force 3rd Wing at Pingtung Air Force Base on January 12, 1953. The wing was equipped with the US p-47, P-51 propeller fighters. These fighters were replaced with the F-86F Sabre jet fighters in December 1955. The 3rd Wing has shot down 2 MIG-17 of the PLA during the “Battle of August 23”.

The wing was ordered to station at CCK Air Force Base in Taichung in 1959, with the F-104 Star Fighters assigned in December 1955. The pilots of the wing have shot down 2 MIG-19 from the PLA in the air space 30 nautical miles northeast of Kinmen on January 13, 1957. This set the world record of shooting down MIG fighters by F-104.

The 35th Combat Squadron was introduced to the wing on June 10, 1977 with the use of the T-33A Shooting Star to perform night bombing mission. The 35th Combat Squadron was assigned to the command of the Hsinchu 2nd Wing in 1992 as required by missions.

In January 1991, this wing was the first air force unit with the replacement of the new generation of jet fighters, and received the first IDF jet fighters in 1992. The 8th Squadron, which was the first IDF combat squadron, was officially established on December 28, 1994, and the 28th Squadron, the second IDF combat squadron, was officially established on November 22, 1995. The wing has completed the arming with the IDF by April 15, 1997. On April 29, 2003 an IDF aircraft from the 427th Tactical Fighter Wing crashed following a technical failure. The crew ejected and were injured.

The 3rd Group and the 8th Squadron were dissolved on November 1, 2004 under the “Streamlining Program” of the armed forces. Accordingly, the previous 7th Squadron and the 28th Squadron were regrouped as a combat squadron assuming the duty of combat readiness to safeguard the air space over the Taiwan Straits.

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