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10th Corps

Fifth Regional Support CommandDaya District, Taichung City"??? troops"
10th Corps Training ClassChenggongling Camp, Wuri, Taichung
36th Group, Chemical CorpsDaya, Taichung
52nd Group, EngineersTaiping, Taichung"Guanglong Force"
58th Artillery CommandShengang, Taichung"Tiger Front Force"
104th Infantry BrigadeWuri, Taichung"Changshan Force"
257th Infantry BrigadeDalin, Chiayi "Military Soul Force"
302nd Infantry BrigadeWuri, Taichung"Huwei Force"
234th Mechanized Infantry BrigadeDali, Taichung"Great Wall Force"
586th Armored BrigadeHouli, Taichung"Zhongshan Troops"

Name: Kunlun troops
Date: Founded in 1954


  • 102 Infantry BDE
  • 104 Infantry BDE
  • 107 Infantry BDE
  • 157 Infantry BDE
  • 169 Infantry BDE
  • 192 Infantry BDE
  • 200 Motorized Infantry BDE
  • 373 Armored Infantry BDE
  • 586 Armor BDE

  • 36 Chemical Warfare Group
  • 52 Engineer Group
  • 58 Artillery Command
  • 74 Signals Group

  • U/I Infantry Division

The Tenth Army Corps (also known as the 10th Army the Command ; the Army Tenth Legion, the Army Corps ten, ten corps, Kunlun forces), under the jurisdiction of the Chinese Republican national army is stationed in Taichung City, Changhua County, Nantou County , Yunlin County, Chiayi County, Chiayi City, an area of approximately 10,650 square kilometers, with a total strength of about 20,000 soldiers. It is under a commander with the rank of lieutenant general. It is responsible for the combat command and military control of the fifth combat zone during wartime, and unified command of the three services and police units in the combat zone.

In 1942, the newly formed 38th Division was expanded into the new first army of the National Revolutionary Army , with Sun Liren as the commander. In July 1947, Sun Liren was transferred to serve as the deputy commander-in-chief of the Army General Command and the commander of the Army Training Command. The rest of the New Army was transferred and the Army Training Command was established with Nanjing to be responsible for the important task of training the National Defense Forces. Later, the Army Training Command moved to Fengshan, Taiwan, where the 80th Army of the Army was trained in Taishin, under the jurisdiction of the 201st Division, the 206th Division, and the 340th Division, later reorganized into the Southern Defense Corps of Taiwan.

Formerly known as the "Southern Taiwan Defensive Zone Command", it was organized by the army headquarters and cadres from the 80th Army in 1949. In 1950, the Army’s 80th Army was adapted to establish the Southern Taiwan Defensive Zone Command. The command was initially established in Fengshan Township, Kaohsiung County. The commander was Lieutenant General Shi Jue. In May 1954, Fengshan, Kaohsiung, merged with the headquarters of the Central Taiwan Defensive Zone to form the Army’s Second Field Corps.

Moved to Xinshe Township, Taichung County in 1961. In January of 1965, the designation was changed to the "Fifth Legion", and on August 16, the same year, the designation was changed to the "Tenth Legion." In 1972, the office was changed to Taichung News Agency.

In January 1976, the designation was changed to the headquarters of the Fifth Army Corps, On August 16, 1976, the designation was changed to the Command of the Tenth Army Corps, under the command of the Army General Command. Lieutenant General Yuan Zijun On March 1, 2006, the title was changed to " Command of the Tenth Army Corps " in accordance with the National Defense Organization Law. In 1995, due to the adjustment of the national defense organization, the title was changed to the "Command of the Tenth Army Corps."

The 10th Corps in concentrated in Central Taiwan and is comprised of six infantry brigades, one motorized infantry brigade, an armored infantry brigade, and two armor brigades. 10th Corps also has engineer, signals, and chemical warfare groups and an artillery command.

Prior to the reorganization of the ROCA in the late 1990s and early 2000s the corps was comprised of two infantry divisions. As of 2013 the combat units under the 10th Corps mainly included the 19th and 34th division-level command structures, the 102nd, 104, 157, 169, and 192th garrison brigades, as well as the 200th Motor Infantry Brigade, the 373th Installed Infantry Brigade, and the No. The 586th Armored Brigade, the 602nd Air Cavalry Brigade and other strike brigades; the combat support forces include the 58th Artillery Command, the 52nd Combat Engineer Group, the 74th Signal Corps, and the 36th Chemical Corps; the service support unit has the 5th Logistics Command unit. w

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