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Sri Lanka Army Regiments / Corps - Badges

Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC)
raised 1955.
Motto: "Whither the fates call".

Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA),
raised 12 April 1888 as The Ceylon Artillery Volunteers.

Sri Lanka Engineers (SLE),
raised in 1911 as The Ceylon Engineers.

Sri Lanka Signals Corps (SLSC). Established on 19 October 1943.
Motto: "Certa Cito" Latin - (Swift and Sure). Both the badge and the
Motto are based on those of the Royal Signals. The Royal Crown abowe the Hermes is replaced by a buddhist wheel.

Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI), this is the oldest infantry regiment in the Sri Lanka Army
raised on 1 April 1881 as the Ceylon Light Infantry Volunteers. HRH the Prince of Wales was in the same year made Honourary Colonel of the Regiment, hence the POW plumes in the Badge. Today the plumes are replaced by three sheaves of paddy but still arranged as the POW badge. The regimental
Motto is "Ich Dien" Latin - (I serve). This is the Motto of the Prince of Wales and the Wikipedia article is wrong it is not Latin but German.

Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, a Rifle Regiment
raised 1 October 1956.
Motto: "Swift and Bold".

Gemunu Watch, an infantry unit
raised 7 December 1972 and named after one of the most famous Lankan Kings, Dutthagamani.
Motto: ?Maniwatta Abhikkama?-Pali (Do not tarry, Go forward).

Gajaba regiment
raised 14 October 1983 by amalgamation of Rajarata Rifles och Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment.
Motto: ?Samagiya Shakthiyai' (Unity is Strength). Named after King Gajabahu I.

Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment,
raised 1 December 1980 but amalgamated with the Rajarata Rifles as seen above. The VIR was re
raised 15 November 1988. The regiment is named after King Vijayabhu I.

Commando Regiment,
raised 1980.
Motto: "Nothing is Impossible".

Military Intelligence Corps,
raised 1990.

Engineer Services Regiment,
raised in January 1950.

Sri Lanka Army Service Corps,
raised 30 October 1949.

The President's Guard.
raised as recently as 30 October 2008.

Special Forces Regiment,
raised in December 1986.

The Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps,
raised in 1881. The Badge is allmost identical to the one used by the Royal Army Medical Corps (of United Kingdom). Only the Shinalese Lion replacing the Royal Crown and the inscription on the Scroll differ.

The Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps,
raised on 29 March 1950. The Shield with three Guns and three Cannon Balls in chief are taken from those of the British Ordnance Office.

The Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police,
raised 1 October 1951. The Pistols are perhaps borrowed from the Insignia of the US Army Military Police.

The Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps,
raised 14 December 1951.

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