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RSS Fearless Patrol Vessels (PVs)

The Fearless-class patrol vessels were built locally and attained operational status in 1997. They are propelled by waterjets instead of conventional propellers and are responsible for the coastal defence of Singapore.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Dr Tony Tan, commissioned the first three of the Republic of Singapore Navy's (RSN's) Patrol Vessels (PVs) this morning, 05 October 1996, signalling their entry into operational service. The three PVs, RSS FEARLESS, RSS BRAVE and RSS COURAGEOUS were commissioned at a ceremony at Tuas Naval Base.During the ceremony, Dr Tan presented Commissioning Warrants to the Commanding Officers of the three PVs on behalf of the President. The Commanding Officer of RSS FEARLESS is Major (MAJ) Cheng Sim Chong, 32; while the Commanding Officers of RSS BRAVE and RSS COURAGEOUS are MAJ Dexter Chia, 33; and MAJ Leong Keng Weng, 32, respectively. The Commissioning Warrants signify the PVs' operational readiness.

The three PVs commissioned were among six anti-submarine PVs from the RSN's 189 Squadron. RSS FEARLESS, RSS BRAVE and RSS COURAGEOUS were fully operational after successfully completing all their harbour and sea trials. Their capability to detect surface, underwater and air threats enables them to perform their patrolling and other operational roles effectively, thereby enhancing the seaward defence capability of the RSN. To date, five of the 12 PVs to be acquired had been launched.

On 07 Feb 1998, four Fearless class Patrol Vessels, RSS RESILIENCE, RSS UNITY, RSS SOVEREIGNTY and RSS JUSTICE, will be commissioned as operational ships of the Republic of Singapore Navy. These ships and their crew stood ready to undertake any mission that the country demanded of them.

Defence planning must always take the long term view because building a new capability takes considerable time and effort. Defence capability build up involves more than simply buying equipment. Apart from acquisition, infrastructure development and personnel training have to be undertaken. In 1990, when it was envisaged that the RSN's ageing patrol craft could no longer be upgraded to continue their missions in the near future, these Fearless Class Patrol Vessels were conceptualised and developed to replace them. These ships were designed and built in Singapore to meet the specific needs of the RSN for many more years. Sound planning and investment in our defence has been and will continue to be fundamental to Singapore's continued prosperity as an independent nation.

The Patrol Vessels are the first major warships to be wholly designed and built in Singapore. This major accomplishment was the result of a collaborative effort between the RSN, the Defence Materiel Organisation, which is a member of MINDEF's Defence Technology Group, and Singapore Technologies Shipbuilding and Engineering.

The PVs are better equipped to carry out their operational roles, with capabilities such as a surveillance radar; advanced command and control systems, computerised fire control system, surface-to-air missile system, a 76 mm super rapid gun, hull-mounted sonars and torpedoes. The PVs are also installed with the water-jet propulsion system. Unlike propeller-driven vessels, the water-jet system enhances the manoeuvrability of the PVs, produces less noise and is more economical and easy to maintain.

The PV measures 55 metres in length and 8.6 metres in breadth. It has a displacement of about 500 tonnes and is able to achieve speeds in excess of 20 knots. Each PV is served by a crew of 30 officers and men.

They are entrusted with the responsibility for safeguarding territorial waters and maintaining maritime security in the Singapore Straits. Equipped with modern combat systems which have been fully integrated and tested by Singapore Technologies and MINDEF's Defence Technology Group, these vessels stand as evidence of the ability of local defence industries to design, build, integrate and deliver sophisticated warships and combat systems to the Singapore Armed Forces.

Length 55.00m
Beam 8.60m
Draft .m
Displacement 500 tons (fl)
Armament 1/Sadral point defence system
1/76mm 62-cal. OTO Melara SuperRapid DP
4/12.7mm machine guns
6/324mm ILAS-3 ASW torpedo tubes
tubes deleted on
82 Resilience and later
Propulsion 2 MTU diesels; 2 props; 8430 bhp
Speed 36 knots
Crew 27
Aircraft -

# Name Builder Launch Comm De-Comm Notes
94 Fearless ST Marine 18-Feb-1995 5-Oct-1996    
95 Brave ST Marine 9-Sep-1995 5-Oct-1996    
96 Courageous ST Marine 9-Sep-1995 5-Oct-1996 3-Jan-2003 3-Jan-2003 Seriously damaged in collision
97 Gallant ST Marine 27-Apr-1996 3-May-1997    
98 Daring ST Marine 27-Apr-1996 3-May-1997    
99 Dauntless ST Marine 23-Nov-1996 3-May-1997    
82 Resilience ST Marine 23-Nov-1996 7-Feb-1998    
83 Unity ST Marine 19-Jul-1997 7-Feb-1998    
84 Sovereignty ST Marine 19-Jul-1997 7-Feb-1998    
85 Justice ST Marine 18-Oct-1997 7-Feb-1998    
86 Freedom ST Marine 18-Oct-1997 22-Aug-1998    
87 Independence ST Marine Apr-1998 22-Aug-1998    

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