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9th Division/Infantry
9th Singapore Division (9 DIV)
Headquarters, Infantry
"Forging Ahead"

The 9th Singapore Division is a combined arms division that is operationally ready to fight and win decisively in a wide spectrum of operations to safeguard Singapore's interest and sovereignty. In its role as Headquarters, Infantry, the Division develops effective doctrine, conducts quality operational and leadership training, and delivers cutting edge capabilities to ensure the success of the infantry units in battle. 9th Division/Infantry is also the lead agent in the experimentation and development of urban operations doctrine and equipment, integrating technology and training to enhance our modern warfare competence.

The 9th Singapore Division was first formed on 1 October 1978 at Loewen Road Camp, as a reserve division. The Division's initial brigades, the 10th, 11th, and 12th Singapore Infantry Brigades, were raised by the 6th Singapore Division, which had responsibility for all reservists. The Division quickly outgrew the infrastructure at the Loewen Road Camp, and in 1983 plans were made to move the Division to Selarang Camp. The move was made in March 1984. Selarang Camp was in the process of expanding to accommodate the Division when it made the move. Plans called for new administrative buildings and warehouses for various units in the Division, as well as a new reserve training Center, cookhouse, canteen and recreational facilities. Work on the new facilities began in 1987 and in the end only the officers' mess and headquarters building were retained from the original facilities.

As part of the broad restructuring of the Singapore Army, 9th Singapore Division became a combined arms division on 31 March 1992, joining the 3rd and 6th Singapore Divisions. The 56th Singapore Armour Brigade joined the Division, which also gained artillery, engineer, signals, and other support arms.

After the reorganization of the Singapore Army in 1991, the divisions were designated as being either Active or National Service divisions. 3rd Singapore Division consisted solely of active units, while the 6th and 9th Singapore Divisions had National Service units only. This created the impression that 6th and 9th Singapore Divisions were "second-line" rather than "front-line" units, and in 1995 a second reorganization of the divisions occurred. For the first time Active and National Service units were mixed in the divisions, to create the sense that both Active and National Service personnel were of equal quality. As a result, 3rd and 6th Battalions, Singapore Infantry Regiment joined the Division's 10th Singapore Infantry Brigade.

On 17 August 2004, the decision was made to merge Headquarters, 9th Singapore Division and Headquarters, Infantry into a single formation, also referred to as 9th Division/Infantry. Headquarters, Infantry had been formed on 15 January 1980 to serve as the single entity for basic and advanced infantry training and development of infantry doctrine. With the merger, the 9th Singapore Division took control of the Basic Military Training Center (BMTC; established in September 1996), Infantry Training Institute (ITI; established in 1994 as the Infantry Training Center and renamed ITI in July 2004), the School of Infantry Specialists (SISPEC; established as the Singapore Armed Forces Infantry Non-Commissioned Officer School in May 1982 and renamed SISPEC in January 1992), and the Singapore Armed Forces Warrant Officer School (SAFWOS; established in January 1992). In September 2004, the Warrant Officer Institute (SWI) was established, which took over SISPEC and SAFWOS. In 2005, the Army Fitness Center was established as part of Headquarters, Infantry.

In August 2009, the Army announced its intention to obtain the locally developed Terrex Infantry Combat Vehicle and reintroduce motorized infantry elements to the Singapore Army. In response to this, in October 2010, the Motorized Infantry Training Institute (MTI) was established as part of Headquarters, Infantry to provide specific training for motorized infantry units.

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