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6th Singapore Division (6 DIV)
Combined Arms Training Center (CATC)
"Swift and Deadly"

6th Singapore Division (6 DIV) is an operationally ready front-line formation. It is a Combined Arms Division consisting of both active and National Service units. In war and operations other than war, Headquarters, 6th Singapore Division is to plan and conduct operations in conjunction with other Singapore Armed Forces elements to achieve the given operational objectives. In peacetime, Headquarters, 6th Singapore Division, also acting as the Singapore Army's Combined Arms Training Center, is to maintain the combined arms division at a high state of operational readiness, and train and develop competent brigades for the Singapore Army.

The 6th Singapore Division traces its history to the activation in 1971 of Headquarters, Reserve Infantry (HQRI) at Loewen Road Camp to manage the training of the Singapore Army's reserve element, which subsequently became the National Service. Assigned to the Headquarters were 5th Singapore Infantry Brigade, 6th Singapore Infantry Brigade, the Singapore Armed Forces Reserve Common Training Store (SAF RCTS), and the 2nd Logistics Field Group. The SAF RCTS provided administrative support in terms of stores, weapons and equipment.

As HQRI expanded in size, it became imperative for the reserve units to be organized and trained into proper Brigades and Divisions. As a result, the 6th Singapore Division was formed on 1 October 1976, becoming the first reserve division headquarters. As proper camp facilities for the Division had yet to be constructed, the Division Headquarters was housed on the premises of Portsdown Camp III, home of the Singapore Armed Forces Guards Unit at that time.

Within 3 months of its formation, the Division Headquarters was ready to take charge of a brigade of its own. In November 1976, 9th Singapore Infantry Brigade was formed under the command of 6 Division at Portsdown Camp. As the first reserve Division headquarters, the Division faced the challenge of building up the division in peacetime and the training of reservists for operations.

In 1978, HQRI was disbanded, leaving 6th Singapore Division with the entire mission of managing reservists in the Singapore Army. With more personnel released into the reserve, 6th Singapore Division supported the raising of additional brigades that were to form another Division. The 10th, 11th, and 12th Singapore Infantry Brigades raised by the 6th Singapore Division were subsequently handed over to the control of the 9th Singapore Division, which had been established in October 1978.

In 1979, the SAF RTCS was renamed the 1st Reserve Common Training Store (1 RCTS), which was subsequently renamed the 6th Reserve Infantry Training Center (6 RITC). During the 1980s, the 6th Singapore Division began moving to Tanjong Gul Camp. 6 RITC moved from Pasir Laba Field Camp to Tanjong Gul Camp on 21 June 1985, bringing the entire Division to a single location.

In November 1992, as part of a broad reorganization of the Singapore Army, the 6th Singapore Division became the second division to covert to a combined arms structure. At that time the Division consisted of the 5th Singapore Infantry Brigade, 6th Singapore Infantry Brigade, 9th Singapore Infantry Brigade, 54th Singapore Armor Brigade, a division artillery command, a division support command, a division engineer command, 6th Battalion of the Singapore Air Defense Artillery, and 6th Signal Battalion. At the same time the 6 RITC was renamed the 6th Division Training Center (6 DTC).

After the reorganization of the Singapore Army in 1991, the divisions were designated as being either Active or National Service divisions. 3rd Singapore Division consisted solely of active units, while the 6th and 9th Singapore Divisions had National Service units only. This created the impression that 6th and 9th Singapore Divisions were "second-line" rather than "front-line" units, and in 1995 a second reorganization of the divisions occurred. For the first time Active and National Service units were mixed in the divisions, to create the sense that both Active and National Service personnel were of equal quality. As part of the shift, 5th Singapore Infantry Brigade was transferred to the 3rd Singapore Division, while 6th Singapore Division gained the 2nd Singapore Infantry Brigade.

In 1996 and 1997, elements of the 6th Singapore Division began moving to Nee Soon Camp and in 2000, Headquarters, 6th Singapore Division was relocated there as it awaited the construction of a new dedicated facility, Mandai Hill Camp. On 30 September 2003, Headquarters, 6th Singapore Division moved into Mandai Hill Camp, the Singapore Armed Forces' first model camp. 2nd Singapore Infantry Brigade, 6th Signal Battalion, and the 1st and 622nd Battalions, Singapore Infantry Regiment also moved to the camp at that time.

In March 2007, the Singapore Army began forming what would become the Combined Arms Training Center (CATC) in April 2010. Headquarters, 6th Singapore Division was designated as the commanding element for the CATC.

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