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3rd Singapore Division (3 DIV)
"Foremost and Utmost"

The mission of the 3rd Singapore Division is to build operationally effective capabilities to deter aggression and achieve success in all operations. The Division seeks to nurture and engage the people so as to build their commitment to protect our national interest and the well-being of Singapore's citizens.

The 3rd Singapore Division traces its history to the creation of the Singapore Army's Area III Command Headquarters, which was set up at Fort Canning Camp in August 1970. On 1 November 1972, the Headquarters was relocated to Jurong Camp II.

On 1 May 1976, the Area III Command Headquarters was officially redesignated as 3rd Singapore Division, to which 2nd Singapore Infantry Brigade, 3rd Singapore Infantry Brigade, 7 Singapore Infantry Brigade, a Division Signals Battalion, a Division Support Command, and a Division Artillery element were assigned.

On 21 March 1991, 3rd Singapore Division became the the Singapore Army's first combined arms division. As a result, 3rd Singapore Division became the Singapore Army's principal test-bed for the development of new operational concepts, doctrines and tactics for land battles. The Division also continued to grow as an operationally-ready force to deal with any peacetime contingency.

In December 1997, 3rd Singapore Division relocated to Jurong Camp I, a modern complex reflecting a forward looking division.

In December 2004, as part of the process to inactivate 1st People's Defense Force, 3rd Singapore Division assumed command of units previously assigned to that unit.

In February 2011, 3rd Signal Battalion integrated with Division's military intelligence asset and transformed into the 17th Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) Battalion. Elements of the 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion subsequently became the 3rd Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) Battalion.

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