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Nora B52 self-propelled 152mm Howitzer

The artillery system Nora B52 is considered the most successful product in the palette of military devices and weapons offered by Yugoimport SDPR the integrator of Serbian Special Product and Defense Industry, at the worldwide market, since it has already got the most signed or announced contracts behind it. This weapon currently represents the main exporting item of the Serbian military industry. This is a self-propelled 155 mm caliber Howitzer, produced due to the need for a new, fast and mobile self-propelled one, which would replace the previous one, also with excellent performances.

A high-efficiency muzzle brake and the breechblock with a horizontal sliding wedge bolt are installed on the 155mm/52 caliber barrel. The chamber automatic sealing system is installed as a part of the barrel and the bolt, so the weapon uses caseless ammunition. The muzzle velocity is 925m/s, and the firing rate is 6rpm. The base ammunition package includes 36 rounds and 42 propelling charges. Optional equipment includes a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun for close combat.

The 152 mm self-propelled version NORA-B on the chassis of a modified, serial, terrain vehicle FAP 2832 was the first to be developed, and then the chassis on the vehicle KAMAZ was developed in cooperation with the company JUGOIMPORT-SDPR on demand for foreign customers. The drive is on all 4 crankshafts, with two front steering shafts. A Diesel engine provides a high level of cross-country mobility and good maneuverability. The total weight of this self-propelled artillery system is around 30.000kg.

It has the complete armored protection of the gunners, weapon and the battle ammunition set against the infantry weapons and shrapnels and the platform resistance to land mines has been increased, as well. Very important facts are the increased protecion grade of the fuel tank and ammunition storage. Nora B is also the first worldwide solution in the so-called open Howitzer installation on a wheeled platform. This made a considerable turn forward, compared with previously accepted conception of self-propelled weapons of the cupola installation.

High efficiency of Nora B52 was accomplished, among others, also by the following characteristics:

  • The ballistic system is based upon the 155 mm tube caliber, the 52 calibers length, the powder chamber has been developed upon the original self-sealing solution...
  • The ballistic system enables accomplishing the maximum range of 41 65 km,
  • Maximum speed of 80 to 100 km/h on better roads and up to 25 km/h on the gravel type roads. The truck can also overcome water obstacles, soft or wet land, with high tactical movability and the possibility of a fast fire position taking on the various ground types,
  • Owing to the 28 ton mass, it has got an excellent strategic movability,
  • By the robotized taking of grenades and powder charge to the charging line and their pressing into the grenade fill and thereby reduced physical loading of the gunners, the maximum shelling speed of about six grenades in a minute, i.e. three grenades shelling in 20 seconds,
  • Contemporary command - information system, based upon modern information technology and specially developed softwares, which makes the Howitzer integrable with all NATO norms and standards,
  • The gunners consist of just four to five men, whereas ten men were necessary for the self-propelled Howitzer before.

The 155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzer NORA-B52 with 52 caliber barrel length was intended for general fire support of units with direct or indirect fire up to 41 km of range. This weapon was realized, depending on the customer request, with closed or open installation of weaponry (without turret) and mounted on the chassis of an 8x8 truck A high-efficiency muzzle brake and a breechblock with a horizontal sliding-wedge breech mechanism were fitted. The chamber self-sealing system was installed so that caseless ammunition can be used. This weapon with a mass of 31000 kg in the marching position has a maximum speed of 70 km/h and an autonomy of 500 km.

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