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M87 100 mm antitank gun

The 100 mm antitang gun M87 is a typical towed artillery piece, designed for anti-armour engagements. As the gun was created by successful marrying of components of the 122 mm howitzer D30J and the 100 mm antitank gun T-12 (2A19-M), it features the best properties of these two weapons, namely:

  • The gun uses all types of ammunition for the 100 mm antitank gun T-12 and retains the original outer ballistics;
  • Its three-trailed carriage enables full circle field of action, quick transfer of fire and engagement of highly mobile armoured targets;
  • Folding the barrel over trails in traveling position ensures the weapon's high mobility, stability in transport and excellent terrain negotiating properties;
  • Comfortable and reliable tracking of moving targets as the gunner's seat is mounted on upper carriage;
  • Auxiliary wheels fitted to the trails enable easy movement about the firing position by forces of the crew and rapid setting up in combat position;
  • Advanced opto-electronic day/night fire control system and laser range finder ensure quick reaction time, day and night and in low visibility conditions, and high first round hit probability;
  • Reliable brakes and proper signal lights provide for safe towing over public roads

Main data

Barrel length
Field of action:
- in azimuth
 - in elevation
Total weight

100 mm
6300 mm

-5o to +18o
3650 kg

Dimensions, traveling position

Road clearance
Firing line height
Wheel tread

7670 mm
2215 mm
1660 mm
330 mm
900 mm
1840 mm

Ballistic data

Round with sub caliber, tracer projectile BM1 and BM2:

  • Muzzle velocity
  • Flat trajectory range for 2 m high target
  • Flat trajectory range for 3 m high target

Round with HEAT-T projectile BK2:

  • Muzzle velocity
  • Flat trajectory range for 2 m high target
  • Flat trajectory range for 3 m high target

Round with HE projectile OF3:

  • Maximum firing range

1575 m/s
1880 m
2230 m

975 m/s
1020 m
1200 m

8200 m

Operational data

Rate of fire:
- Maximum
- Normal
Transitional times:
- From traveling to combat position
- From combat to traveling position
Time to set FCS on weapon
Time to remove FCs from weapon
Number of the crew

14 rds/min
8 rds/min

150 sec
180 sec
75 sec
50 sec

Fire control system

In addition to conventional sighting devices (passive day/night sight ON 100-M78, panoramic sight P-M78, range finder D100-M78, collimator K-M78), the gun is equipped with an opto-electronic day/night fire control control system which incorporates a laser range finder.

This fire control system enables:

  • Memorizing of all required data for four types of ammunition
  • Determining the target movement velocity
  • Target ranging,
  • Automatic sighting mark displacement in the field of view, taking into account ammunition type, current meteo-ballistic conditions, charge temperature, target speed and range and deviation of the projectile muzzle velocity.

Main technical data of the fire control system:

Laser range finder:

Maximum range
Minimum range
ranging accuracy
Radial target resolution

9995 m
200 m
+/- 5 m
less than 40 m

Range of corrections possible:

Cross or frontal view
Environmental temperature
Atmospheric pressure
Muzzle velocity
Powder charge temperature
angle of tilt
Power source, NiCd battery

+/- 30 m/s
243-323 K
800-1450 mbar
+/- 50 m/s
243-323 K
+/- 15o
12 V, 10 Ah

Other data

Maximum tracking field:
- in elevation 100 mrad
- in azimuth 200 mrad

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