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Serbia - Military Doctrine

Democratic processes and European foreign policy orientation of the Republic of Serbia are strengthening its international position and positively affecting the creation and promotion of political cooperation and confidence building in the region. As a result of its established security policy, the Republic of Serbia has become an important factor of regional security cooperation and a reliable partner in international relations.

The Republic of Serbia is governed by the National Security Strategy, which reflects Serbia's readiness to contribute to the building and promoting of the national, regional and global security in the framework of the United Nations, European and other international organizations and regional structures.

Military-political developments in the world are closely monitored, as well as the global and regional challenges and threats, with all their implications for the security of the Republic of Serbia and its international position. The most important activities regarding the security policy are aimed at cooperating with the EU in the field of Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), cooperation in the framework of the NATO Partnership for Peace Program, as well as cooperation in the framework of the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, international forums and initiatives concerning disarmament, non-proliferation and arms control.

The Armed Forces of Serbia are the armed force of the defense system. They develop on best domestic and foreign experiences and achievements of science in the field of security and defense. The Armed Forces are assigned missions and tasks. The missions of Armed Forces are defined by the Serbian Parliament, in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter, based on the international law principles which regulate the use of force and based on the Serbian Constitutional Charter.

The Serbian Armed Forces missions are:

  • defending Serbia from armed foreign threats.
  • participating in the process of building and maintaining peace in the region and across the world.
  • providing support in case of natural disasters and catastrophes.

Basic tasks of the Serbian Armed Forces are:

  • deterring armed threats and other military challenges, risks and security threats.
  • defending the territory, territorial waters of Serbia and air space.
  • enabling soldiers, commanders, commands, units and institutions to accomplish objectives and missions.
  • Participating in international military cooperation under the UN patronage and the system of joint security.
  • Providing support in the case of natural disasters and catastrophes of larger proportion where lives are at stake, as well as the environment and material property.

By the act issued by the Parliament of Serbia and the Supreme Defense Council the Armed Forces can perform additional tasks.

Basic organizational structure and the number of the Armed Forces members are defined by the Supreme Defense Council, at the proposal of the Ministry of Defense, depending on the level of threats, resources, missions, tasks and international standards. The army is staffed with professional, duty and reserve corps members, with the tendency to be completely professionalized. It develops its respective systems of training and logistics, relying on Serbias and its foreign partners resources. Based on the Supreme Defense Councils decision, places its capacities to the disposal of other users.

The October 2009 National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia is the most important strategic document that defines the basis of security policy in the protection of national interests of the Republic of Serbia. Starting point of national security strategy consists of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia, economic prosperity, social stability, development of democracy and the rule of law, respect for human and minority rights, European foreign policy orientation and the improvement of cooperation with the most influential entities of the international community and countries in the region.

Defense Policy of the Republic of Serbia is based on the integrated and multilateral approach to defense and security issues. The Republic of Serbia is committed to active participation in the processes of cooperation and joint action with other countries and entities of international relations in the construction of national, regional and global security. Defense policy promotes the concept of cooperative security. The Republic of Serbia, with its defense policy, contributes to building the necessary capacities for defense and protection of national interests, as well as to the preservation of peace and development of a favorable security environment, with the improvement of relations with the related institutions of the collective security system and the neighboring and other countries.

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