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The BOV-M is a 4x4 armoured personnel carrier designed and built in the former Yugoslavia. This eight-man wheeled reconnaissance vehicle, powered by a Deutz six-cylinder diesel engine, was used for internal security duties. The Yugoslav Federal Secretariat for Internal Affairs controlled a federal paramilitary force, the People's Militia, which operated numerous BOV-M armored vehicles equipped with machine guns, water cannons, smoke and tear gas launchers for crowd control and riot situations.

The BOV-1 ("Polo" M-83) is an anti-tank version armed with the 6x9M113 (AT-3) anti-tank guided missile and 7,62mm machine-gun.

The BOV-3 is a self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun (SPAAG) on the BOV-M 4x4 wheeled chassis with a triple mounted M-55 20mm cannon with optical sights in a turret. Though originally designed for anti-aircraft applications, they have been used in the ground role to good effect.

The BOV-30, which has two 30mm cannon on a turret, is also fitted with an optical sight.

Crew 4
Length 5.8 meters
Width 2.5 meters
Height 3.2 meters
Combat weight 9,400 kg
Engine Deutz F6L-413-F 6-cylinder diesel @ 148hp
Maximum road speed 93.4 km/h
Maximum road range 500 km
Armor 8mm
NBC system no
  • BOV-1 : 6x9M113 (AT-3) ATGM
  • BOV-3: 3x20mm M55A4B1, 2x3 smoke granade dischargers
  • BOV-30: 2x30mm M53/59
Sensors/fire controls optical

images/BOV-1 images/BOV-3


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