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PJSC ZVEZDA (St. Petersburg, founded in 1932) is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of high-speed diesel engines with power from 500 to 7400 kW for shipbuilding, railway transport and small energy, as well as heavy ship gearboxes with power up to 20,000 kW. OJSC ZVEZDA is one of the largest Russias diesel-making enterprises incorporated in the Russian defense-industrial complex supplying technical engineering equipment to maintain military efficiency of operating resources of the Russian Navy, the Russian Strategic Missile Forces and the FSB Border Service. OJSC ZVEZDA is included in the Register of single suppliers of Russian weapons and hardware. In particular, OJSC ZVEZDA is the main ship diesel engines supplier for the Russian Defense Ministry. At present, about 90% of Navy and Border Service high-speed ships are equipped with OJSC ZVEZDA diesel engines.

The company was founded in 1932 and since 1945 specializes in the production of high-speed diesel engines and units based on them. Due to its unique design and characteristics, the ZVEZDI diesel gear units have allowed the creation of a high-speed passenger fleet of the USSR and the Russian Federation and the establishment of intensive passenger transport on inland waterways. At the same time, the engines and assemblies produced by the enterprise ensured the creation in the country of a high-speed fleet of coast guard patrol boats and the naval forces. In addition, light engines of the ZVEZDA plant were widely used on diesel-engine rolling stock for passenger transportation throughout the USSR and in Eastern Europe. Highly efficient emergency backup diesel generator sets of the ZVEZDA plant have been providing energy security for gas transmission facilities, oil pipelines, communication centers and government facilities of special significance for over 60 years.

PJSC "ZVEZDA" is the only company in Russia that designs and manufactures high-speed marine diesel engines with a capacity of more than 500 kW with minimum weight and dimensions. Over 60 years of diesel construction history, ZVEZDA PJSC has developed and commissioned more than 200 engine modifications of frame sizes CHN18 / 20 and CHN16 / 17. Currently, ZVEZDA PJSC continues to provide ship reverse-gear transmissions, engines and diesel generators for promising Navy ships - various series of patrol, reconnaissance, landing and other ships (projects 20380 Corvette, 21630 Buyan, 11711 Ivan Gren , 21820 Dugong and others).

The experience of creating gearboxes and available capacities allowed PJSC Zvezda to become the lead developer of reverse gearboxes for the Navy. Thus, the RRD12000 universal two-speed reverse-gear transmission was developed for the project 20380 corvette. At the same time, a unique, unparalleled, design of disk inclusion units was created. Work is underway to create reverse gears for the BDK project 11711, reconnaissance vessel project 18280. PJSC Zvezda is ready to develop reverse-gear transmissions for power up to 15,000 kW, including for combined diesel-gas-turbine units, all the more so as there is experience in such development (DRA M510 for missile boats pr.1241-1 "Lightning").

The company retained a unique technology for the development and manufacture of diesel engines in low magnetic performance. One of the latest products of this type is the M503M diesel for minesweepers of projects 02668 and 12700.

On May 22, 2014 State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank) and OJSC ZVEZDA signed an agreement on cooperation in Saint Petersburg in the presence of Saint Petersburgs Governor Georgy Poltavchenko. On behalf of Vnesheconombank the agreement was signed by Chairman Vladimir Dmitriev and on behalf of OJSC ZVEZDA by Board Director Pavel Plavnik. Under the agreement the parties agreed to make joint efforts to fund an investment project on setting up manufacturing of new generation diesel engines with a capacity from 400kW to 1700 kW on Saint Petersburgs territory on OJSC ZVEZDAs industrial site to meet the needs of the Russian Defense Ministry and other defense and law enforcement agencies for new generation diesel engines. The project is based on implementing the State Contract for performing research and development work concluded between OJSC ZVEZDA and Minpromtorg RF on creating high-technology new generation diesel engines. The project is designed to accomplish objectives of the Russian defense industrial complex, substitute imports and enhance Russias strategic positions.

In the summer of 2018, Zvezda changed its owner - instead of its former CEO Pavel Plavnik, the Ural holding Sinara became the main shareholder of the company. According to SPARK, the revenue of PJSC Zvezda for 2018 amounted to 1.1 billion rubles, a loss of 12 million rubles.

During the period of the late 1990s, when a very serious decline was observed in the whole industry. Most enterprises were in a state of debt, constant failure to fulfill orders. There were failures in the payment of wages due to cash gaps, and the products turned out to be unclaimed due to poor quality. In the early 2000s, a number of enterprises decided to implement the principles of lean production in their operational activities - at that time they were called the production system (PS). Enterprises that are engaged in the implementation of this system are today very powerful corporate structures and flagships of Russian industry. These are Rusal, GAZ Group, Kamaz, Rosatom and others. Lean manufacturing tools began to be used in almost all areas and fields of activity. In the middle of 2018, the situation at the Zvezda plant was approximately at the same level as at the mentioned enterprises in the early 2000s. The plant was on the verge of cash gaps with the risk of a situation where there might not be funds to ensure operation. After the company transferred to the new owner, it was decided to introduce lean manufacturing tools and distribute them throughout the enterprise.

The Zvezda PJSC diesel engine plant delivered the long-awaited engine for the Karakurt small rocket ship to the Pella shipbuilding enterprise, thus fulfilling the terms of the settlement agreement. If the "Star" did not meet the deadlines set by a settlement, she would have to pay a multi-million penalty. Zvezda dispatched the third, last diesel engine to Pella under a contract for the acquisition of the main power plant of the MRK of project 22800 Karakurt. The delivery included two 56-cylinder compartments, the main gear, a set of spare parts (spare parts and tools - ed. ), And a control system. Thus, taking into account the products previously shipped under this order, the enterprise has fully complied with the terms of both the amicable agreement and the contract with the customer as a whole, the Zvezda press service said 10 September 2019.

A Pella spokesman confirmed that the diesel engine plant had delivered the engine that was needed to complete the third Karakurt ship. At the same time, shipbuilders fear that Zvezda will not be able to meet the deadlines for the construction and delivery of diesel engines for future ships of the series (four more Karakurt ships are in line).

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