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ZU-23 23MM Antiaircraft Gun

ZU-23 23MM Antiaircraft Gun  
Crew 5
Length 4.57 m
Height 2.87m
Width 1.83
Combat Weight 950 kg
Antiaircraft gun Twin 23mm air -cooled ZAP 23 cannons, traverses 360 degrees
Maximum effective range (vertical) 1,500-2,500 meters
Rate of fire Maximum: 800-1000 rds/min/barrel Sustained: 200rds/min/barrel
Type of ammunition API-T, HEI-T
Basic Load INA
Fire Control Optical-mechanical sight
Vehicle: (prime mover) UAZ-69 jeep
Maximum road speed 90km/hr (56 mph)
Water Crossing ability Fords 1.1m (3.5 feet)
Cruising range (on roads) 530 km (330 miles)
Night vision aids Infrared system can be fitted
Maximum armor thickness No armor
NBC Protection None
Vulnerabilities: Fixed location
  Exposed personnel
  Optics vulnerable to obscuration
  Exposed ammunition
  Two-wheeled carriage
  Horizontally mounted rectangular ammo boxes
  Prominent muzzle flash supressors
  Wheels raised in firing position

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