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ZSU-23-4 Shilka 23MM Antiaircraft Gun

ZSU-23-4 Self-Propelled Antiaircraft Gun  
Length 6.54 m
Height 2.25m
Width 2.95m
Combat Weight 20.5 mt
Antiaircraft gun 4x23mm water-cooled AZP-23 cannons, traverses 360 degrees
Maximum effective range (vertical) 3,000 meters
Rate of fire Maximum: 800-1000 rds/min/barrel Sustained: 30rds/barrel/burst
Type of ammunition API-T, HEI-T,Frag-HE-T
Basic Load 2,000 rd
Fire Control GUN DISH radar and optical-mechanical sight
Vehicle: Variant of the ASU-85 self-propelled antitank gun chassis
Maximum road speed 50km/hr (30 mph)
Water Crossing ability Fords 1.0m (3.5 feet)
Cruising range (on roads) 450 km (280 miles)
Night vision aids Infrared system for commander and driver
Maximum armor thickness 9.2mm hull, 8.3 mm turret (.4'' hull, .3'' turret
NBC Protection
  • Air filtration and overpressure system
  • Radiation detection and warning system
  • Exposed during rearming
  • Thin armor
  • Suspension vulnerable to fragmentation
  • Exposed radar
  • Exposed, liquid cooled gun tubes
  • Vulnerable to ECM
  • Based on PT-76/ASU-85 chassis
  • 6 pressed road wheels-no return rollers
  • Low rectangular turret with side bulges
  • Four 23 mm guns mounted in front of turret
  • Folding circular GUN DISH fire control/acquisition radar mounted at rear of turret

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