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Volzhsky Maminsky Diesel Enterprise

Volzhsky Diesel Engine named after Maminykh (VDM) is one of the largest domestic enterprises specializing in the production of reliable diesel engines, which have a wide scope in industry. Today, the company employs about 400-450 people. The factory has been leading its long history since 1899, and during this time VDM designers have developed many useful and economical devices that are still in demand in the industry today: marine engines, diesel pump units, power units, control systems, pump stations. The VDM plant also produces gas-piston equipment. In addition, VDM gas-piston power plant has flexible fuel requirements, economical.

The history of the Volga Mamins diesel engine enterprise is over one hundred years old. It all started with the creation in 1899 of the Special Oil Engine Plant by Balakovo engineers Yakov and Ivan Mamins, who were at the forefront of the creation of the first Russian engines. Diesels of Balakovo industrialists quickly gained fame not only in Russia but also abroad. Before the Revolution, they exhibited at 10 Russian exhibitions, which received 6 silver medals, and at the International Industrial Exhibitions in Brussels, Milan, Paris and London, where they were awarded the highest awards, including the Grand Prix gold medal.

In 1920-1960, the plant produced in-line 2.4 and 6 cylinder two-stroke diesel engines with a dimension of 19/30. In the 1930s, the two-stroke supercharged diesel engine was patented in the USA, England, Germany and Sweden. In 1968, the plant began producing high-speed four-stroke engines 6CHN 21/21 for diesel locomotives and power units, developed by factory designers in conjunction with TsNIDI. These engines were improved and developed, various units were created on their basis.

Marine engines developed by VDM designers are presented in a wide range. VDM offers not only finished products, but also adapt units to the vessel at the request of the customer. Volga Diesel marine engines are convenient, economical, and have high power. VDM carries out installation and commissioning, as well as provide after-sales service throughout the entire operation process.

Volzhsky Diesel named after Mamins also offers facilities for the processing of associated petroleum gas (APG). Using VDM equipment, the utilization of APG will cease to be a problem and will bring obvious benefits: the installation for the processing of APG provides heat and electricity.

Volzhsky Diesel named after Mamins invites to cooperation. All VDM equipment is manufactured in accordance with accepted GOST standards and has the necessary certificates. We manufacture and sell a wide range of units applicable in various fields of activity: APG utilization, marine engines, gas piston power plants, pumping units and much more. Individual work is possible. VDM provides full after-sales service even at the end of the warranty period.

Volzhsky Diesel named after Mamins marine engine direction began to develop in 2008. Before that, VDM worked only with engines for the railway, with industrial power plants, and produced power units for driving drilling rigs. Volzhsky Diesel steps in the ship market began with our own ship engine and gearbox. We developed the drawings, sent to production, then certified in RMRS and RRR. After that, VDM reworked the existing diesel engine in the ship with the River and Sea registers, changed the design documentation and created a complete package of documents for river and sea engines. Then the Volzhsky Diesel team began to develop documentation for those units that are in demand. This is where work began on the replacement of Daldiesel diesel gear units and the German SKL plant, which produced HP engines. Basically, river vessels to the right of the Urals to the Far East were operated with Daldizel diesel engines, and to the left of the Ural Mountains with engines from the German company SKL.

With the Navy and law enforcement agencies work began to work in 2009. The first orders came from the coast guard of the border troops of the FSB of Russia. Our units began to be put on new vessels of the type "Walrus" and "Lamantin" of project 1496. For the European part of Russia, the Vympel plant began to be built, and the East Shipyard was built in the Far East.

Then Volzhsky Diesel worked with the Navy - to replace diesels that had served their deadlines from Daldizel, RUMO, and German manufacturers. And also put on new buildings. As for the replacement, the diesel engines were mainly changed for water-filled and medium-sized marine tankers, floating cranes, etc. Our units are successfully operated in the Pacific, Northern and Black Sea fleets, as evidenced by customer reviews. For example, the diesel-electric icebreaker of the Northern Fleet "Ilya Muromets" of project 21180. In addition, Volzhsky Diesel continued to participate in the supply of equipment to the vessels of project 23470 under construction at the Yaroslavl Shipyard. Yaroslavl built two tug boats of this project.

Volzhsky Diesel Maminov OJSC started to go bankrupt in 2015 and reached the bankruptcy proceedings and sale of property. The company Volzhsky Diesel will be sold at auction. "Alfa-bank sells a plant, will be bidding. The name of the new entity will be known after the auction", according to flotprom deputy director of the enterprise alexey melnikov. According to him, "The plant already had a few potential buyers. " you are talking about, melnikov said. According to the resource, the "Total debt "Volzhsky diesel imeni maminykh" is 2.4 billion rubles, and the main creditor is alfa bank, which the plant owes 1. 8 billion rubles, or 75% of the whole amount of debt." In 2015 the losses of the company amounted to rub 11 billion last year, data not shown. From the end of 2015, the plant is under external management, in october 2016 he moved to the stage of bankruptcy proceedings. The main production facilities of the plant were acquired by the Moscow company Salem, acting in the interests of the Yegorshinsky Radio Plant. Thanks to this acquisition, Volgodizelmash JSC appeared - a new legal entity that began work under the old famous brand. Production resumed in the summer of 2018 . Its director Anatoly Pyatkov announced that he was counting on the return of old customers.

By March 2019, Volzhsky diesel plant named after Mamins, revived after bankruptcy in the form of a new legal entity - JSC Volgodizelmash, is going to expand production volumes. The company returned the old and received new customers, the demand for its products is growing.

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