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At the 7th All-Russian "Russian Producers and Suppliers for the Armed Forces 2007" exhibition, the GAZ Group's Ural truck plant unveiled some highly promising all-wheel-drive vehicles: a mobile fuel refueller (ATMZ) on a Ural-4320 chassis (drive type 6?6) and two multi-purpose vehicles, Ural-532301-0011 (8?8) and Ural-4320-0611-31 (6?6).

The ATMZ-5.5 is designed for the transportation and temporary storage of fuel for, and the refuelling of, armoured vehicles, and also handling oil for diesel and petrol engines. The volume of the vehicle's fuel tank is 5.5 tonnes, while the oil tank holds 300 l. The rate of delivery of the fuel system via a tube with an RKT-32 filling nozzle is 150 l/min. The rate of delivery of oil through a tube with an RKT filling nozzle with an oil temperature of no less than 30 is at least 40 l/min. The vehicle is fitted with special facilities for purifying the fuel and oil - an FBG-30 dewatering filter and an FMG filter.

The Ural-4320-0611-31, which is not all-wheel-drive, is a multi-purpose vehicle designed for the transportation of personnel and cargo, and for towing trailers and trailer systems on all kinds of road and terrain. The maximum weight of load carried is more than 6 tonnes, while the maximum weight of the trailer towed is more than 11 tonnes. The vehicle is fitted with a YAMZ-238M2 engine from the GAZ Group`s Avtodiesel, which offers an output of up to 240 hp, a five-speed gearbox and a two-speed transfer case with inter-axle locking differential. The cab is an all-metal three-seater with a ventilation and heating system. The cargo bed is made of metal and is drop-sided at the sides and the rear.

Every year around 300 companies from 60 different regions of Russia, all cooperating with Russia's ministries and agencies, participate in the forum "Russian Producers and Suppliers for the Armed Forces". Finished products, new state-of-the-art technologies, raw materials and construction materials were all presented at the exhibition.

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