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United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC)

United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of products in the field of communications tools and systems, automated control systems, electronic security systems and robotic systems United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) was created in March 2014 within the State Corporation Rostec as specialized management company that combines research and production structure of Russian radio-electronic industry.

The Strategic Goal is setting up of high-tech manufacturing of competitive products in the field of communications tools and systems, automated control systems, electronic security and robotic systems that meet the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other specialized formations, as well as competitive civilian and dual-purposed products with high export potential.

The Corporation was formed under the Assignment of the President of Russian Federation "About creation of joint holding company in the field of radio-electronic industry". According to the Presidential Executive Order, Rostec received as assets contribution 100% shares of more than 50 state-owned companies in this industry, members of the Concerns Sozvezdie, Vega and integrated structure Management Systems. Rostec also took Central Research Institute of Economics, Informatics and Control Systems.

With the approval of the Rostec Supervisory Board these companies were incorporated into United Instrument Corporation. Creating of the United Instrument Corporation as another major scientific and industrial structure has completed the restructuring of Russian radio-electronic industry.

The UIMC management circle comprises 55 enterprises and research institutions of radio-electronic industry. The UIMC main objective is implementation of comprehensive shifting of the Armed Forces of Russia to digital communication systems, automated control systems, electronic warfare systems bringing up the share of new products into equipped army units up to 70% by 2020, reducing the number of key security threats of the Russian information resources and systems, developments in the field of fight against cybercrime and cyber terrorism.

Among the main tasks are increased economic efficiency and competitiveness of domestic radio-electronic manufacturers, export growth and increased civilian manufacturing up to 40 percents.

Among the todays UIMC major projects are: creating of the 6th generation of army communication and modern on-board communications systems for aviation, particularly for fighter T50; creating of modern radar systems for reconnaissance and monitoring of various purposes, including radar systems for aircraft A-50U and A-100; development and implementation of new manufacturing technologies in communication tools and systems, telecommunications equipment and computer machines. One of the most significant UIC projects is serial production of new generation of high-density electronics - compact 3D-microsystems.

Corporation structure

The Corporation management circle comprises:

Concern Sozvezdie

Specialty: Developing and manufacture of intelligent control and communication systems, electronic warfare systems and special equipment, civil and telecommunication products.

  • Number of enterprises and organizations incorporated into the structure: 17
  • The total number of employees in Holding enterprises: 17.3 ths

Holding enterprises:

  1. Concern Sozvezdie OJSC
  2. Almaz OJSC
  3. Voronezh Scientific-Research Institute Vega OJSC
  4. Voronezh CDB Polyus OJSC
  5. Tambovapparat Plant OJSC
  6. Design Bureau of Experimental Works OJSC
  7. Design Bureau Selena OJSC
  8. Krasnodar Instrument Factory Cascade OJSC
  9. Scientific-Research Institute of Communication and Management OJSC
  10. FSUE Scientific-Research Institute of Electronic Technology
  11. NPP Volna OJSC
  12. NPP Start OJSC
  13. Ryazan Radiozavod OJSC
  14. Tambov Factory October OJSC
  15. Tambov Factory Revtrud OJSC
  16. Tambov Scientific-Research Institute of Radio-Engineering EFIR
  17. Yantar OJSC

Integrated structure Management Systems

Specialty: Developing, manufacture, repair and maintenance of automated management systems for government, Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, services and branches of Armed Forces.

  • Number of enterprises and organizations incorporated into the structure: 15
  • The total number of employees in Holding enterprises: 10 thsd

Integrated structure enterprises:

  1. Management Systems OJSC
  2. Red Banner of Labor Scientific-Research Institute of Automatic Equipment named after academician V.S. Semenikhin OJSC
  3. Concern Systemprom OJSC
  4. Scientific-Production Association Polet OJSC
  5. Scientific-Production Association Impulse OJSC
  6. Information and Telecommunication Technologies OJSC
  7. Scientific-Research Institute of Information Technologies OJSC
  8. Federal Research and Production Association Mars OJSC"
  9. Kimovsk Radio-Electromechanic Plant OJSC
  10. Scientific-Production Center Vigstar OJSC
  11. Scientific-Research Institute Mashstab OJSC
  12. Scientific-Research Institute Rubin OJSC
  13. Scientific-Institute of Electronic Control Machines named after I.S.Bruk OJSC
  14. Scientific-Research Institute of Automated Systems and Communications systems Neptune OJSC
  15. Scientific and Production Complex Krasnaya zarya OJSC

Radio Engineering Corporation VEGA

Specialty: Radar systems and airborne patrol surveillance systems for aviation; Earth ground mapping radars; Unmanned aerial vehicles; Balloon observation complexes for different purposes; Equipment and tools for air traffic control, navigation and landing systems; Medical equipment and medical devices, etc.

  • Number of enterprises and organizations incorporated into the structure: 20
  • The total number of employees in Holding enterprises: 11.4 ths

Holding Companies:

  1. Concern Vega OJSC
  2. SRI Kulon OJSC
  3. Design Bureau Luch OJSC
  4. Rybinsk Instrumentation Plant OJSC
  5. Scientific-Production Enterprise Rubin OJSC
  6. Chelyabinsk Radio Plant Polet OJSC
  7. Engineering and Marketing Center of Concern Vega OJSC
  8. All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute Etalon OJSC
  9. Moscow Scientific-Research Institute of Communications OJSC
  10. Scientific-Research Institute Vector OJSC
  11. Pilot Plant Integral OJSC
  12. Plant Energia OJSC
  13. Dolgoprudnensk Design Bureau for Automation OJSC
  14. Moscow Red Banner of Labor Radio Engineering Scientific-Research Institute OJSC
  15. Moscow Radio Engineering Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences OJSC
  16. Scientific-Research Institute of Technology and Automation OJSC
  17. Kaluga Scientific-Research Institute for Robots OJSC
  18. Scientific-Research Institute Argon OJSC
  19. Special Design Bureau TOPAZ OJSC
  20. Scientific-Research Center of Computer Technology OJSC

Central Research Institute of Economics, Informatics and Management Systems

Specialty: System-wide Institute of Information Technology and Economic-Analytical profile operates in the Military Industrial Complex for 45 years. It is a leading organization engaged in scientific and technical support and implementation of key works on improvement, updating, development of engineering basis for control and communication in MIC sector. Total number of employees: about 800.

Moscow Design Bureau Compass OJSC

Specialty: Developing and manufacture of navigation equipment for aircraft and of civil and military space vehicles

Scientific-Production Enterprise Radiosvyaz

Specialty: Developing and manufacture of satellite stations and tropospheric communication, satellite navigation equipment GLONASS/GPS, developing and space vehicles of phase navigation systems.

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