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Tulamashzavod Production Association

Tulamashzavod JSC specializes in producing armament for the land forces and the navy. Tulamashzavod (TIN 7106002836) is one of the largest defense-oriented entities in Russia. The 9-month 2015 net profit (RAS) was doubled to 1.263bn rub. from 575.393mln rub. prior year; revenues - 54.2% to 5.437bn rub. from 3.526bn rub.; profit from sales - 3.24 fold to 1.114bn rub. from 344.096mln rub.; pretax profit - 2.17 fold to 1.638bn rub. from 753.754mln rub.

Its product portfolio consists of automatic guns, air-defense missile and gun system KASHTAN, 30-mm automatic gun mount. Tulamashzavod JSC’s traditional product range includes artillery weapons for various vessels: 30-mm automatic gun mounts AK-306 and AK-630M, naval gun mount ‘Duet’, a unique air-defence missile/gun system ‘Kashtan’, air-defence missile/gun system ‘Pantsir–S1’, and an anti-tank guided weapon ‘Arkan'.

It also produces wide range of metal cutting tools, technological tooling and machining attachments. Tulamashzavod Production Association is the one of the largest holdings comprising a mother company named Tulamashzavod Joint-Stock Company and twenty daughter companies, all of them equally oriented to output of both defence and civil products.

At the first International Forum ‘Engineering Technologies 2010’, Novikombank, a strategic partner of the Forum, signed a cooperation agreement with Tulamashzavod Joint-Stock Company, a leader in the Russian engineering industry. The agreement providef for an increased availability of the Bank's services offered to Tulamashzavod, such as settlements including foreign trade operations. The Bank also provided additional financing of the company’s day-to-day operations, high-priority projects and development programmes

Tulamashzavod Products

TULAMASHZAVOD is well known in Russia and many countries of the world as a longstanding producer of defence systems. The enterprise has mastered production of quite a number of guns of 23 and 30 mm calibre adopted to armoured vehicles, aircrafts, helicopters, air-defence systems; TULAMASHZAVOD’s naval gun systems can be integrated into fire power of various types of ships, among such systems are 23- and 30-mm calibre gun mounts 2M-3M, AK-230, AK-306, AK-630M, AK-630M-2 and unique antiaircraft missile-gun systems KASHTAN and PALMA.

Guns are installed on infantry combat vehicles BMP-2 and BMP-3, BMP-3K, armoured personnel carriers BTR-80A, BTR-82A and BTR-90, airborne assault vehicles BMD-2, BMD-3 and BMD-4, tank assistance combat vehicle BMPT, TUNGUSKA self-propelled air-defence system. Many modern helicopters (such as Mi-28N, ?a-50 BLACK SHARK, ?a-52 ALLIGATOR) and aircrafts (fighter-bombers MiG-27 and MiG-27?) are equipped with 30-mm guns manufactured by TULAMASHZAVOD.

Traditional field of production is shipborne armament such as 30-mm AK-306, AK-630M gun mounts as well as the unique KASHTAN close-in weapon system. One new development — AK-630M-2 DUET — has already passed the complete cycle of trials and is recommended to replace the old gun mounts. The small-calibre 30-mm gun systems can be adopted to surface ships of different classes – from patrol boats to aircraft carriers. For a quarter of a century TULAMASHZAVOD has been manufacturing a series of 3UBK10 high-precision antitank rounds guided by laser beam.

The specialists of TULAMASHZAVOD launched the production of scooter trucks with diesel engines manufactured in-house. The enterprise has mastered the production of a family of general-purpose small-size four-stroke diesels of power ranging from 5 to 9.5 kW. The diesels are supplied to the Russian army against procurement contracts with the RF Ministry of Defence. Diesel product line includes also such items as diesel-generator sets used as a standby power supply for armoured vehicles; diesel-generator units; diesel-based electric generating units; diesel-driven power units for small ships and boats; diesel-based fire pumps and overboard pumps, mobile fire-extinguishing modules for self-protection of population. Production of motor tillers and units with various mounted and attached equipment has been also organized.

The history of the metal-working machine tool building covers a wide range of items from a legendary DZERGINETS vertical milling machine to high-precision grinding machine. Currently produced equipment includes also different oil-field packages, downhole equipment, hydraulic pipe tongs and hydraulic preventors intended for well-workover operations, besides, laser processing units and modules are made at the enterprise.

Tulamashzavod History

TULAMASHZAVOD premises are located at the historic place – Tula Frolov’s Settlement which is famous for its craftsmen. It is just over this area that in 1879 the Baytsurovsky’s factory was established to manufacture various items of iron and copper.

In 1912 the enterprise was included into the old Tula Imperial Armoury Plant and Tula citizens used to call it “a new factory”. All over its history, the factory had always been well known for both defence and civil products – not only in Russia but also abroad. On the 8th of July, 1939, an order was issued by B.L.Vannikov, the People’s Commissar (Minister) of the defence industry, to establish the Tula Machine-Tool Plant as an independent machine-building factory.

During the World War II, the Machine-Tool Plant was wholly evacuated to the cities of Kuibyshev, Saratov, Zlatoust and in January 1942 it resumed its work as well in Tula to produce weapons for the battlefront. Legendary MAXIM machine-guns, rapid-firing aircraft machine-guns designed by Shpitalny and Komarnitsky, aerial cannons, 120- and 160-mm mortars helped to smash the enemy and bring the Victory Day closer.

More than 6.5 thousand factory workers were awarded with orders and medals for their courage and heroism in their fight against fascists. There is a Memorial erected in the central square of the company premises, with an eternal flame flaring to commemorate the workers fallen in the war while defending their Motherland. There is also a memorial in honour of TULAMASHZAVOD workers’ labour heroism during the years of WW II. In the post-war period the enterprise started production of a wide range of civil goods: equipment for oil field, coal mining and timber industries, metal working equipment. Simultaneously, the engineers developed a fundamentally new brand: motor scooters and scooter trucks of various models and purposes produced under well-known MURAVEY trademark.

The history of the factory as an inseparable part of Russian history is displayed at TULAMASHZAVOD Exhibition Hall — Museum of Science and Technology. Achievements of engineering ideas and manufacturing technologies, moral, cultural and technical heritage of TULAMASHZAVOD specialists are presented there. It is very important to remember and be proud of these outstanding workmates.

They are: directors B. M. Pastukhov, V. I. Ermakov, A.E. Karpov, G. I. Markelov, V. V. Naumenko, V. V. Kudryavtsev, V. I. Ulybin, V. I. Chirkov, V. S. Usov; talented designers and managers L. S. Mochalin, A. V. Lototsky, P. S. Batov, A. V. Latov, V. A. Mois, V. M. Romanov, V. N. Ananiev; working elite: I.S. Demidov, a locksmith, Laureate of State Prize; I. V. Savin, a locksmith, Cavalier of the Order of Lenin; V. P. Ermakov, a locksmith, Cavalier of the Order of October Revolution; Ya. N. Dolgikh, Laureate of State Prize; A. P. Grishin and P.M. Chusov, fitters, and K. V. Makarishcheva and N. P. Evteev, foremen, all four are Heroes of Socialist Labour; M. V. Romanov, gas welder, Full Cavalier of the Order of Glory; N. D. Zakharov and N. I. Tolstukhin, Heroes of the Soviet Union; V.N. Shorokhov, Full Cavalier of the Order of Labor Glory, and many others, whose names and achievements are inscribed in history forever.

A Temple of Saint Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Prince Vladimir the Great sponsored by TULAMASHZAVOD and blessed by the Russian Orthodox Church archiereus was erected at the entrance to the factory. The church with the bell tower became a fine gift to the citizens and a splendid decoration of Tula City.

TULAMASHZAVOD has honorable government awards: Order of October Revolution, Order of the Red Banner of Labour, the same evidenced by two ribbons on the company emblem. In the center of the emblem there is a legendary blacksmith Levsha as the symbol of craftsmanship. This statue was manufactured and sponsored by the enterprise and erected at the historic place – Tula Frolov’s Settlement.

Quality Management

TULAMASHZAVOD PA Quality Management System is certified in compliance with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008. It involves all subdivisions, starting from new product design stage up to shipment.

Special attention is paid at TULAMASHZAVOD JSC to Quality Policy with the main objective aimed at new product market expansion and penetration due to quality maintenance and competitive price level assurance. TULAMASHZAVOD Quality Management System in force is implemented to meet the requirements of the standards GOST RV 0015-002-2012 «System for materiel development and production setting. Quality management system. General requirements» and GOST IS? 9001-2011 «Quality management systems. Requirements».

Every three years the quality management system is certified at TULAMASHZAVOD for compliance with the specified requirements of SOVASK Certification Association System. Certification is carried out by MONOLITH-CERT Ltd. certification authority and followed by issuing the Certificate of Conformance.

A Town-Forming Enterprise

As a large town-forming enterprise of the region, TULAMASHZAVOD carries out a wide range of social programs. The enterprise patronizes five educational institutions and three orphanages, two infant orphanages and a rehabilitation center. Sizable pension allowances are paid to former employees, regular assistance is rendered to the enterprise veterans. Active support of rising generation is realized via a system of enterprise grants for gifted kids and via support of different hobby circles and clubs, as well as sports clubs. Available for the enterprise employees and their families are Khoroshevka Camping Site, Social & Culture Centre, Sport Centre, Sukhodol Kids Health Camp, Kids Creativities Club, all of them sponsored by TULAMASHZAVOD.

Due to its stable work, TULAMASHZAVOD PA has no debts to the budget, wages and salaries are paid to the employees in proper time, the company is capable of developing new types of products, making profit, solving social problems and administering charity.

Corporate policy is aimed at encouragement of high-productive and effective work, as well as ensuring deserved level of life for the employees. The system of manpower training has always been functioning at the enterprise. Every year many specialists improve their professional level in the Training Centre, which prepares personnel for 6 working professions. The enterprise helps to develop material and technical basis of higher education institutions, providing all kinds of training for students and implementing Tula State University research developments in production.

TULAMASHZAVOD is one of the leading engineering enterprises in Russia now. It has production facilities with modern equipment and advanced technologies. They embrace blank production (including foundry and forging), machining, cold stamping, laser processing, welding, plastics and rubber productions, electroplating and heat treatment, tool production, woodworking, machine-assembly production of high-precision work items, assembly and trials and many others.

Used along with multi-purpose equipment are automatic and semiautomatic devices, machining centres and CNC machines, which provide dialog mode of programming to ensure high technological production flexibility. In order to reduce the time for preproduction, the automated design of products and tooling is employed to cover processes from design to development of control soft for CNC machines.

TULAMASHZAVOD PA possesses powerful production facilities and long experience to create high quality defence and civil products, to realize upgrade of earlier manufactured items and to develop new projects. The enterprise has already become an integral part of personal fortune for many factory workers while it is only just the first step in the career of others. But the links between ages remain. Year by year the youth come to the plant to adopt experience and knowledge of the previous generations. There are more than 40 labor dynasties at the enterprise. Among them is the Bogatyrevs dynasty with their 200 years of total working experience at the factory, the Ilyushkins-Feofilovs dynasty has 260 years, the Kondratovs dynasty — 250 years, the Samsonovs dynasty — 170 years devoted to the enterprise.

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