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Holding Aviation Equipment, JSC was renamed in 2015 as Technodinamica. Holding, JSC. Tehnodinamika is a holding in the field of aviation units and power supply systems, as well as parachute systems. Tehnodinamika holding» is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of equipment for aircraft, including landing gear, fuel systems and flight control systems, auxiliary power units. The company was founded in the year 2009. Holding Organization carry out their activities in the development, manufacture and after sales service of units and systems of aircraft. Rostehu owns 100% of the shares of the holding company. Maxim V. Koziuk manages the company.

Prior to the creation of the holding company, each enterprise in the industry was guided their development strategy, which inhibited the development of the field in General. By combining domestic manufacture enterprise consisting of the holding company Rostech began implementation of innovation policies on the development of the industry. Currently there are several projects that would "Tehnodinamike" to integrate into the international aircraft industry and become a partner for leading companies in the aviation industry in the world. The number of employees in the organizations of the holding exceeds 30,000 people.

A critical element of the strategy for the development of "Tehnodinamiki" are research and development work. Enterprises, RESEARCH INSTITUTES and design bureaus the holding company invests significant resources to foster innovation and research and development. Among the priority tasks facing the "Tehnodinamikoj," the transition from the development of individual components to produce entire finished systems-chassis, power supply, oxygen delivery, hydraulics. The company plans to the year 2015 become the integrator in the nine systems: chassis, means of salvation, parachutes and landing platforms, launchers, means of emergency escape, ground equipment, power supply, oxygen system and auxiliary propulsion system. To 2020 year should add engine and APU, lighting equipment, hydraulic system.

Factories and production units of a holding company specializing in design and production units, units and systems in key areas:

  • engine control system units,
  • life-support systems and rescue systems
  • control systems and actuators,
  • hydraulic and fuel systems,
  • electrical system and switching equipment,
  • auxiliary power units,
  • service-domestic equipment for airports
  • landing device.

In addition, the company is a supplier and service station for maintenance and repair of aviation equipment. Of more than 3 thousand products manufactured by the enterprises of the holding company, the proportion of civilian production is 30%.

Production of holding is installed on all Russian airliners, among which the Tu-204/214, Il-114, an-148, Tu-154, Ilyushin Il-96, Yak-42, as well as transport aircraft such as the Ilyushin Il-76, an-124, the be-200, Tu-204 c and helicopters MI-8/17, Ka-27/29/31, Ka-26, MI-26, MI-34, Ka-226, "Ansat" Mi-38.

The main customers of the holding company-United aircraft Corporation, Russian helicopters, Sukhoi, "United motor building Corporation" and many Russian airlines: Aeroflot, Sibir, UTair, "Russia", "TRANSAERO".


  • JSC machine building plant "Mayak", Moscow
  • JSC "scientific-production enterprise «Respirator», Moscow region.
  • OAO «second Moscow priborostroitelnyj zavod», Moscow
  • OJSC Moscow distillery electric mechanisms; "
  • OJSC "machine-building production association named Rumyantseva", Moscow
  • OAO "Moscow machine-building plant" banner ", Moscow
  • OAO "Moscow machine-building plant «dawn», Moscow
  • OAO "Ulyanovsk State design and Research Institute of aviation industry", Ulyanovsk oblast.
  • JSC "scientific-production enterprise" Zvezda "named after academician G.i. Severina", Moscow region.
  • OJSC "balashikha founding and mechanical plant, Moscow region.
  • OJSC "UFA aggregate enterprise" Hydraulics ", Rep. Bashkortostan
  • OJSC "Ufa scientific production enterprise" Lightning, "Rep. Bashkortostan
  • OJSC "Ufa Design Institute of aviation industry" Ufaavia project ", Rep. Bashkortostan
  • OJSC "Aviaagregat", Samara region.
  • OAO «Hydroautomatics», Samara region.
  • OAO «Unit», Samara region.
  • OJSC "hydraulic system", Nizhny Novgorod region.
  • OAO «Vèlkont» "electromachine-building factory, Kirov oblast.
  • OAO «Electric»
  • JSC "Sarapul èlektrogeneratornyj plant, Udmurt Rep.
  • OAO «Electroautomate», Chuvash Republic.
  • OJSC "Kotlassky elektromehanicheskij zavod», Arkhangelsk Oblast.
  • JSC "scientific-production enterprise" start ", Sverdlovsk region.
  • OAO «Special KB of testing machines, krasnodarskiy Kray
  • OJSC "Irkutsk SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE of aviation technology and organization of production", Irkutsk region.
  • OJSC State design and Research Institute of aircraft industry, Moscow
  • OJSC "UFA aggregate production association", Rep. Bashkortostan
  • FSUE «Leningrad Northern factory», St. Petersburg
  • OAO «Touring», Moscow
  • OAO NPO parachute building, which includes:
    • OJSC NII parachute building, Moscow,
    • OJSC RESEARCH INSTITUTE of textile materials ", Moscow,
    • OJSC "Solnechnogorsk mechanical plant, Moscow region.

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