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Taifun / Typhoon

Members of the family "Typhoon" 6x6 and 4x4 are designed to carry infantry and guns can be equipped with remote control. They belong to the class of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) - armored vehicles, protected not only from small arms, but also various explosive devices. On the "Typhoon" is used combined with the use of armor ceramic tiles, their book corresponds to the level III standard NATO - this involves protection against detonation of an explosive device with 8 kg of explosives.

Developers say the Project Typhoon Ural-63095 armored truck is more dependable than BTR armored personnel carriers, and that it can withstand anti-tank mine blasts. The modular armored vehicle family is designed to carry military personnel, as well as multi-purpose military equipment or weapons systems. These vehicles will serve as a standardized platform for the Russian Army’s “light” infantry brigades. The fully armoured military vehicle, code name Typhoon, is designed for transporting troops and cargoes, and can be adapted with various equipment and defence systems. This brand new vehicle provides better protection than existing armoured personnel carriers and military transporters, including armoured cars in the service of foreign states.

The Typhoon range of armored vehicles is a fundamentally new Russian development which differs from both Russian and foreign analogues in its built-in, reinforced protection levels. The standard of the Typhoon’s design features surpasses the international demands imposed by foreign military forces on their heavy-armoured vehicles. The Typhoon is manufactured by KAMAZ and the Ural vehicle plant. They can be built on KAMAZ-63968 and Ural-63095 six-wheel drive chassis.

There has long been a need for this type of specialized vehicle in Russia’s army and other defence and law enforcement agencies. In armed conflicts and during anti-terrorism operations Russian troops have had to be content with partially armoured trucks. Fully armoured vehicles would have helped to avoid the countless losses suffered by the Russian armed forces in conflicts.

Because of this, increased protection for troops in war zones was a major challenge. Vehicles with reinforced armour have already been used in conflicts, but they do not always live up to all the demands made on special armoured vehicles. The last time a new type of transport was put into active duty was back in 1961, so the creation of the Typhoon can really be seen as a new stage in the development of Russian vehicle manufacturing.

In 2009, the Military Scientific Committee of the Russian Federation Armed Forces developed a concept on military vehicle development for the period up to 2020. On its approval, active work began on producing samples of vehicles for use by the army. In January 2010, work on the Typhoon range began. It should be completed next year. The KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon has a mass of 21 tonnes and can carry up to 18 people in its personnel compartment. Dismounting is either via a ramp or through a door.

The Typhoon range of vehicles makes use of many innovations in its defences for the first time. Integrated ceramic armour protects the vehicles’ main projections; there are new anti-landmine solutions including landmine-proof seats for the crew and troops; windows are bulletproof even against large-calibre weapons; and new types of armoured steel have been used, considered to be the best in the world.

The Typhoon is equipped with hydropneumatic, independent suspension, automatic gears, a new revolutionary engine and on-board information systems. The developers say that the vehicle can be used as a surveillance and command vehicle or a specialized attack vehicle. It can also be used for fire support operations or for nuclear, chemical and biological surveillance, as well as for defending and escorting columns. In addition, it can be used as a field ambulance and for transporting personnel and equipment.

Russia's Defense Ministry received from Kamaz 30 armored combat vehicles "Typhoon" for the military operation in December 2014.

Taifun 4x4
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