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Severnaya Verf

    Sudostroitelnyy zavod "Severnaya verf" 
    Northern Shipyard 
    Leningradskiy sudostroitelnyy zavod imeni A.A. Zhdanova 
    Shipyard No. 190
    Northern Shipyard Open Joint Stock Company
    198096 St. Petersburg, Russia 
    Ulitsa Korabelnaya, 6
    Tel.: (011-7-812) 184-8233
    Telex: 121386 SVER SU, 121386KLAPAN 
    Fax: (011-7-812) 184-7678 
    E-Mail: N/A

PRIMARY BUSINESS: Shipbuilding; SIC Code: 373;
FORMER MINISTRY SUBORDN.: Ministry of the Shipbuilding Industry
APPROXIMATE EMPLOYMENT: Total: 7,300; Date: 1992
Yuriy Lvovich Bokov, Director

Severnaya Verf (Severny shipyard), the third and the youngest shipyard in St.Petersburg, is a major shipyard producing both naval and civilian ships. This shipyard was formerly known as Soviet Shipyard No. 190 before 1935 and originally built only naval ships. Between 1935 and 1989 it was known as Zhdanov Shipyard. Nowadays it is known as Severnaya Verf (Northern shipyard) in Saint Petersburg and manufactures both naval and civilian ships.

Originally founded for military shipbuilding exclusively, it is capable of building merchant ships up to 13,000 deadweight tons. The shipyard is part of the Severnaya Verf Production Association, which includes an electrodes factory with a capacity of 20,000 tons annually and a furniture factory. Established in the early 1900s, the enterprise has privatized and is now a joint stock company.

Military products included destroyers. It has constructed all kinds of vessels including scientific-research and passenger vessels, container carriers and Ro-Ro vessels, timber vessels, minesweepers, escort ships, destroyers, cruisers and antisubmarine ships. Currently, the shipyard has the capability to construct both military vessels and all of the above mentioned civil ships excluding passenger ships. Civilian products includ: Roll-on/Roll-off (RO/RO) freighters; bulk carriers; accessories and spare parts for ships; salvage and diving equipment; barges; souvenirs; mattresses; furniture; consumer goods; metal structures; washbasins; nails.

The technical advantages of Severnaya shipyard include:

  • four slips in covered-in-births with the capacity to construct vessels with a maximum length of 170 m. and width of up to 20.5 m. Slipways are equipped with cranes with a lifting capacity of 50 tons;
  • four open-air slipways with the capacity to construct vessels with a maximum length of 170 m. and width of 24 m., and are equipped with cranes with a lifting capacity from 30 to 100 tons;
  • launch-hoisting facilities with floating dock that has a lifting capacity of 10,000 tons and a transborder, which is able to launch and hoist vessels from and to any slipway.

Unlike the other St.Petersburg shipyards, Severnaya is not self-contained, but does possess some supporting industries, including metal-working and pipe-working shops, and welding facilities. It fulfills its other needs through contractors. According to the shipyard's officials, it has the highest capacity among St.Petersburg shipyards -- two military and 4 civil vessels annually. However, as of 1998 the shipyard was only utilizing 40% of its capacity.

The priority market for Severnaya shipyard is military export to Asian countries (India, China, Vietnam). A military order from the Chinese Government included the construction of two naval destroyers. According to some estimates it was one of the largest contracts in the Russian military shipbuilding industry. As for civilian orders, in 1997 the shipyard built two bulkers for Poland of 109 meters length, 17.8 meters width and 7,000 tons deadweight.

St Petersburg was founded as a naval fortress to defend northern borders of Russia. The first industrial enterprise of the city was Admiralteysky Shipyard. Nearly all history of St Petersburg embracing three centuries has been connected with the sea. At present St Petersburg is a center of military ship building, here about 30% of ship building potential of the country is concentrated. St Petersburg research and design organisations carry out 70% of research and development works in marine field.

Shipbuilding is one of the leading industrial sectors in St Petersburg. It has a great importance in the economic potential and defense ability of such a great marine power as Russia. Six shipbuilding companies are located in St Petersburg, including three major enterprises such as Admiralteiskie Verfi Shipyards State Unitary Company, Baltiysky Zavod and Severnaya Verf shipyards. However the level of technology and engineering, and hence, time consumption and labor intensity makes all three shipyards lag behind the best European and Southeastern Asian shipyards by 12 - 15 years. As a result, labor intensity is 4 - 5 times higher than abroad (90 - 110 men/hour per one ton of deadweight while modern western shipyards require only 30 men/hours).

The Business Plan of the St Petersburg Shipyards investment project suggests efficient reconstruction and updating of the three shipyards by means of setting up an international level shipbuilding center in the territory of the Severnaya Verf shipyard. The new all-purpose shipbuilding center will be equal in its capacity to the three currently operating major shipyards of St Petersburg. The new shipbuilding project implementation will require 507 million USD including $ 390 million for the construction of the center and $117 million for the working capital. Removing the Baltiysky Zavod and Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyards from the mouth of the Big Neva to the territory of the Severnaya Verf Shipyard will release about 120 hectares of land in the historical city center for town-planning purposes. The new shipyard will enable the construction of modern ships and transport vessels with displacement ranging between 5 and 100 thousand tons, including tankers, dry cargo ships, ice-breakers, passenger liners, etc., and provide the possibility to construct new export-oriented surface ships and submarines.

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