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U-2 / Polikarpov Po-2

Created under the direction of Polikarpov in 1928, the Po-2 began one of the best and most known airplanes. It served more than 35 years. After Polikarpov's death in 1944 the airplane was renamed in Po-2 in honor of its.

The U-2 it was developed for initial training and had fine flight performances, it was possible to enter into spin only deliberately, and it easily left it. U-2 forgave even very much blunders of the pilot, and due to excellent take-off and landing characteristics could take off and land on the run way of very small size which frequently at all has been not prepared.

U-2 was a typical biplane. A wooden designwith a fabric covering. Motor M-11 of air cooling, power - 100 hp. Within Great Patriotic War this small basic trainer arplane have altered in easy Night bomber which could take up to 350 kg of bombs. In a rear cabin of this airplane named U-2BS, the shooting point with a machine gun placed. U-2 was under construction serially till 1935. In total 33,000 such airplanes were built.

Multipurpose Aircraft
U-1 U-2 UT-2 UT-1
Crew 2 2 2 1
Year of issue 1922 1928 1935 1937
Length, m 8.78 8.17 7.0 5.75
Wing span, m 10.85 11.4 10.2 7.3
Wing area, m2 30 33.15 17.12 9.58
Weight, kg:
Maximum takeoff weight 840 890 932 598
Engine M-2 M-11 M-11G M-11E
Power, hp 120 100 110 150
Maximum speed, km/h Maximum 137 150 205 257
Landing 68 67 90 80
Service ceiling, m 4500 3820 3100 7120
Polikarpov Polikarpov Polikarpov

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