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PAK-SA - Prospective Aviation Complex of Assault Aviation

Russia tried not only to keep the attack aircraft in its pure form, but also to pull it to the level of a fifth-generation aircraft. In this connection, there was an idea to create a Prospective Aviation Complex of Assault Aviation - Perspektivnogo Aviastionnogo Kompleksa Sturmovoi Aviastii]. An attempt to start mass production of a new Su-39 attack aircraft came at an unsuccessful time - the mid-nineties. The financial crisis and the almost complete lack of funding from the state buried an interesting project.

Project development of the new Russian attack aircraft began around 2010 in the state armament program until 2020, development work was included on the project with the Shershen-EP code, which was planned to be created on the basis of the Su-25. It was assumed that the aircraft will receive R-195 engines and new avionics.

The idea of replacing the legendary Su-25 attack aircraft is not expressed in connection with his "advanced" age. The aircraft was adopted back in 1981. He showed his excellent combat capabilities in Afghanistan. And subsequently participated in a number of armed conflicts. Continues to fight and now - in Syria. True, this is a modified Su-25SM aircraft. Moreover, the Rooks fleet, as the stormtrooper is unofficially called, is beginning to be brought to the level of the Su-25CM3, equipped with modern electronic and sighting equipment.

One of the claims is that it has a small combat radius - a little more than 300 km. It is believed that with the current dynamism of ground operations this is not enough. Moreover, this is an insufficient distance of the airfield from the front line, and aviation equipment with complex ground communications becomes accessible for enemy missile attacks. But if you follow this logic, it is necessary to cancel the attack helicopters Mi-28 and Ka-52, in which the combat radius is even smaller.

In reality, the situation with the replacement of the attack aircraft is much more complicated. It is predetermined by a whole complex of circumstances, among which the change in the tactics of attack aircraft is probably not the most important thing. Here, financial motives were intertwined, and, of course, undercover battles of manufacturers, and even looking back at a potential enemy.

The likely enemy, apparently, intends to send his A-10 attack aircraft to eternal rest. It was assumed that its functions will be taken over by the fifth-generation F-35 multi-role fighter. The versatility of this aircraft was inflated to an incredible size, it was supposed to be super universal. But this led to the fact that it performs his every function frankly weakly.

There are ideas to create a new attack aircraft based on the Su-34 fighter-bomber, unofficially called the Duckling because of its flattened nose. The Su-34 fighter-bomber is considered by the military not only as a replacement for the Su-24 front-line bomber, but also as the Su-25 attack aircraft, said Viktor Bondarev, Chairman of the Committee on Defense and Security in November 2017.

In 2016, the commander of the VKS announced that in the future it is planned to create a line of various modifications on the basis of the Su-34. My opinion is that the new attack aircraft should still be made on the basis of the Su-34. Great plane. Maneuverable, eight tons of bomb load against four at the twenty-fifth, excellent precision characteristics <...>. I think it will be easier and faster to make a cockpit for one pilot, and leave everything else as is, said Bondarev.

That is, to develop a multifunctional aircraft function, which he, in fact, has. Su-34, adopted in 2014, is capable of not only delivering missile and bomb strikes against ground targets, but also standing up for itself when meeting with enemy fighters. This is possible due to high maneuverability, and the corresponding air-to-air missiles, and an aiming system, which includes radars of both front and rear visions.

At the same time, it is perfectly protected from enemy attacks, both air and ground. The cabin, like the Su-25, is also armored. At the same time, the thickness of the bulletproof glass of the lantern and the titanium plates covering the cabin is greater. Also used is the duplication of the main components and systems and their cover with armor plates protecting against shells of caliber up to 20 mm inclusive. That is, it is almost an attack aircraft. It is only necessary to slightly adjust the range of weapons and modify the aiming system.

Another candidate for becoming a Russian attack aircraft is also called - the combat training aircraft Yak-130 , according to NATO codification The Mitt. As an UBS, this lightweight aircraft evokes the highest praise. But the assault modification, which was presented at the MAKS-2015 air show, raises a number of questions. There is no question of armoring a cabin and enhancing the protection of basic systems. The empty weight is only 4,600 kg, and putting serious protection on it is very problematic without compromising flight performance. Yakovlev Design Bureau reported that a laser rangefinder was added to the design, which allows working effectively on ground targets. But it will have to significantly upgrade weapons. Now the Yak-130 has short-range air-to-air missiles, blocks of unguided missiles and bombs, both adjustable and free-falling.

The current modification of the Yak-130 has no radar. The Irkut Corporation does not say anything about the airborne defense station. That is, developers will have to invest a lot in the plane to become an attack aircraft. Laser rangefinder here is clearly not enough. And even if all the improvements are completed perfectly, one can hardly expect that this aircraft as a ground attack aircraft will compete with the Su-34. He may have a very limited field of activity - the counterguerrilla struggle.

However, in the current economic situation, the PAK-SA task is not feasible. The medium-term prospects of military aviation are undoubtedly associated with the program of procurement, support for the operation and modernization of the fifth-generation fighter Su-57. In addition, it is necessary to complete the development and start mass production of PAK DA (a promising long-range aviation complex), as well as military transport aircraft of the light class Il-112V, a medium military transport aircraft (military transport aircraft) and, in the long term, military heavy military vehicles of special complexes appointments based on them.

In Soviet times, the aviation industry was able to develop and manufacture the entire spectrum of military and civil aviation equipment and corresponded to the status of a great aviation power. In the future, the hope is to maintain Russia's leading position in the world.

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