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OKB Sokol / JSC NPO "OKB im. M.P. Simonov

OKB Sokol  / JSC NPO OKB im. M.P. SimonovThe Sokol ["Falcon"] Experimental Design Bureau was founded in 1959 on the basis of the Kazan Experimental Design Bureau of the Kazan Aviation Institute (now A.N.Tuplev ANTU) and the Kazan Aviation Plant (Kazan Aeronautical Industrial Association named after SP Gorbunov - KAPO imeni S.P.Gorbunov). Originally, the enterprise was named OKB of Sport aviation (OKB SA), and llater, in 1982 it got a new name - OKB "Sokol". Kazan Experimental Design Bureau "Falcon" in 2014 was renamed to JSC "Scientific-Production Association" Experimental Design Bureau im. M.P. Simonov. The main activities of JSC are research, development work on unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial targets. The main The customer of the products and services is the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Themes of the first ten years: sports and training gliders, which were designed and built at a high scientific and technical level, were widely used in the DOSAAF system.

  • KAI-11 - the glider of the initial training, developed in the OKB KAI in 1957, launched into the series. The OKB SA maintained the series until 1961;
  • KAI-14 - a standard-class airframe, development started in the OKB KAI, completed in 1961. in OKB SA, it is recommended in batch production. A small series was released. Glider was a multiple prize-winner of international competitions.
  • KAI-19 - an open-plan glider, development completed in 1963, recommended in the series. On the prototypes set 5 world records.
  • SA-9 - glider of the initial training, development completed in 1969, recommended in the series.
  • SA-7U - training airframe, development completed in 1971, recommended in the series.
  • SA-8T - glider of the standard class, development finished in 1972, recommended in the series.

In 1968, the OKB began to develop target aircraft based on serial aircraft with a small residual resource. The first such development was the M-19 target aircraft based on MIG-19 aircraft of various modifications. In 1969 this target was put into serial production. Then, the conversion of MIG-17 aircraft of various modifications to the M-17 target aircraft (Figure 7), which was launched in series production in 1970, began.

In 1975, the Design Bureau began to upgrade the mass air target La-17M, and since 1978, the design support for upgraded targets under the designation La-17MM was carried out. The next serious work was the creation of the M-21 target aircraft (Figure 10) based on the supersonic MIG-21 fighters of various modifications. This target was in serial production since 1981. During the same period, the M-29 target aircraft, created on the basis of the L-29 training aircraft and launched in 1992, was developed.

The two-seat aircraft (L-29 and MIG-23UB) served as the basis for the development of the air command posts of VKP-3 and VKP-5, whose task was to control airplanes in the air.

However, the OKB was not limited to re-equipment of already created aircrafts and created its own original devices. In 1987, the launch of the "Kometa" towed target complex with the Su-7U or Su-25B towing vehicle ) was completed by launching into batch production. In 1993, a series of air target "Dan" ["Tribute"] developed in the Design Bureau , which was completed in 2009, is launched in the series.

It was founded by a group of talented designers-enthusiasts led by Mikhail Petrovich Simonov (1929-2011) (later the General Designer of Sukhoi Design Bureau). In 1954 he graduated with honors from the KAI, after graduating he worked at the Department of Aircraft Construction as head of the laboratory and teacher. As a student, he organized one of the first student design bureaus in the country and directed the design of all-metal gliders. In the years 1959-1969 he was Chief Designer OKB SA. In 1970 he joined Sukhoi Design Bureau, in 1976 he was appointed chief designer of the Su-27 airplane, and from 1983 until the last days - the General Designer of the Sukhoi Design Bureau. The creator and ideologist of the super maneuverability of combat aircraft.

He was awarded in 1998 by the State Prize of the Russian Federation for the development of the Su-27 family of aircraft. In 1999 he was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation for wide use of composite materials in airplanes. In the late 90's. led the creation of sport aircraft of the Su-26 family, cargo-and-passenger aircraft S-80, projects of a supersonic business-class aircraft S-21, agricultural aircraft S-38, etc. By the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1286 of September 25, 1999, M.P. Simonov was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.

All these years, he did not lose contact with his brainchild - OKB "Sokol", took an active part in the corporatization of the enterprise. Since the day of the establishment of JSC OKB Sokol and the appointment of the Board of Directors on December 15, 2002, M.P. Simonov was the permanent Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company.

in 2016, the OKB felt confident enough. The Bureau increased revenue by 7.5% from 1.49 billion to 1.61 billion. Operating profit - that is, the result of core business - increased by 31 million to 246 million rubles: and this is a new record for the entire history of the company. The picture deteriorated sharply at the stage of other articles. The negative balance of other expenses and revenues increased by 78 million to 198 million rubles. The main reason is the increase in expenses of previous periods, revealed in the reporting period. An example of such costs may be incorrect earlier accrued depreciation of structures and equipment, the reason could be even easier: services and goods were received this year, and invoices and acts - in the following. As a result of such unpleasant "surprises" of past years, the OKB im. Simonov received a pre-tax loss of 1, 7 million rubles against the profit of 37.6 million rubles in 2015. But thanks to the balancing of tax assets and liabilities, the bureau achieved a net profit of 14.9 million rubles, which is twice as high as in 2015. However, an unreachable record remains 131.4 million rubles, received for the fat 2013 year.

The structure of shareholders looks like this: JSC Sokol-Invest (registered at the same address as the OKB, director - Lachugin) - 69.6%, LLC Falcon Air - 25%, individuals - 5.4%. The ultimate beneficiary of Sokol-Invest is unknown, as of the end of 2016 Tatfondbank was the nominal holder of 100% of shares. "Falcon Eyre" is owned by a certain Dilyar Mahizyanov - probably also a nominal owner.

Alexander Vladislavovich Gomzin headed the bureau since December 2000. In September 2017 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan carried out "investigative actions" in the OKB im. Simonov. The director of the enterprise Alexander Gomzin was released after a long conversation with the investigator. the operative part of the case is managed by the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic.

Details were kept secret, but, as usual, there are many rumors. So, there is an opinion that the leadership of the Ministry of Defense had questions about the quality of the software of some technology involved in the Syrian campaign. Allegedly the reconnaissance vehicle did not work as it should, it was necessary to send a "live" group, which eventually fell. However, the reliability of these conversations raises serious doubts. The company specializes in the production of air targets, and the rest of the products are under development. Their common opinion can be illustrated by the words of Adviser to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Nazir Kireev : "All the work of Gomzin is in plain sight, there is no doubt in his decency".

The General Director-Chief Designer of JSC "Scientific Production Association Experimental Design Bureau named after M. Simonov" Alexander Gomzin was arrested on charges of fraud and misuse of funds for a total of more than 1 billion rubles: Gomzin allegedly swindled money allocated for the creation of a heavy drone. The investigation department of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation for Tatarstan, was where the criminal case against the designer was being investigated.

Gomzin was detained at the request of the investigation in April 2018. He was charged under three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: unearmarked Expenditure of budget funds (art. 285.1), fraud committed in a particularly large amount (art. 159), abuse of powers (art. 201).

The investigation believed that Gomzin was involved in the theft of 907 million rubles in the period from 2015 to 2018, allocated by the State to create a heavy drone "Altair", as well as to the unearmarked expenditure of another 163 million rubles. It is known that the case included two German RED A03 engines . According to some data, the investigation believed that "Falcon" was issued these engines for development. Gomzina, he tried to challenge this decision in the Supreme Court of Tatarstan, but without success.

He was released in May 2018 on the basis of documents, including financial statements, provided by his lawyers. The fact of the release of Gomzinwas confirmed to Kommersant by Valery Barakovsky, one of his five lawyers. According to him, on 18 May 2018, the defense announced to the investigation a petition for changing the measure of restraint. "We gave detailed testimony and attached all available documents, including financial statements, for each question that interested in the investigation," Barakovsky said. The investigator took some time to study these documents, after which he on 21 May 2018 decided to release Gomzin from the SIZO under a written undertaking not to leave the place. At present, according to Mr. Barakovsky, his client is at large.

Gomzin claimed: "The engines were bought as a prototype and are part of the work to create a laboratory-test complex, and not the development of the engines themselves." Gomzin in the courts stated that, in particular, there are acts of work performed and a conclusion of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In addition, he and his defenders represented the conclusion of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after Baranov.

In an interview with Kommersant puboished 24 May 2018, Barakovsky noted that his client still does not admit his guilt. "There were no thefts or misuse of funds. All the funds were spent for their intended purpose, "the lawyer said.

Employees of the Kazan Experimental Design Bureau named after Simonov asked the country's leadership to intervene in the situation related to the arrest of Alexander Gomzin, the chief designer of this design bureau. "According to the team, this detention is illegal and is aimed at exerting pressure on the chief designer and the main shareholder of the enterprise," - said in an open letter to the employees of the JSC NPO "OKB named after Simonov." The document, which was signed by more than 290 OKB employees, affirms that "the purpose of this pressure is a raider seizure." Employees of the OKB stated that the work of the enterprise is completely disorganized, attempts are being made to deceive leading specialists.

As a result, according to the authors of the letter, "the destruction of an effective, successful and necessary production state" can occur, which will weaken the country's defense capability, leaving almost 500 highly qualified specialists without work.

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