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Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction - NIIPS

NII Parachutostroenye
Parachute-making Research Institute
Parachute Manufacturing Research and Design Institute 
Scientific and Research Institute of Parachute Technology 
Scientific Research Institute for Parachute Building 
Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction 

107241 Moscow, Russia 
Ulitsa Irkutskaya, 2 
Telephone: (011-7-095) 462-13-19, 462-09-82; 
Telex: 411700 RYSEV SU, 911069 KLJEN SU; 
Teletype: Moscow 200-22-16 and 17 RYSEV 1378; 
Fax: (011-7-095) 432-52-33 

The Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction (NIIPS) is the primary organization for the research, design, development, and prototype production of all parachutes and parachute technology in Russia. NII parashyutnykh sistem was founded around 1945 as NIIPDS (NII of Paratroop Service) to develop parachute systems; name later changed. NIIPS also develops a variety of other products, including parachutes for both military and civilian applications, and equipment for the airline manufacturing and support industry. Mmilitary products include low altitude free-drop parachutes; heavy rescue boat paradrop parachutes; cargo platform parachute systems; medium and heavy airdrop pallet parachutes; vehicle airdrop parachutes.

The institute also develops civilian parachute harnesses; trapping nets; sport parachutes; motorized paraplanes; kite parachutes; aircraft instruments; and airfield and ground servicing equipment. In addition, NIIPS offers services in the area of parachute analysis; parachute testing; technology related to parachutes; and parachute training. On 29 June 1993, officials from the Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction signed a contract with the Spanish firm SIMSA and the Dutch firm Fokker to develop and produce a recovery system for the European Space Agency's Ariane-5 carrier rocket.

NIIPS has played a major role in parachute design and development for the Russian Space Program, including recovery parachutes for Soyuz, Buran, and Energia booster rockets and the Progress return capsule. The NIIPS Institute of Parachute Construction provides recovery parachutes for Soyuz, Buran, Energia boosters and Progress return capsule. Developed new lock-up control links to satisfy safety evaluation recommendations. It is also supplying the recovery parachutes for ESA's Ariane 5 and has conducted experiments with the recovery of very heavy booster stages. New, phased deceleration deployment for masses in excess of 25 tonnes. Experimental development of very heavy load retardation in support of a new generation of Russian launch vehicles proposed by Energomash but not funded. Work has begun on deceleration systems for recoverable launch vehicle stages and on re-shaped parafoils. Some manufacturers would like to develop land recovery for reusable launch vehicle stages.

Some experience has been obtained in Russia which concerns the development of gliding parachute systems jettisoned from an aircraft and controlled by the operator from the Earth by radio commands. There are projects of automatic systems of landing at a specified point, as well as developments of canopies with a cargo capacity of up to 4000 kg. Flight tests can be provided with telemetry transmission and beyond-trajectory measurements.

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