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Concern "Avtomatika"

Concern "Avtomatika" is a holding company focusing on the development and production of information security technologies. Concern Automation is Russia’s largest enterprise in the field of information security. It focuses on the development, manufacture, warranty, service, and modernization of secure communication technologies as well as the cryptographic protection of information (CPI). The concern specializes in the creation of CPI systems, special-purpose communication and control systems, technologies and methods for cryptographic information protection systems, and software and hardware for automated control systems.

The creation and development of Russian classified communications, cryptography, and cipher equipment can be accredited to academicians V. A. Kotelnikov, A. L. Mintz, and many other prominent scientists and experts during the post-World War II era.

Laboratory No. 8 was established in Marfino on January 21, 1948. It served as the foundation for State Research Institute No. 2, founded on January 12, 1952, which later became Enterprise No. 37. Its main objective was carrying out the most important studies for the design and construction of secured communications equipment. Based on “Laboratory #8” on January 12, 1952 the State Research Institute #2 (GosNII #2) was founded that was later reorganized to institution “box 37”. It was founded to carry on an investigation in the field of secrecy communication equipment develop-ment.

On January 1, 1955, Enterprise No. 37 was renamed the Research Institute of Automation (RIA). During the 1950s and 1960s, RIA created the first generation of Russian cipher machines. A. P. Peterson, K. F. Kalachev, I. S. Naiman, A. M. Nanos, N. B. Petrov, Yu. Ya. Voloshenko, N. N. Naidenov, Yu. A. Soldatikhin, A. M. Vasilev, A. N. Kabatov, B. A. Nikolaev, G. B. Kukushkin, A. F. Nosov, V. A. Nikitin, V. P. Dementev, and many others helped to develop the devices. In 1978, the Research Institute of Automation was awarded the Order of Lenin for outstanding achievements in science and technology. Throughout the 1980s, the institute developed special technologies for classified communications.

In 1994, the Research Institute of Automation was named the head organization of the Russian State Research and Production Association (RGNPO) Automation, established in accordance with a decree of the President of the Russian Federation. The Research Institute of Automation was entrusted with managing all scientific and production associations, and RGNPO Automation was assigned a leadership role in overseeing all its independent subsidiaries. In 2001, the final version of the charter for the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific-Research Institute of Automation was approved.

From 1993 to 2008, the enterprise focused on developing a series of specialized communication technologies and developing qualitatively new principles and technologies for encrypted information. Specialized units were created based on digital signal processing methods in which the subsequent realization of each functional unit (speech-conversion, special mathematics, or modems) used real-time calculators operating on digital signal processors. This led to the development of a series of cipher machines designed for foreign and domestic commercial sales.

In 2010, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific-Research Institute of Automation was reorganized by presidential degree into the open joint-stock company Concern Automation. In 2014, a decree of the president and government of the Russian Federation incorporated Concern Automation into Rostec Corporation.

Concern Automation develops systems designed to ensure the protection of confidential information. The cryptographic protection of information, such as an electronic digital signature (EDS), helps to solve issues related to identification and access.

The holding’s work relies on an integrated approach to solving the problems of information security. It serves as an integrator of special communication systems. The holding carries out its design work on software and hardware data encryption, passkey generation stations, advanced digital signal processing, and implementation of projects such as high-performance algorithms for voice compression.

Concern Automation develops encryption threads for analog and digital information, as well as devices to protect telephone communications. These products are intended to build secure systems for public telecommunications. Specific customer requirements can be used to design and produce exclusive products.

The concern also applies cryptography in many civil arenas too, namely:

  • Electronic digital signatures;
  • Protection of fiscal information;
  • Protection of electronic documents;
  • Cryptographic protection of copyrights;
  • Identification and authentication of system subscribers; and more.

The main achievements of Concern Automation in 2014 include:

  • Revenue: 11.8 billion rubles;
  • Net profit: 500 million rubles;
  • More than 8,800 employees

The holding company consists of eight subsidiaries and affiliates. The following enterprises are parts of Joint stock company “Concern "Avtomatika”:

  1. Joint stock company “Concern "Avtomatika” (JSC “Concern "Avtomatika”), Moscow;
  2. Join stock company “Penza Research Electrotechnical Institute” (JSC “PNIEI”) Penza;
  3. Stock company “Penza Industrial Association “Electropribor” (SC "PO “Electropribor”),Penza.
  4. Stock company “Kaluga electromechanical factory” (SC “KEMZ”), Kaluga;
  5. Joint stock company “Kalugapribor” (JSC “Kalugapribor”), Kaluga;
  6. Joint stock company “Bashkir Industrial Association “Progress” (JSC “BPO “Pro-gress”), Ufa;
  7. Joint stock company “Ufa factory for microelectronics “Magnetron” (JSC “UZM “Mag-netron”), Ufa;
  8. Joint stock company «Research and Production Enterprise «Signal» (JSC «NPP«Signal»), St. Peterburg;

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