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"Metallist-Samara", JSC
278, street Promishlennaya, Samara, 443023 Russia
tel.: +7(8462) 632565, 499007
fax: +7(8462) 247489, 247369,469139
tel.: +7(8462) 632565

Metallist-Samara OAO (Samara Metal-worker Joint-Stock Company) was formed in 1941 on the basis of three works evacuated to Samara (former Kuibyshev) from Tula, Kovrov and Vinyukhovo at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. In wartime the company produced ShKAS rnachine-guns which were mounted on attack-planes ll-2, then the production of DShK machine-guns in infantry, tank and marine fulfillment was developed. From 1960 untill 1992 ZU-23 anti-aircraft guns were produced. Together with small arms the industrial equipment and consumer goods were manufactured.

In 1959 the company launched out on the production of combustion chambers for liquid rocket engines. Since then the production of many combustion chambers has been developed including ones for the engines of the rockets N-1, "Zenith" and "Energia-Buran" space-rocket complex. In 1965 within the structure of the company there appeared a new production of aircraft engines. The units made at the company as components Engines NK-22, NK-86, NK-25, NK-32 installed on the aircrafts IL-86, Tu-22M3, Tu-160 and Tu-334 were completed with these units. The State highly appreciated the industrial activities of Metallist-Samara and rewarded the company with the Order of Lenin.

In 1992 Metallist-Samara was reorganized from a state enterprise into a joint-stock company. Among the share-holders were such big works as the Khrunichev State Space Scientific and Production Center, the KMPO Joint-Stock Company, the Motorostroitel Joint-Stock Company, the Energia Rocket-Space Corporation.

The 1997 "new scheme of mutual payments" rescued Metallist-Samara factory, a specialist in combustors for rocket and aircraft engines, from collapse. Due to a lack of cash for operations, by 1995 the enterprise was about to die. From May 1995 to December 1996 the factory was under the control of managers who included it in NK Engines. This move allowed the factory to increase output of products by 30-35% in 1996 and by 15-16% in the first half of 1997. Subsequently, the debt to power stations has been reduced by Rbs 19 billion and all debts to small companies paid off. Moreover, the factory has delivered products worth Rbs 16 billion to various state structures as a means of paying off its debt to the state budget.

At present activities of Metallist-Samara develops in the following directions: - Space-rocket production (combustion chambers and extensions of combustion chambers for the liquid rocket engines); - Aviation production (combustion chambers for the aircraft engines, reversing devices, jet nozzles, casings and shells for the aircraft engines, sound-absorbing constructions of the aircraft engines); - Land based gas turbine production (combustion chambers and units for drives of the gas-pumping sets and power stations, air intake and exhaust systems for the gas-pumping sets and power stations); - Agricultural machine production (equipment for potato and cereal crops growing); - Fueller production (tanks for the aircraft fuellers).

The last two directions correspond with the striving of the company for universality and independence from the changing situation on the market of aerospace production. To obtain this we try to employ all our experience accumulated in small arm and engine making. Metallist-Samara is always open to new production and new orders.

To produce the aviation and space engineering and other production the company disposes the advanced technologies of machining, pattern cutting, plastic metal working, welding, soldering, electric discharge, electrochemical machining, casting, forming, electroplating by different types of materials, etc. The quality system of the company provides the guaranteed parameters of the production. The special types of control such as liquid-penetrant testing, ultrasonic inspection, X-ray and impedance inspection, methods of control for electrolytic coatings are widely applied in Metallist-Samara. The quality system corresponds to the standards ISO 9000.

Today in a serial production at the Metallist-Samara Company are: - combustion chambers for the engine RD-170 and RD-120 intended for the first and second stages of "Zenith" carrier rocket which is used in the international project Sea Launch as well; - combustion chambers for the engines RD-191 and RD-180 which are intended for "Angara", "Atlas-3" and "Atlas-5" carrier rockets; - extensions of the combustion chambers for the engine RD-253 which is intended for the first stage of the "Proton" carrier rocket.

Metallist-Samara specializes in manufacturing the units of hot and cold parts of the engine -basic combustion chambers, the afterburn combustion chamber, nozzles, reversing devices, casings and shells, sound-absorbing constructions, turbine supports and other units. The units produced at the company are installed as parts of engines on aircrafts IL-96-300, Tu-204, IL- 86, IL-62, Tu-154 Mand others.

In the process of development and putting into serial production there are a combustion chamber, and outlet device and silencer components for the perspective by-pass turbo-fan aircraft engine NK-93.

Metallist-Samara is the only manufacturer of metal sound-absorbing constructions for the aircraft engines in Russia. Casings and shells made of the honeycomb sound-absorbing panels form the engine power circuit executing the carrier functions as well. The sound-absorbing constructions are manufactured of titanium alloys and stainless steel.

Using its rich experience in making "flying" production Metallist-Samara is also the manufacturer of different units for land based engines and auxiliary systems of gas-purnping sets and power stations: NK-14ST, NK-36ST, NK-3SST, NK-14E, NK-37E (all - Russia), GT-10 (Sweden). The company produces combustion chambers, casings, shells and also develops units for the air intake and exhaust systems including exhaust snails and silencers.

Since 1994 Metallist-Samara has participated in the regional and federal agricultural programs. The company is one of the main suppliers of parts for Evrotekhnika ZAO, the one producing under the licenses of Grimme, Amazonen-Werke, Lemken (all - Germany) 10 types of machines which are applied in planting and harvesting of potato plants and cereal crops. Metallist-Sarnara manufactures the sprayer OPV-3000 "Raduga" which is used for the chemical protection of plants from pests, illnesses and weeds and for fertilizing and watering as well. The sprayer is Metallist-Samara own designing.

The company also manufactures the circular batshwise discontinuous grain-dryer ZS-10 intended for drying seeds of oil-bearing and cereal crops. It works on natural gas and propane. The capacity is 10 tons per hour. For the food industry ammonia evaporative condensers KAI-50, KAI-100, KA1-125 are produced. These condensers are used in industrial refrigerators as a source of chill.

Since 2000 the company has been producing tanks for aircraft fuellers. The tanks are made of alluminium alloy and have the capacity of 20000, 30000 and 40000 litres. The tanks are installed on truck tractors and trailers. They correspond to the international specifications and standards in the sphere of air fuelling facilities production.

The enterpriise is the only Russian manufacturer of Sound-absorbing honeucombs for aicraft engines. Housing and casings made of sound absorbing honeucombs are in the force chart of engine thus carrying out abbitional bearing function. Sound-absorbing honeucombs are made of titanium alloys and stainless steel. Manufacture of wits for airctaft jet and gaspumping aggregates is a main trend in the enterprise scope of activities. The enterprise specialises in manufacturing units of hot and cold zones of engine (combustion chambers, thrust reversers housings and casings sound-absorbing honeycombs and ofher components). Units under production ape installed up on engines which are applied on such aircrafts as IL-96-300, TU-204, TU-334, IL-86, IL-62, TU-154M and others. Due to its own potential employed the enterprise manufactures cast and forged blanks, sheet parts; it possesses all the types of machining, welding and plating.

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