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Kurganets-25 / Object 695 / BMP B-11

Kurganmashzavod, which is the main developer of the Kurganets 25 platform, was currently in the process of bankruptcy. The Kurganets 25 platform, along with the Armata platform, was associated with the main hopes for a high-quality upgrade of the equipment of the Russian Ground Forces. Developed on the basis of the Kurganets 25 platform, the BMP was called the “future of the Russian infantry”.

The prospective project of the Kurganets 25 tracked platform was unsuccessful. This was stated 10 August 2017 by the former deputy chief engineer of the Kurgan Machine-Building Plant for serial production of BMP Danil Relin. “The project“ Kurganets 25 ”was unsuccessful, a new machine is needed, which means that the technical task for its development. But who should make it is not clear, ”the Kurgan and Kurgans newspaper quotes Relin. Relin said this at a meeting of the city council of veterans, where they discussed the problems of Kurganmashzavod, noting that the company could save the development of either a new combat vehicle or a deep modernization of the existing one.

Built by Kurganmashzavod, Kurganets-25 is the replacement for the Russian BMP family of vehicles. A radically new light armored combat vehicle "Kurganets-25" prototype was available by the end of 2012. Information about the new development was released in 2012 by Special Design Bureau of Machine Building (SKBM), part of the division of special products and dual-use Concern "Tractor plants". It is reported that the future innovation is a brand new vehicle that should become the basis for a wide range of light armored tracked vehicles. At the same time, at the request of the Ministry of Defense it should take into account all the positive characteristics of previous vehicles. Protection of the crew should be significantly improved. In addition, it will have to overcome water obstacles without stopping. The main intrigue is what the new vehicle will look like, because so far only its fighting weight is known. The new product was expected to be in service after 2015.

Weighing 25 tonnes, Kurganets features a marked increase in the weight of Russian tracked IFVs, with the latest BMP-3 variant weighing under 20 tonnes, and earlier BMP-1/2 vehicles under 15 tonnes. The Kurganets-25 is the middle brother of the new armored vehicles trio, which is nonetheless almost 10 tons heavier than the most modern armored vehicle currently in service with the Russian Army – the BMP-3. Moreover, unlike the T-15, the Kurganets can swim.

Future crews of this fighting machine can count on the powerful weapons and advanced active and passive defense systems. This machine should protect the lives of the crew and assault troops significantly better than the BMP, which has been labeled by the military as the “fraternal infantry grave” (from the first letters of the Russian abbreviation BMP – bratskaya mogila pekhoty).

The Kurganets-25 infantry fighting vehicle (Object 695) was undergoing trials in the Russian army. The testing of these machines should be completed by 2016, and mass production is planned to begin in 2017-2018. But in the fall of 2015, Albert Bakov – the first vice-president of Traktornyye Zavody Concern, which is manufacturing the Kurganets platform – said that the completion of research and development (R&D) schedules on the Kurganets-25 middle combat platform had been shifted by one year, and now state testing will begin only in 2017.

The Kurganets-25 BMP infantry fighting vehicle, is not based on the Armata platform, but is set to replace a number of its BMP, BMD and MT-LB armored track platform predecessors. Developed from scratch, the new design, with a crew of three and room for up to 7 passengers, features improved crew compartment conditions, new Drozd-2 active protection, new countermeasures against guided anti-tank missile systems, and a slew of interchangeable components and subsystems enabling the tailoring of protection and armament with specific threats in mind.

The vehicle features a new automated fire control system, and is armed with a 30-mm cannon, a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun and the new Kornet-EM anti-tank guided missile launcher. Full scale production of the Kurganets-25 is set to begin in 2016. Like the Bumerang, the Kurganets will be capable of multiple roles in addition to its personnel carrying role.

Kurgan Engineering Works began making prototypes of the promising track BMP "Kurganets-25." Development of the platform under the state defense order is JSC "Kurgan". As the floating BMP OCD "Kurganets-25" presumably replace the BMP-3 in the Army. The task for the development of "Kurganets-25" provides for a track platform by 2016 and BMP production platforms will be sold in JSC "Kurgan". Working prototype of the platform was planned to present to the customer in 2012, but these plans have not been implemented. On 22 January 2013 the media announced that the prototype floating BMP "Kurganets-25" will be presented in spring 2013.

The tests were to begin in the fall of 2013. The new infantry fighting vehicle on basic combat characteristics should surpass all currently existing machines. Characteristics of the "Kurgan-25" were not disclosed. According to unofficial data, the estimated combat weight in tons is reflected in the title of the project - 25 tons.

In front of the machine with a shift to the right will be located the engine and transmission, the output for eight people - behind. The principle of equipment - modular. On the basis of this combat platforms will be created several military vehicles - infantry fighting vehicle, command post vehicle, reconnaissance and ambulance, self-propelled artillery caliber up to 122 mm ("Host", "Vienna"), machinery supply mobile systems radar systems.

The head of the department of military equipment "Concern" Tractor plants "Michael Levshunov spoke about the upcoming development desant tank. Earlier, there was an information that the command of the Russian Navy ordered Kurgan Machine Building Plant development of light tracked self-propelled unit with a 125-mm tank gun. According to Levshunova, this work is really underway.

The developer and manufacturer of the 125-mm 2S25 (TEPS) self-propelled anti-tank gun for Airborne, known as the "Octopus-SD" was the Volgograd Tractor Plant. Therefore, its modernization entrusted LLC Volgograd engineering company "VgTZ", a part of the machine-building-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants". Modernization new TEPS will go toward unification with the new combat vehicle BMD-4M, developed by JSC" SKBM "and produced by JSC" Kurgan ", which are also holding companies. They are co-authors of this work.

As the head of the department of military equipment "Concern" Tractor plants ", except with the unification of the BMD-4M on the engine, transmission and running gear on TEPS will have the latest electronics. So, upgraded self-propelled anti-tank gun is equipped with a modern digital fire control system with improved sights, including thermal imaging, as well as program-technical complex that allows to include in a single system TEPS tactical control.

Construction - engine-transmission compartment moved to the front of the case. To ensure preodozheniya water hazards gathering platform will be equipped with a water-jet propulsion. Fighting module is supposed to perform uninhabited and remote control. It is also possible that the control weapon station will eventually be fulfilled combined - Remote cleanly and hand in an emergency. The armor protection of the BMP is being developed with the participation of "Institute of Steel."

Between Concern "Tractor plants" and the Ministry of Defense of Russia negotiated the conclusion of the state defense order. It is planned that in addition to an order for BMD-4M in defense procurement will also include the development of TEPS. "In order to reduce the time to develop, LLC" VMK "VgTZ" without waiting for the conclusion of a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry has already started to develop the design documentation ", - said Mikhail Levshunov.

Serial production of the mechanised infantry combat vehicles (MICV) on the Kurganets-25 medium tracked platform may be launched in 2017-2018, Vice President and co-owner of the vehicle developer - Tractor Plants concern Albert Bakov told TASS in an interview on 08 May 2015.

"The research and development work for the creation of the Kurganets-25 platform vehicles is not over yet. The development prototypes will be subjected to preliminary and then to state tests. So, concerning the new platform I can say that the Russian Defence Ministry has already ordered a batch of the Kurganets MICV for field trials. If everything goes well, then the vehicles’ full-fledged serial production is planned to be organised in 2017-2018," Bakov said.

According to him, the state tests of such vehicles include comprehensive military operational requirement checks. "Several prototypes are subjected to tests, which are conducted in Russia’s various climatic regions. The vehicles are also tested for their landing ships’ boarding and disembarkation capacity at sea with the swell scale of up to 3 points.

The 25-ton Kurganets-25 will carry about a half-dozen troops and protect them with modular armor that can be adapted to meet specific mission requirements. It is armed with a 30-mm cannon and four anti-tank guided missile launchers, all of which will reportedly be controlled by an on-board automatic firing system capable of choosing its own targets. The turret is remotely operated by a crew of three.

As reported 03 March 2015 by the portal "", JSC "kurganmashzavod" signed a contract with the Defense Ministry to supply new armored vehicles on the platform "Kurganec-25. The contract amount was not reported. According to the Executive Director of JSC "kurganmashzavod" Igor Giske, during the year a number of deliveries of military equipment to troops in accordance with the public contracts. "I didn't expect such growth of volumes of manufacture. The rise compared to the year 2012 we have going in 2.5 times, said Executive Director of JSC "KMZ" Igor Giske. -We are everywhere looking for qualified personnel, conducting recruitment. Work under the contracts. For the first time, an infantry fighting vehicle on the basis of Kurganets was demonstrated at the Victory Parade in Moscow on May 9, 2015. On the same platform, they intended to create an armored repair and recovery vehicle, a 120-mm self-propelled artillery gun and a 57-millimeter anti-aircraft artillery complex. The failures in the development of this platform have not previously reported. At the same time, it was originally planned that the testing of equipment on the Kurganets-25 platform would be completed in 2016, and they would go into series in 2017-2018. Later, the dates were postponed, having planned state tests for 2017. the military, who received in 2015 a batch of infantry fighting vehicles on the Kurganza platform, pointed out the high profile of the vehicle as a disadvantage. The height of his profile is about the same as that of Western counterparts, and the thickness of armor is equal. However, the Russian military prefer low-profile cars, and this BMP was called the “grenade thrower’s dream.” Allegedly, therefore, the deadlines for the completion of research and development (R & D) on the Kurganets-25 platform were shifted by a year.


  • OCD "Kurganets" - the original draft of light infantry fighting vehicles "Kurgan". Preliminary study of the project was carried out until 2004
  • OCD "Kurganets-25" - project of interspecific middle platform and BMP weighing up to 25 tons. Development is defined by the customer (the Ministry of Defense of Russia) in 2010-2011
  • BMP "Kurganets" - BMP-based cross-species platform "Kurganets-25." As of the first half of 2012 the development is.
  • BTR increased capacity "Kurganets" - BTR-based cross-species platform "Kurganets-25." As of the first half of 2012 the development is.
  • ARV "Kurganets" - armored recovery vehicle based on the platform of interspecies "Kurganets-25." As of the first half of 2012 the development is.
  • BMD "Kurganets" - as of the first half of 2012 the establishment of BMD is not planned, but is estimated as possible with impolzovaniem reduced by rollers running gear.
  • SAM platform "Kurganets-25" - based on the platform "Kurganets-25" is scheduled to release several models of possible military air defense system.
  • ATRA on a platform of "Kurganets-25" - based on the platform "Kurganets-25" is scheduled to release several possible models of self-propelled anti-tank systems.
  • ACS platform "Kurganets-25" - as many ACS with a gun caliber up to 122 mm

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