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Tactical Missiles Corporation


  • Bolshevo Labor Commune
  • State Union Plant #472
  • State Union Factory #455
  • Experimental & Design Bureau "Zvezda"
  • Kaliningrad Engineering Plant [KMZ]
  • Kaliningrad Production and Design Association "Strela"
  • State Unitary Enterprise "Zvezda-Strela"
  • Subsidiaries

  • Omsk Plant "Automatika" JSC (Omsk);
  • Ural Design Bureau "Detal" JSC (Kamensk-Uralsky);
  • Engineering Design Bureau "Iskra" imeni I.I.Kartukov JSC (Moscow);
  • "Krasny Gidropress" JSC (Taganrog);
  • Turaevo Engineering Design Bureau "Soyuz" JSC (Lytkarino);
  • Engineering Design Bureau "Vympel" imeni I.I.Toropov JSC (Moscow);
  • State Engineering Design Bureau "Raduga" imeni A.Y.Bereznyak JSC (Dubna);
  • Azov Optomechanical Plant JSC (Azov);
  • NPO "Region" JSC (Moscow);
  • Engineering Design Bureau JSC (Moscow);
  • Smolensk Aircraft Plant JSC (Smolensk);
  • "Salyut" JSC (Samara);
  • "Gorizont" JSC (Moscow);
  • Central Design Bureau of Automatics (TsKB Automatiki) JSC (Omsk);
  • Ryazan KB "Globus" JSC (Ryazan);
  • State Scientific and Research Machine Building Institute (GosNIImash) JSC (Dzerginsk, Nizhniy Novgorod region);
  • Arzamas Scientific and Production Enterprise "Temp-Avia" JSC (Nizhniy Novgorod region);
  • Scientific and Research Center of Automated Design Systems (NITs ASK) JSC (Moscow).
  • []On January 2002 the RF President passed a decree 84 on official registration of "Tactical Missiles Corporation" JSC within the framework of a federal program targeted at reforming and developing of the Russian defense industry (2002-2006). On March 13, 2002 the Russian Government passed resolution 149 on foundation of "Tactical Missiles Corporation" JSC. Beside federal state unitary enterprise "Zvezda-Strela" the Corporation included Omsk Plant "Avtomatika", Engineering Design Bureau "Iskra", Ural Design Bureau "Detal", Plant Krasny Gidropress as well as "Turaevsk Engineering Design Bureau Soyuz" JSC that allocated 20% of its shares to the Corporation's authorized share capital. Other enterprises were reorganized into joint-stock companies and each allocated 74,5% of its shares. The remaining 25,5% of them as well as 100% of the Corporation's shares were assigned to the federal ownership.

    In summer 2002 specialists of the Experimental & design Bureau and other departments prepared for the next testing of Kh-35E missiles with "Uran-E" system. The trial launch was carried out on September 14 and was considered successful by the members of commission. In the second half the same year Tactical Missiles Corporation took part in the International aerospace salon "Farnborough international 2002" (London, Great Britain), in the fourth International hydroaerosalon "Gelendgik-2002" (Russia) and in the aviation and weaponry exhibition "Africa Aerospace & Defense 2002" (Pretoria, South African Republic). The missiles Kh-31A, Kh-31P, Kh-35E, Kh-25MPU, Kh-25L were of keenest interest on every exhibition.

    Summing up the results of 2002, the Corporation took 183 place between 200 largest Russian enterprises, according to "Expert" magazine. It took 37th place between the largest Russian engineering companies. The sales volume grew by 5,9% in comparison with 2001 and exceeded 3, 15 billion rubles. Balance profit amounted to 376,1 million rubles,that is 295,1 million rubles after tax. Production profitableness accounted for 9,4%

    In early 2003 the RF Government passed the order of February 10, determining the members of the Corporation's Board of Directors. They were:

    • Valerii P. Volodin, Chairman of Military and Scientific Committee of General Staff of the RF Armed Forces;
    • Valerii I. Voskoboinikov, first deputy director general of "Rosaviakosmos";
    • Nikolai A. Gusev, deputy minister of the RF property relations;
    • Peter A. Efanov, head of territorial board of the RF Ministry of property relations in Moscow region;
    • Boris V. Obnosov, director general of Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC;
    • Vladimir A. Paleschuk, deputy chairman of the Russian Military and Technical Cooperation Committee;
    • Vladimir Y. Pospelov, director general of "Russian Shipbuilding Agency";
    • Sergei E. Prihodko, deputy head of the RF President Administration-head of the RF President Foreign Policy Board;
    • Dmitry E. Smikov, counselor of the RF President Economic Board;
    • Sergei P. Yakovlev, designer general of Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC.

    On March 13, 2003 the legal execution of reorganization and transformation of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Zvezda-Strela" SRPC into Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC was completed. Boris V. Obnosov was appointed director general, Alexander P. Pastarnak  - head engineer and Alexei I. Belskih took the post of chief designer.

    During the whole year the specialists of the Corporation took part in all international aerospace exhibitions and salons. Its products were exhibited at the international aircraft salon "Aero India", international defense exhibition IDEX-2003 in Abu-Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), international naval salon in Saint Petersburg, traditional international salon "MAKS-2003" in Zhukovskii, Moscow region. The Specialists of Tactical Missiles Corporation participated in the fourth annual International forum "High technology of the XXI century".

    The Experimental & Design Bureau increased more than twice the volume of the fulfilled both state defense orders and commercial projects with "Ilyushin" and "Sukhoy" Experimental & Design Bureaus, and "Mikoyan" company. The state tests of "Uran-E" shipborne missile system were completed. The plant testing of "Bal-E" coastal missile system was carried out.

    According to the results of 2003 the sales volume amounted to 6 billion rubles, balance profit accounted for about 600 million rubles, net profit made up over 460 million rubles. Investments in enterprise's expansion and reconstruction exceeded $17 million.

    In March 2004 Omsk saw an ordinary conference of the Corporation Board, where the strategy on production development was determined for the current year and up to 2010. The plans provide for reconstruction of all the affiliated enterprises, optimizing spending and concentrating financial recourses, increasing the production volume within the Corporation as a whole by 70% by the end of this year. Export and Exhibition programs were also developed.

    Within the frameworks of the Fifth International Forum "High Technology XXI", taking place from 19 till 23 April in Expocentr's fairgrounds in Moscow, Tactical Missiles Corporation was decorated with a diploma of "Leader in High Technology Field". Besides, Boris Obnosov, director general of the Corporation was awarded a Saint George bronze statuette "For development, management and sales promotion of high-end products on internal and external markets".

    On May 9, 2004 the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree #591 on development Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC, under which the Corporation included the following 8 defense enterprises:

    • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The Bereznyak State engineering design bureau Raduga" (Dubna, Moscow region);
    • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Production association  Azov optomechanical plant" (Azov, Rostov region);
    • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The State scientific and production enterprise Region" (Moscow);
    • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Design engineering bureau" (Moscow);
    • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The Toropov State design bureau Vimpel" (Moscow);
    • Smolensk aircraft plant JSC;
    • Salyut JSC (Samara);
    • Gorizont JSC (Moscow).

    As a result the Corporation totally comprises 14 enterprises of the Russian Defense Industry.

    Besides, the decree defined the key directions of the Corporation's activities. The latter include manufacturing and testing, post-sale servicing and license production of aircraft high-precision "air-to-surface" and "air-to-air" weaponry as well as standardized naval weaponry, equipped with them.



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