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Name52-K or KS-12
GAU Index52-P-365)
Country of manufactureUSSR
Years of production1939-1945
Issued14 422 pcs.
Caliber85 mm
Weight in stowed position4220 kg
Weight in firing position3057 kg
Barrel length55.2 caliber
height2.25 m
length (in marching)4.7 m
width2.15 m
Rotation360 Degree
Tactical Antiair(AA) Range 4,000 m w/o radar, 10,200 w/radar
defeat range (height)10.5 km
defeat range15.65 km
Rate of Fire 15-20 rds/min
Azimuth 720 degrees
Elevation -3 to 82 degrees
Fire Control Optical telescope, radar
Ammunition HE-T, APC-T (85x__mm)
Self Destruct Time 1 to 33 secs
Self Destruct Range 800-10,200 m
Projectile weight9.2 kg
initial velocity of the projectile800 m / s
Armor piercing, caliber projectileup to 120 mm
Rate of fireup to 20 shots / min
Deployment time1 minute
Transportation speed, highway35 km / h
Crew7 people

85 mm anti-aircraft gun 1944:

Barrel length67.5 caliber
Weight5000 kg
defeat range (height) -12 km
Range of defeat18 km
Deployment time2 minutes
initial velocity of the projectile870 m / s

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