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KRET Concern Radioelectronic Technologies

Concern Radioelectronic Technologies is a holding company focused on electronic warfare and IFF meanstechnologies, aircrafts instruments, radio-electronic equipment systems and various measuring apparatuses. The Concerns companies are spread throughout 29 of Russias regions. About 50,000 are working at them. The Radioelectronic Technologies holding was established in 2009 in order to integrate over 50 radio-electronic ventures of the country. At the end of 2012 the Supervisory Board of the Corporation came to a decision of integrating Aviation Equipment into the Radioelectronic Technologies holding. Rostec owns 100% of the holding shares. The head of the company was Nikolay Kolesov.

Concern Radioelectronic Technologies is focused on EW and IFF means State Procurement commissioning, company operational efficiency boost, new markets entering. Holding development strategy for 2020, approved in 2011, gives special attention to defence industry complex sector capitalization, as the sector is critical for innovation-industrial development of the Russian economy.

The Reconstruction company was created within the holding in order to reduce subsidiary dependence and implement common production and technology policy. The company provides centralized development of technical retooling and equipment purchase design estimate documentation jointly with the design institute.

Some companies of the holding became non-core assets due to technological and performance inferiority. The non-core assets are to be eliminated. Rostec expects to make Concern Radioelectronic Technologies world-class diversified civil-military structure with the capitalization of 85 billion roubles.

Companies included in the structure of KRET develop and manufacture:

  • electronic warfare equipment, including weapons control systems,
  • components, systems, and complexes for civilian and military aircraft
  • state identification (friend or foe) systems and equipment,
  • radio measuring equipment.

The holding company designed Parol, one of the two existing Identification Friend or Foe systems, which is employed by Russia and the CIS. The other MK-12 system is used by the USA and the NATO countries.

A significant amount of scientific production centers specializing in inventing radio-electronic production has entered into the activities transferred to the state corporation Rostec founded in 2007. It was decided to unite them within the framework of a holding company: concern. In January 2009 an order was issued by the state corporation Rostec on the founding of JSC Concern Radioelectronic Technologies, in which a list of companies and organizations transferable to join the concern of companies and organizations of Russias radio-electronic branch. A month later, on February 19, 2009, JSC Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) was registered. This date is considered the companys founding date.

Over fifty companies initially joined the Concern, on the base of which primary new holding jurisdictions were formed:

  • Technical complex developers and producers of the radio-technologic opposition entered into the group of companies along the time of the radio-electronic fight. The main production company OJSC Research-Production Enterprise Kvant was the head production company and JSC Kaluzhsky Scientific Research Radio-Technical Institute the leading scientific research organization;
  • State radiolocation identification means and complexes developers and producers entered into the group of companies working in the sphere of state identification. JSC NPO V.I. Shimko Radioelectronics was the head organization;
  • The integration of developers and producers of electric adapters and special function cable assemblies entered within the framework of the Cables and Adapters movement. A number of companies entered into this unit, amongst which JSC Zavod Elecon and JSC Design Bureau of the Cable Industry, two of Russias biggest special electric adapter and cable development and production companies, stand out.

A group of diagnostic control system and special measuring apparatus developer companies and producers was also formed. Among others JSC Federal Scientific Production Center Institute of Electronic Measurements Kvarz, one of the biggest centers in Russia on special radio-electric measuring apparatus development and production, joined it.

KRET quickly invented and introduced a complex and modern company administration model. In short periods a comprehensive audit of the organizations becoming its members was carried out by the Concern and internal cooperation connections were applied. A systematic strategy of the Concerns development and its activitys primary movements was developed.

In 2011 KRET was the first among Rostecs integrated structures to invent the Concerns United Account Center (Treasury) on the base of the CSJ ACB Novikombank. This allowed for a guarantee of an effective use of the Concerns finance resources and a budget discipline within the framework of KRET, optimization of interaction with external counteragents, and lowering percent payments. For the organization of a united system of complex electronic foreign and domestic production component base supplies, a United Trade Merchant Ground was founded by the Concern, which allowed for a substantial lowering of costs on the acquisition of build-ups as well as perfecting logistic procedures.

The Concern has auctioned federal state unitary companies, received all necessary licenses for development, production, and repair of armament equipment and military technology. KRET has become a united center of fulfilling contracts by state defense order, increasing the amount of production capacity among the Concerns companies.

The Concerns successes in forming a modern model of an effective scientific production structure have been recognized by the Russian government. At the end of 2012 by decision of Rostecs observation council a new direction of activity was added to the already existing production range: the development and production of board radio-electronic hardware and avionics for military, transport, and civil aviation. Companies, which were previously members of JSC Concern Aviapriborostroenie, were transferred to under KRETs leadership.

As a result of unification, the number of the Concerns managed organizations doubled in size and its use tripled. In addition, in 2013 Rostec gave as a property contribution to KRETs authorized capital 51 shares of businesses of the radio-electronic branch for almost RUB 45 billion.

In 2014 KRET prepared the first records on MSFO. The Concerns mission is to become a diversified holding with a world-renowned name creating high-technological production of military and civil function. Even today KRET is one of the biggest holding companies in Russia, which unites over 95 radio-electronic industrial companies. Their activity is connected with the development and production of a means of radio-electronic battle and development, state identification, board radio-electronic equipment complexes and systems, special function measuring apparatuses, and also electric adapter plugs and cable production.

The holding company includes:

  • Scientific Research Institute of Aircraft Equipment (SRIAE)
  • Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automation (MIEA)
  • Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau, OJSC
  • Industrial Automatics Design Bureau, OJSC
  • Saint Petersburg Experimental Design Bureau Electroavtomatika named after P.A.Efimov, FSUE
  • Aeropribor-Voskhod, OJSC
  • Izmeritel, OJSC
  • ElTom Research and Production Company
  • Utyos, OJSC
  • Ural Instrument Engineering Plant, OJSC
  • Ramensky Instrument Engineering Plant, Public Limited Company
  • Tambov Elektropribor Plant, OJSC
  • Ufa Instrument Engineering Production Association, OJSC
  • Aviation Instrument Manufacturing Concern, OJSC
  • Aerospace Equipment Corporation, OJSC
  • Radiopribor Plant, Almetievo, OJSC
  • Concern Avionica, OJSC
  • Aviapribor-Holding, OJSC
  • Moscow Temp Radio Plant, OJSC
  • Rychag, OJSC
  • V.I. Shimko Radio-Electronics R&D and Production Company, OJSC
  • Kazan Instrument Engineering Design Bureau, OJSC
  • Science & Production Centre SAPSAN, OJSC
  • Radiopribor, OJSC
  • Zhigulevsky Radio Plant, OJSC
  • Scientific-Technical Center for Systems and Equipment of State Recognition, OJSC
  • Ekran Scientific Research Institute, FSUE
  • Kaluga Scientific Research and Radio Technology Institute, OJSC
  • Gradient All-Russian Research Institute, OJSC
  • Svyaz Design Bureau, OJSC
  • Taganrog Research Institute of Telecommunications, OJSC
  • Scientific Research Institute of Special Information and Measuring Systems, FSUE
  • Research and Production Association KVANT, OJSC
  • Bryansk Electromechanical Plant, OJSC
  • Kaluga Plant of Radio Technology Equipment
  • Rostov Plant Pribor, OJSC
  • Stavropol Radioplant Signal, OJSC
  • Phazotron-NIIR, OJSC
  • Bryansk Special Design Bureau, OJSC
  • Ryazan State Instrument Enterprise, OJSC
  • Phazotron-VMZ, CJSC
  • Federal Scientific and Production Centre Institute of Electronic Measurements Kvarz named after A.P.Gorshkov, OJSC
  • Special Design Bureau for Radio Measuring Instrumentation, OJSC
  • Russia Factorys Design Bureau, OJSC
  • Research and Production Association named after M.V. Frunze, OJSC
  • Kursk Factory Mayak, OJSC
  • RITM Scientific Industrial Company, OJSC
  • Radium, OJSC
  • Microtechnics, OJSC
  • Kazan Institute of Computer Science and Technology, OJSC
  • Techpribor, OJSC
  • Scientific Research Institute of Development of Connectors and Products of Special Electronics. OJSC
  • Radiopriborsnab, OJSC
  • Avtomatika, OJSC
  • EST Vzlet, OJSC

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