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I-153 Chaika [Gull] Fighter

In seeking to increase combat capabilities maneuverable fighter N.N.Polikarpov in 1938 created a new plane - I-153 Chaika. Outwardly, he looked like a fighter I-15. The main dimensions are the same, little has changed and the shape of the curved portions of the upper wing, but the I-153 landing gear retracts into the chassis in flight, the engine is more powerful, the entire structure is strengthened, respectively, armored pilot's seat back. The best steel many parts and assemblies.

Thanks to this "Seagull" the landing gear retraction, of speeds up to 440 km / h, while maintaining the basic maneuvering qualities of its predecessor. Empty weight - 1348 kg take-off - 1859 kg. The first combat test-153 passed in the summer of 1939 in Khalkhin-Gol. Airplane-153 - the last in our country fighter biplane scheme to build large series. The plant produced 3,400 aircraft of this type. The designer has used every effort to achieve the highest speed while maintaining the characteristic biplane maneuverability.

And "The Seagull" with the landing gear retracted, even in the second half of the 1930 belonged to the high-speed machines. However, in the late thirties and forties, especially in the speed of 400 km / h for the fighter it was clearly insufficient. From aircraft such appointment required rate of 500-600 and even 650 km / h. Such a rate could not build a biplane. Still, "The Seagull" has become history. On these machines, our pilots in the first period of the Great Patriotic War, when there was not enough new types of aircraft, successfully conducted aerial combat, stormed the enemy convoys, airfields.

Year of adopting 1938
Wingspan, m
- Top 10.00
- Lower 7.50
Length, m 6.18
Height, m 3.00
Wing area, m2 22.10
Weight, kg
- Empty aircraft 1348
- Normal take-off 1859
engine type 1 TD M-62
Power, hp 1 x 800
maximum speed, km / h
- Near ground 366
- on high 444
Practical range, km 740
maximum rate of climb, m / min 943
Service ceiling, m 11000
Crew 1
  • 4 7.62-mm machine gun or ShKAS
  • 4 12.7 mm machine gun BS

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