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GAZ-3308 Sadko

The GAZ-3308 Sadko off-roader is a perfect wedding of outstanding off-road qualities and the comfort of a motor transport vehicle. Apart from the "commercial" version, there is the GAZ-3308 "army" version. Its key distinctive features are a tire pressure control system and pneumatic connection to the trailer and winch braking system. Furthermore, the "army" version is fitted with larger 12R20 tires (compared with 12.00R18 of the "commercial" version). The truck's cross-country capacity (CCC) is even more improved through increased road clearance, longitudinal CCC radius, approach and departure angles. The improved tire capacity helped increase the truck's load-carrying capacity. The GAZ-3308 Sadko "army" version may be employed both as a cargo and passenger vehicle as well as a powerful tow truck for military hardware and armament.

Sadko is designed for use in diverse road and cross-country conditions. Due to its cross-axle limited-slip differentials the truck is capable of climbing uphill gradients of up to 31. GAZ-3308 features good dynamic characteristics and a top speed of up to 100 kmh. The truck has single-tire front and rear wheels fitted with 12.00R18 radial tires with adhesive treads. Sadko trucks are equipped with gasoline or diesel engines, 5-speed synchromesh gearbox, 2-speed transfer case and a power takeoff. Sadko's power steering and dual braking system with a vacuum hydraulic power unit and brake force regulator simplify driving dramatically, thus reducing the driver's fatigue en route.

The Eger II off-road vehicle which is in growing demand today uses the GAZ-3308 Sadko chassis and features a cross-country capacity by far exceeding similar characteristics of this vehicle class. The truck's spacious 5-seat cab combined with its 1.5t cargo bed or living module (providing a 3 to 5 days' autonomous activity for 5 persons) ensures the highest efficiency of production teams.

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