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Dozor-600 / Dozor-3

Russia has already created and operated drones and light middle class, designed for reconnaissance. Nevertheless, it remains unoccupied niche heavy impact UAVs. International experience shows the possibilities of this technique, as well as talks about its necessity. Earlier, several attempts to create a shock drone had been taken, but by 2015 this technique had not reached the troops. One of the most promising domestic projects such equipment is considered "Dozor-600" [Russian for beat, patrol, or watch] by the company "Transas". It is expected that in the near future, this machine will be tested and will go into mass production.

The existence of the draft UAV "Dozor-600" became known in 2009. In the course of the international air show MAKS-2009, the company "Transas" first showed layout (according to other data, the flight model) a new unmanned aerial vehicle. It was argued that in their basic characteristics, this machine is a direct analogue of the American UAV MQ-1 Predator. The validity of such a comparison in terms of the real possibilities of technology is not yet possible. In autumn 2011, Russian Defense Ministry announced the results of two tenders for the development of promising shock UAV. By the decision of the military establishment, for developing machines with a takeoff weight of about 1 ton it was responsible company "Transas", for a five-ton drone - OKB "Sokol" (Kazan).

According to the developer, the UAV "Dozor-600" refers to the class of medium-heavy drones with a long flight. In connection with this machine has specific technical configuration and a corresponding set of equipment. "Dozor-600" represents the aircraft normal aerodynamic scheme with vysokoraspolozhennym right wing of the big elongation. To simplify the design and improve the flight characteristics of the tailplane unit is V-shaped structure. Under the fuselage is an additional ridge.

UAV "Dozor-600" (previously used development index "Dozor-3") is a long-range aircraft and flight duration. It can accommodate a payload on the external sling (pylons). At MAKS-2009 first flight model of the UAV was presented.

manufacturer Transas
country Russia
Engine single-engine (four-stroke, opposed petrol engine capacity of 120 hp) with a pusher propeller.
Max. takeoff weight 720 kg,
max. fuel weight 240 kg,
payload weight 120-210kg
wingspan 12 meters,
length 7 m,
height 2.5 m
flight duration 24 hours,
max. Range 3700km,
cruising speed 120-150km / h,
maximum height 7,1km.
Payload Opto-electronic system on the rotary control platform (FLIR), digital high-definition aerofotokompleks; laser rangefinder; target search radar; synthetic aperture radar; external load; Satellite data radio link.
Navigation and Control UAV "Dozor-600" is equipped with the flight and navigation system with an automated control system, data radio links and command and, depending on the task at hand

It has a V shaped tail, rectangular metal wings. At the heart of the fuselage - duralumin framr riveted construction, with plastic fairings. Wing metal collected on the traditional pattern of stamped ribs and precast, riveted spar. The wing has a metal casing. Rigging - slotted flaps, produced in 2 positions (takeoff, landing).

The existing photos shows that the root of the wing of a new UAV provides two small pylon. They can be suspended necessary equipment, fuel tanks or weapons. The exact composition of equipment and weapons that can be used with the UAV "Dozor-600", is still unknown. Features The device allows to carry unguided or guided weapons of various types with a total weight of not more than 100-120 kg. It can be svobodnopadayuschie bomblets, guided missiles "Air-air", and other weapons.

Start of flight testing of "Dozor-600" was scheduled for 2010. In 2011, shortly after the announcement of the tender results, called the approximate dates of the project. It has been argued that the main work can be completed by mid-decade. So, as an example the date of the first flight was called in 2015. For some time after that any news about the project "Dozor-600" were missing. New posts emerged only in 2013, when Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered to speed up work. What happened after that order - it is unknown.

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