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Dubna Machine-Building Plant

Dubnensky Mashinostroitelny Zavod 
Dubna Machine-Building Works 
141980 Dubna-3, 
Russia (Moscow Oblast) 
Ulitsa Zhukovskiy, 2 
Phone: (011-7-095) 215-14-14, 
        215-16-13, 215-15-25; 
Telex: 206132 TITAN SU or 
       846014 TITAN SU
Teletype: N/A; 
Fax: (09621) 3-02-9

Dubna Machine-Building Plant produces naval surface-to-surface and air-to-surface missiles. Many of its products are designed by the collocated Raduga Machine-Building Design Bureau. Dubna also produces satellite dishes and other consumer goods. Dubna produces missile systems designed by the Raduga Design Bureau, including surface-to-surface and air-to-surface missiles such as the SS-N-2, SS-N-22, AS-11, AS-15, and AS-16. Aviation engineering components, antenna systems for satellite communications and televisions, hovercraft, and office equipment.

Dubna Machine-Building Plant, plc was organized in 1994 on the base of glorious Dubna Machine-Building Plant, put into service on 10 July 1939. Now the plant comes to a new stage of its development and invites all interested parties for cooperation. On 10 July, 1999, city Dubna finished celebrating the birthday of one of the town-forming enterprises - Dubna Machine Building Plant. The fate of many dubnentsev and city itself it is inseparably connected with the history of plant. Indeed as majority Russia is municipal, poyavivishikhsya in THE USSR, the at least left-bank part of Dubna grew and was developed due to the defense enterprise.


In the middle of the thirtieth the annual rate, achieved by Soviet aviation science and industry, it was sufficient to high: the completely new prototypes of destroyers, attack aircraft, bombers were created in a short time. But with the release of seaplanes, extensive sea boundaries so necessary for the protection, our country was late. Such types of aircraft were acquired in essence in series and license building in firms "Junkers", "savoyya", "Dornier" and "Heinkel". In the number of measures, directed toward the reduction of this delay, the council of labor and defense (ONE HUNDRED) in 1935 adopted the resolution about the building of the plant, which had to become base enterprise in THE USSR for seaplane construction.

In the beginning of the 1950s in connection with the approximation of the completing work of German specialists at the plant #1 government of the country and the ministry of aircraft industry assumes and is let out a number of decisions and orders, which predetermine further specialization and reorganization of plant.

Thus, by the decision of the Council of Ministers from 01.09.1951 years to plant #1 is established task with respect to the mastery of series missile production KS (developer OKB -155, chief designer a.I.Mikoyan) and the fulfillment of works on the experimental thematics. For the plant this decision became starting base in further long-term specialization of production. The volumes of the series and experimental production of the cruise missiles of different classes grow from this period at the plant.

On 12 October, 1951, on the basis of the order of the minister of aircraft industry for #1010 at the plant #1 is organized branch OKB -155. This date is birthday BAR "rainbow". By the chief of this branch and the deputy chief designer is assigned birch grove Aleksandr yakovlevich, who earlier worked by the deputy chief designer OKB -2 of plant. The association of branch OKB -155 consisted of twenty people, they entered into its composition: B.D.Ivanov, N.G.Sokolov, G.K.Samokhvalov, K.N.Subbotin, A.N.Eletskiy, L.N.Bogolyubskiy, T.S.Ovcharova, V.S.Demidovich, S.Sh.Lifshits, O.V.Mel'nikov, M.N.Gal'perin, B.V.Kulikov, M.F.Shoyev, Z.M.Aleksandrova, Z.A.Makotchenko, M.T.Pankova, Ye.G.Eletskaya, V.I.Emel'yanova, K.I.Kiseleva. To it was entrusted the work on the guarantee of series production, on the finishings, to tests, and also on further modification of article KS.

At the same time series-design division (SKO), is enlarged at the plant, as chief is assigned V.S.Demidovich. In 1952 into the division the young aviation specialists arrived: N.Fedorov, G.Savel'ev, B.Kizhayev, I.Smetanin, R.Efremov, Ye.Timofeyev, I.Chuprina, M.Parakhovatyy, V.Soldatova, L.Glazunova, S.Kashuba and others.

Branch OKB -155 and SKO worked together about two years: they were located to some areas, brigades design and calculated were united, but the leading part was after the chiefs of the brigades OF OKB: A.N.Eletskim, G.K.Samokhvalovym, L.N.Bogolyubskim, O.V.Mel'nikovym and M.N.Gal'perinym.

This creative interaction allowed young specialists SKO in a short time to acquire the skill of qualified resolution of the design questions appearing in the production. But questions there was much, since the first party of the aggregates of article KS was prepared with the large retreats from the technical documentation, which was also "damp". For operational resolution of design questions in the production was developed and inculcated the system ZHKN (periodicals of design discrepancies), which made it possible to operationally issue the solutions by the design discrepancies directly in the shops. In the course of one-three months these solutions by the leaves of a change in the drawings (LICH), by the leaves of the refinement of drawings (RAY) were introduced into the design documentation.

They worked both in the daytime and at night, uvlechenno, without being considered in the course of time. The atmosphere in the association OF OKB, SKO and plant was very friendly, as the saying goes, oshchushchalos' "feeling of comradeship" in everything. As a result of the joint operation of these associations as long ago as 1953, after conducting of flight tests, the first cruise missile KS was accepted to the armament, and branch OKB -155, rukovodimyy A.Ya.Bereznyakom, were obtained new task with respect to the guarantee of experimental design works on the cruise missiles of classes "air-surface" and "surface- surface".

For guaranteeing the fulfillment of stated problems by the Council of Ministers OF USSR to plant were isolated the capital investments into the completion of main housing (six million rubles), into the home construction activity (on 4 000 square meters) and the development of social sphere (to the building of hospital 0,5 million rubles). The dwelling, freed by German specialists, was provided to use for the solution of cadre problem. Was provided also complete outfitting by qualified personnels both by working and technical officers. Thus, in 1952 technical personnel of plant was supplemented by young specialists - the graduates of the Kazan' and Moscow Aviation Institute.

During the subsequent years yearly completion by young aviation specialists became system. In addition to this, in the plant was organized evening aviation technical school. This it allowed in essence all technical-engineering post to complete by the degreed specialists.

On 2 June, 1953, plant #1 sequential time was renamed into the plant #256 (P. O. Box 6). The mastery of experimental production and main parties of cruise missiles became its basic task. The flows of the nomenclature of aviation equipment and, correspondingly, the volumes of the production of plant yearly increased. During the subsequent years the production of plant mastered a whole series of the new articles, authors of which were such general and chief designers, as A.I.Mikoyan, A.Ya.Bereznyak, I.S.Seleznev, V.N. Of tsybin, V.N.Chelomey, etc. Priority was returned to the developers of rockets.

Basic production employment both by the volume and according to the nomenclature composed the rockets of class "air-surface", author of which was BAR "rainbow" and which were the component part of the strategic complexes, created together with OKB "experience" im. A.N.Tupoleva.

But not all tasks of ministry were plotted in the production capacities of plant; therefore its further extension and reconstruction was required. Technological bureau, services OGT, OGMet for the solution of these problems, bureau of reconstruction yearly analyzed and were evaluated the level of technological processes, the capacity of production, revealing the so-called "narrow" places with respect to stated problems, and on the basis of these analyses developed and realized the yearly and five-year plans of scientific and technical progress, the connected with the plans productions and directed toward its further specialization, toward the introduction of progressive technological processes, equipment, the means of mechanization, automation and enlargement of floor area.

On the base of the yearly constructed production areas of plant constantly was improved the specialization of rocket production, and the structure of control of it repeatedly changed on the initiative of ministry, introducing new tasks. Thus, by order MAP of 19 June, 1972, it is provided for: "... for purposes of implementation of tasks in the improvement of the structure of management of control, strengthening of the specialization of enterprise, acceleration of the process of creation and introducing the models of new aviation equipment on the base of the Dubna Machine Building Plant and Dubna machine-building design bureau "rainbow", its branch on by Smolensk the plant also of the branch of the Moscow Machine Building Plant "zenith" im. A.I.Mikoyana to create the productive- design association (DPKO "rainbow") conditional designation R -6498 ". As director - the responsible leader OF DPKO he is assigned N.P.Fedorov, by chief designer and the first deputy director is assigned A.Ya.Bereznyak, by chief engineer and the first deputy director is assigned G.A.Savel'ev.

Birch grove Aleksandr yakovlevich finished THE MAI in 1938. In the aircraft industry passed the way from the unskilled worker to the chief designer of productive- design association "rainbow". Its design activity Of a.Ya.Bereznyak it began as early as the pre-war years. Thus, on the project Of a.Ya.Bereznyaka and A.M.Isayeva, developed in KB of chief designer v.N.Bolkhovitinov, in 1942 was created the first reactive fighter-interceptor BI -1 with ZHRD - LIQUID PROPELLANT ROCKET ENGINE. The test pilot of this aircraft was Grigoriy bakhchivandzhi, about whom first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin answered as follows: "without the flight Of bakhchivandzhi perhaps not there would be on 12 April, 1961,".

The profound knowledge of contemporary technology and the aviation productions, which put out themselves design abilities, the organizational and business qualities Of a.Ya.Bereznyaka, its exactingness of itself and subordinates in many respects contributed what in a comparatively short time BAR "rainbow" from the small group of designers grew into the large, solid creative association, which showed in reality its ability to successfully solve the complex technical problems, which appear in the process of development of new systems.

By the association OF BAR "rainbow" under the direct management A.Ya.Bereznyaka are developed and transmitted into the series production and the operation not of one ten types of rockets and their modifications, many of them are noted by Leninist and State Prizes. These articles are original, according to their technical and economic characteristics in the majority of the cases they exceed the level of the best models of foreign technology, they obtained the appreciation of customer.

A.Ya.Bereznyak - laureate of Leninist (1961 g.) and state (1970 g.) rewards. For the successes in the creation of the models of new technicians is rewarded with the Order of Lenins, of October Revolution, working Red Banner and with five medals THE USSR. In 1968 it obtained the scientific degree of the doctor of technical sciences, had six certificates of authorship.

In 1974 Of a.Ya.Bereznyak suddenly it passed away, and by the chief designer OF DPKO and the first deputy director is assigned Igor Sergeyevich Seleznev, who worked earlier by the deputy chief designer.

Seleznev Igor Sergeyevich after completion of the Moscow Aviation Institute worked in BAR and association "rainbow" in the different posts (chief designer, the substitute of chief engineer, substitute of chief designer, chief designer). At present he the design project leader OF BAR "rainbow", the academician OF RIA, Hero of Socialist Labor, the laureate of State Prize, is rewarded with many orders and medals.

Very many themes, developed under the management and with the direct participation Of i.S.Selezneva, are honored Leninist and State Prizes. During Igor Sergeyevich Seleznev's lifetime the thematics of rocket direction underwent its further development. With it is created a whole series of new original models with the high tactical-technical characteristics, and the supersonic antiship missile OF EM-80E "mosquito", or as it still call in the West, the "sunburn", at the air shows and the airshows in Chile, by Abu- Dabit (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) and in Moscow Zhukovskiy it produced the impression of the "torn bomb". "mosquito" - the only in the world rocket, the flight speed of which at the low altitudes exceeds 2800 km/h. To bring down "mosquito" by antimissile is practically impossible.

In the eightieth and ninetieth years BAR "rainbow" develops aerospace complex "barge hauler", flight vehicles of small aviation, wind-power installations, antennas of satellite television and other articles of civil designation.

With I.S.Selezneve was further developed the laboratory- experimental base of wide spectrum, which makes it possible to perform the ground-based finalizing of the equipment models and their subsystems in the early stages of scientific research and experimental design works.

Since 1993 the association OF BAR "rainbow" leads Trusov Vladimir Nikolayevich.

Rocket thematics BAR "rainbow" since 1952 on 1990 composed the basic production load of plant and it was its shaping production. Separately should be noted large nomenclature and high level of developments BAR "rainbow".

During September 1978 in accordance with the valid situations about the associations ministry produced the refinement: instead of DPKO the association is renamed in DPO (Dubna production association).

On 12 May, 1982, by the order of minister in connection with the new tasks OF BAR "rainbow" is produced sequential change in the structure of control: "... for purposes of the maximum concentration of the efforts of the experimental design bureau of Dubna production association "rainbow" on the creation of new it is specific articles, improvement in the management of experimental design works and the increase in the responsibility for the creation of air armament to isolate OKB from DPO "rainbow" into the independent experimental-design organization. Experimental-design to the organization to appropriate designation "machine-building design bureau indicated" rainbow ". To the Machine Building Plant to appropriate previous designation the "Dubna Machine Building Plant".

Joint operation BAR plant in the composition of association gave its positive results. Thus, to the noticeable reduction it is timetable in the mastery of the models of new technology they influenced:

- the coordination of the plans of the basic activity OF OKB and plant;

- the multiple operation of the designers OF OKB and of the technologists of plant with the development of technical documentation;

- active tracking by the designers OF OKB of technical documentation in the production of plant;

- the friendly business-like atmosphere between the designers and the production executors.

The sharp reduction of defense orders at the end of the 80th - beginning of the 90th it is annual placed these specialized enterprises in the complex position.

In the period from 1946 on 1990 the production areas of plant were increased almost four times. In this time the production of plant and the objects of its social-welfare sphere obtained comprehensive development.

Thus, for the development of procurement facility were elevated the following objects:

- blacksmith housing - 1962 ;

- foundry housing - 1966 , 1992 ;

- galvanic housing #112 - 1982-1989 ;

- billet-stamping housing #128 - 1985-1989 .

But for the development of aggregate production, final assembling and finalizing onboard systems they were built:

- southern addition to the main housing (shop #2) - 1955 ;

- housing #2 (shop #4, #30, OKB) - 1958 ;

- housing #105 (production TNP) - 1973 ;

- housing #1a with bytovkami (shop #4, #8, #9) - 1974 ;

- housing on the production of details and aggregates from the glass-fiber-reinforced plastics and the composite materials K -131 - 1988 .

Simultaneously with the industrial construction and by reconstruction is much done also for the development of the social sphere, directed toward the harmonious development of the left-bank part Dubna and an improvement in the social-welfare conditions of the workers of plant. Of this it is possible to be convinced, after becoming acquainted with the applications #1 and #2.

The chief construction specialists introduced the large working contribution to development and reconstruction of the production base of plant, objects of its social-welfare sphere. Among them:

Yastrebilov Yefim tarasovich - construction commander of plant (since 1937 on 1946 g.) - ensured in 1939 the putting into commission of the first stage of plant;

Buryachenko Nikolai akimovich, chief oKS plant, the deputy director of plant for the capital construction (1946-1970 yr.);

Yefromeyev gennadi Maksimovich, chief engineer oKSa (since 1948 on 1986 g.);

Zazakov Vladimir Ivanovich, the chief power engineer of plant (since 1948 on 1983 g.);

Usenya Pavel grigor'evich - deputy director of plant for the capital construction (since 1970 on 1987 ). Important builder- professional, a good organizer. The plan of the development of the left-bank part of the city, created with its participation, realizes up to now;

Mikhaylutsa Peter titovich - deputy chief engineer of plant for the reconstruction (since 1973 at 1994 ). Many forces put in the reconstruction it was shop and the installation of modular constructions;

Shchukin gennadi Ivanovich, the chief of bureau of planning technical progress (since 1959 on the present time);

Krasil'nikov Mikhail Constantinovich, general foreman #25;

Rumyantsev Ivan Petrovich, general foreman #10;

Malov Leonid Petrovich, general foreman #10;

Elizabeth grigor'evn's Maslova, the moderator of building (since 1953 on 1987 g.);

Dedneva of Valentina andreyevn, chapters the bookkeeper of building (since 1945 on 1985 g.);

Tikhomirov Fedor Yegorovich, general foreman #25.

For the control of production and deliveries into the system of rockets at the plant in 1952 was created the group of inspection #1 with troop unit of 58180 in a quantity of 19 peopl. Subsequently, in proportion to the transfer of the production of rockets to other plants, there from the military inspection #1 was bound the qualified military representatives. Personnel of military representation achieved quality control aviation of equipment in all stages of its production produced: from the receiving inspection to the dispatch of finished production, was checked the observance of technological processes, the guarantee of a standard of production at the work sites, it participated in the analysis of defects and the development of measures for their warning. Military representation performed a constant work on an improvement in the quality and reliability component product, supporting close connection with the military representatives at the supplier-enteprises.

The plants of aviation branch periodically were connected to the solution of problems both in the chemical and in the light industry. Thus, in the times N. S. Khrushchev the plant was charged design (critical BAR "rainbow") and production (critical DMZ) of blown aggregate AV-'8 on the English model. This aggregate was intended for preparing of details, capacities, toys from polyethylene of low pressure.

Beginning from 1990 systematic reduction in volumes and nomenclature of defense production it forced the association of plant to search for new orders both on the consumer goods, and on another production. Thus, in the beginning of 1991 was established contact with the firm p. o. Dry for purposes of organization production at the plant of sports airplane SU-29.



10.07.1939   26.05.1940  -  the branch of plant "- 30
26.05.1940  -  10.05.1942  -  plant "- 30
10.05.1942  -  19.04.1946  -  experimental plant "- 458
19.04.1946  -  02.06.1953  -  experimental plant "- 1
02.06.1953  -  30.04.1966  -  plant "- 256, P. O. Box "- 6
30.04.1966  -  19.06.1972  -  Dubna Machine Building Plant, P. O. Box R -6498
19.06.1972  -  07.09.1978  -  Dubna productive- design association "rainbow" (association with BAR "rainbow")
07.09.1978  -  12.05.1982  -  Dubna production association "rainbow"
12.05.1982  -  1994  -  Dubna Machine Building Plant (isolation BAR "rainbow" into the independent enterprise)
1994  -  on the present time  -  PUBLICLY HELD COMPANY OF "DMZ" (a public corporation "Dubna Machine Building Plant") with the presence of the daughterly enterprises

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