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Joseph Conrad wrote [Autocracy and War, 1905] that "... the French Revolution exploded like a bombshell. In its lurid blaze the insufficiency of Europe, the inferiority of minds, of military and administrative systems, stood exposed with pitiless vividness.... . For a hundred years the ghost of Russian might, overshadowing with its fantastic bulk the councils of Central and Western Europe, sat upon the gravestone of autocracy, cutting off from air, from light, from all knowledge of themselves and of the world, the buried millions of Russian people.... Never before had the Western world the opportunity to look so deep into the black abyss which separates a soulless autocracy posing as, and even believing itself to be, the arbiter of Europe, from the benighted, starved souls of its people."

House of Rurik
1462Ivan III(the Great) (Basilovitz)
1505Vasiliy III
1533Ivan IV(the Terrible)
1584Feodor I poisoned
Time of Troubles
1598Boris Godunov
1605First False Dmitriy
1606Feodor II
1606Vasiliy Shuyskiy
1610Second False Dmitriy
House of Romanov
1613 Michael Feodorovitch
1645 Alexis
1676 Feodor III
1682Ivan Vco-tsar
1682Peter I(the Great) Emperor in 1708
1725 Catherine I
1727 Peter II grandson of Peter I
1730 Anne daughter of Ivan V
1740 Ivan VI deposed
1741 Elizabeth
House of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov
1762Peter IIIdeposed and murdered
1762Catherine II(the Great)
1796Paul murdered
1801Alexander Isons of Paul
1825Nicholas Isons of Paul
1855Alexander II son of Nicholas, assassinated 1881
1881Alexander III
1894Nicholas IIdeposed 1917

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