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BRM-1 (BMP-R or BMP M1976)

Main Armament (caliber, model) 73-mm 2A38 gun
ammunition type HEAT-FS, FE-Frag
range, effective (m) 800
rate of fire (rpm) sustained/maximum 10
elevation/traverse (degrees) -4 to 30/360
basic load 20
Secondary Armament 7.62-mm PKT MG
range, effective (m) 1000
rate of fire, cyclic/practical (rpm) 650/250
penetration (mm @ m range) 8 @ 500 m
basic load 2000
Auxiliary Armament  
range, effective (m)  
ammunition type  
rate of fire, cyclic/practical (rpm)  
penetration (mm)  
basic load 290
Auxiliary Armament  
rate of fire, cyclic/practical (rpm)  
penetration (mm @ m range)  
basic load 2000
vehicle characteristics  
night sights The Russian Alis or Sanoet thermal gunner's sight can be installed.
SENSORS 1PN22M2 sight, 1D8 laser rangefinder, and Tall-Mike battlefield surveillance radar
Radar characteristics operating band I (9.0 GHz); detection ranges 30 km personnel, 12 km vehicles
speed, road/off-road (kph) 70/?/10
range, road/off-road (km) 500
trench crossing (width x height m) 2.2x0.8
grade x side slope (degrees)  
ground clearance (mm) 425
fording (m) swim
armor, hull/turret (mm) 10
weight (mt) 12.5
dimensions (LxWxH m) 6.75x2.97x1.98
crew 6

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