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OAO KPP Aviamotor

Aviamotor Design & Production 
Aviamotor Design and Production Enterprise
Joint Stock Company KPP "Aircraft Engine"
Open-end Joint Stock Association Design and 
Production Enterprise (OJSA DPE) "Aviamotor"
1 Dementev Street, 
420036 Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia  
Telephone  +7 8432 54 1432  
Facsimile  +7 8432 54 2191  
Email  market@aviamotor.ru  
Web  www.aviamotor.ru  

Since the moment of its formation in 1966, the main direction of the firm's activity has been the development of modifications of the Designer general academician N. D. Kuznetsov aeroengines. Joint Stock Company Industrial-design Enterprise "Aircraft Engine" is the lawful successor of Kazan' Design Bureau of Machine-building ([KPBM]), created in March 1966. At present joint stock company of KPP "Aircraft Engine" successfully solves scientific and technical problems and has the significant practical experience of collaboration with the gas transport enterprises of Gazprom, electro-generation by the companies of "EES of Russia", by ore-dressing and mining enterprises, the domestic airports of the enterprises of civil aviation and by the airfields of the Air Force of Russia, enterprises of chemical and petrochemical industry,e enterprises of food industry. Joint Stock Company KPP "Aircraft Engine" has contemporary laboratory base, test benches, machine and assembly shops, and it also possesses the flexibility, caused by small number and compact structure. The specialists of enterprise have high scientific and technical potential and wide experience of the realization of scientific achievements.

Based on a high engineering potential, developed production and experimental basis, large and unique experience, the enterprise is sucsessfully fulfilling and ready to fulfil work on:
  • perfection of the design, increasment of the life and reliability of the aeroengines;
  • conversion of the aeroengines to use them as:
  • power plants for sea ekranoplanes,
  • drives for gas transfering units,
  • plants to clean ice and snow off the surface of aircraft,
  • ground plants to ventilate deep colliers;
  • restoration and repair of parts and assemblies of aero- and ground gas turbine units.

The possession of progressive aviation technologies enables the firm to develop and manufacture various competitive equipment protected by copyrights and patents, including:
  • a unit for ecological clean combustion of paper, wood, textile, rubber and other Industrial waste without the use of any fuel by means of thermo-aooustlcal phenomena during combustion. The content of harmful compounds In burnt products Is 7-10 time le ss than the permitable concentrations with complete absence of soot formation;
  • equipment for mechanical ferment procession of starch-containing raw material In the alcohol industry. A special technology, oo-developed with the Scientific-research institute of food bio- technologles, allows to increase specific output of alcohol with a simultaneous decrease of temperature mode by 40% and a refusal of the high pressure operating devices that are used in traditional technologies;
  • a wide range of rotational and plunger pumps for transfer of liquids of various vlscousity, in particular in the food and fuel and energetical industries;
  • a high-effective homogenizator for preparing fine dispersion mixtures of a wide designation;
  • a special tool for transportation of patients with leg dlsfunctions from a bed to an invalid chair and backward without outside assistance.

The historical roots of Joint Stock Company KPP "Aircraft Engine" go back to February 1962, when on the initiative the design project leader N.D.Kuznetsov the order of the Minister of Aircraft Industry of the USSR organized in Kazan a branch of Kuybyshev of OKB #276. The task of the branch was the introduction into series production at the Kazan' motor-building plant of the TVD NK -8 for the Il-62 aircraft. The leader of branch was A.A.Mukhin, who worked at that time by the deputy chief designer OKB-276. In Kazan at the same time there was a branch OKB-16 (the chief designer P.F.Zubets), one of the directions of activity of which was the development of gas-turbine high-thrust engines (9500 kG and more).

In November 1963, these two OKB were combined, forming OKB-276-16 under the management of N.D.Kuznetsov. P.F.Zubets became the leader of the Kazan' branch of OKB-276-16. Later, for strengthening the works on finalizing of engine NK-8 on reliability and service life and of the acceleration of its mastery in the series production, in April 1966, on the base of Kazan' branch was formed the Experimental-Design Bureau Kazan' Design Bureau Of Machine Building. A.A.Mukhin was assigned acting chief designer of the enterprise, by the deputy chief designer - I.G.Mashchenko. In the composition of KPBM are formed the basic production subdivisions: design bureau, machine and assembly shops, laboratory, test station.

By the association [KPBM] was developed and inculcated a number of the technical solutions, which ensured the high reliability of the located in the operation aircraft engines RD-3[M]-500, NK -8 and TG -16[m]. Notable increase in the service life of engines, to the 1st repair and general technical, gave essential economic effect due to the reduction of the number of repairs, allowed series plant to free production areas, equipment and labor force for the production of the new, more advanced aircraft engines of family NK -8. An increase in the resource and reliability, an improvement in the specific parameters of engines made it possible to increase the running efficiency of aircraft Il-62 (engine OF THE [NK]8- III series and NK -8-4) and Tu-154 (engine NK -8-2[u]). The improvement of construction, the reduction of the nomenclature of the materials used ensured the savings of strategic materials.

A whole series of the developments, executed by KPBM, can be described in a word "for the first time":
  • in the domestic engine construction was for the first time developed and inculcated in the construction of series gas turbine engines the system of reverse thrust - reverse, which substantially improved operational aircraft quality ratio Il-62;
  • work on an increase in the reliability, putting, for the first time into domestic practice of the operation of aircraft engines, methods and means of diagnostics, accelerated (equivalent) tests made it possible to accelerate an increase in the service life of engines;
  • in this case also are for the first time developed and inculcated diagnostic instruments with the use of fiber optics, eddy-current and ultrasonics with the special manipulators.

All this made it possible to switch over to the operation of engines NK-8 due to the technical state.

Later the association of enterprise conducted the large complex of the works, directed on introduction to the series production of the engines of family NK-8, developed by OKB of design project leader N.D.Kuznetsov and intended for the first Soviet air bus (wide-body aircraft) Il-86, the seagoing aerodynamic air-cushion vehicles "eaglet" and "rescuer", and also engines NK-16St, NK-16-18St, NK-38St, NK-36St for the drive of the gas-pumping aggregates on the main gas pipes.

In the 1990s the enterprise was re-named several times, and finally in December 1996 it was called its present name: Joint Stock Company Industrial-Design Enterprise "Aircraft Engine" (Joint Stock Company KPP "Aircraft Engine").

They stood in "the control" of enterprise in the different years:
  • A.A.Mukhin from 1966 until 1983. ;
  • E.A.Gritzenko from 1983 until 1990 ; later was design project leader, the leader of SNTK im.N.D.Kuznetsov (Samara);
  • V.S.Gagay from 1990 until 2002. ;
  • Since 2002 V.N. Ponkin led the work of the enterprise, being Director-General, and since 2004 also by the chief designer of joint stock company KPP "Aircraft Engine",

At present the specialists of enterprise solve technical problems concerning the mastery in the series production of new propfan engine NK-93, is achieved the designer's supervision of the production, the repair and the operation of engines NK, develop and inject methods and means of control, instruments and special manipulators for the inspection, the procedure of the diagnosis of the malfunctions of engines, including from the measured in the operation parameters.

Significant role in the activity of enterprise is diverted to the promising trends of work, to the creation of the unique, science-intensive equipment:
  • are developed gas-turbine driving installations on the base GTD (gas-turbine engine) of ground-based application for the gas-pumping aggregates and the power stations, and also airport gas-turbine units, bench testing equipment GTD, system of their subsistence, including the engine compartment, the system of the preparation of cyclic air, exhaust system, the system of [masloobespecheniya], washing system of gas-air duct, the ventilation system and others;
  • is developed and prepared the prototype of internal combustion engine for the small-displacement motor vehicle, in the stage of development, together with joint stock company "OF [MVEN]", internal combustion engine for the small aviation;
  • the apparatuses for the impulsive- rotary working of different raw material and products for the food, chemical industry and power engineering are developed and are made;
  • are developed technological lines on processing of the [krakhmalosoderzhashchego] raw material;
  • together with joint stock company KNIAT and OOO AEROPOTOK it developed the fine filter cyclic air for the gas-turbine units of fundamentally new construction, and also test bench of this filter and its modifications at the stage of experimental and series production.

The success in the solution of the confronting the enterprise problems is determined, in the first place, by the highest qualification and the large work experience of engineering technical and production personnel, by their critical relation to the matter, brought up by long-standing work in the aircraft industry, under the conditions of stringent requirements for the quality, reliability and safety of production. The development of new articles is accomplished by designers, who manage contemporary means design - technological preparation for the production: with the methods of computer simulation and analysis of constructions, and developed production, test and laboratory base they ensure their practical realization.

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