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Project 865 Piranya
Losos Class - Specifications

Designation:865 Piranha
DesignerL. V. Chernopyatov, Yu. K. Mineev (since 1984)
BuilderSPBMB Malachite
Displacement (tons): 218 surfaced
319-390 submerged
Dimension (meters):28.2-28.3 meters long (on design waterline)
4.7-4.8 meters beam
5.1 meters draft
3.9 (average draft (on design waterline))
5.1 m Height
Propulsion:2 diesel - 160 (kW)
propulsion motor - 60 (kW)
Propulsion:1 propeller
Speed (kts):6.65-6.7 knots dived
6-6.43 knots surfaced
Endurance:10 days
Operating immersion depth180 meters
Ultimate immersion depth200 meters
Crew:3 + 6 divers
Armament: 4 mines PMT - 2 mine laying devices for 2 mines or
2 400 mm torpedoes
Electronics Active/passive radar
Active/passive sonar

1 periscope

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