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Project 611 Zulu class

Class Listing

Hull Type Pennant Yard * Laid Down Launch Comm Fleet Decomm Notes
1 611 B-61 1 10.01.1951 26.07.1952 31.12.1952 NO 1978  
2 611,
B-62 n/d n/d n/d 31.12.1953
NO, PAC 1970 1966 on the boat tested sonar equipment. Toward the end of 1968 it became part in the 19th brigade PL PAC.
3 611 B-63 n/d n/d n/d 30.06.1954 NO, PAC n/d on 25 June, 1967, it arrived in the 19th brigade Pacific Fleet. In 1970 it is renamed in B -863.
4 611 B-64 n/d n/d n/d 30.12.1954 n/d 1978 611 B -64 of n/d of n/d of n/d of 30.12.1954 n/d 1978 it were reconstructed on the project of 'yyP for testing the missile complex P -10. "... was placed only one winged missile, after the emersion of its boat they rolled from the container and for long they prepared for the launching."
5 611 B-65 n/d n/d n/d 06.12.1954 n/d 1978  
6 611 B-66 n/d n/d n/d 29.06.1954 NO, PAC 1979 toward the end of 1968 it became part in the 19th brigade Pacific Fleet. In the period from 10 October, 1969, through 15 May, 1970, it participated in the gravimetric measurements with the parallel accomplishment of mission of combat service in the Indian Ocean and approaches in Karachi (Pakistan) and Port-Luis (Maverick). In 1970 it is renamed in B -866. from 16 October, 1973, through 22 April, 1974, completed the march into some regions of Pacific Ocean (commander the captain 2- GO of the rank O.S. of males) for the purpose of the measurement of the gravitational field of planet, with approaches into Apia (Samoa) and Callao (Peru).
7 611,
B-67 1 n/d n/d 30.06.1954
NO 1970 for reconstruction on the project V -611 boat to October 1954 was transferred along the White Sea area inhabitant- Baltic channel into the plant of Noya02. In 1958 there was passed the modernization under the rocket of underwater start S -4.7. at the end of the 60th on the boat it tested hydroacoustic complex on the project OF AV-'YYRA. Knot. F.I. Kozlov, I.I. Gulyayev, D.D. Of yankin, V.K. Of ducts.
8 611 B-68 n/d n/d n/d 27.11.1955 n/d 1980  
9 611 B-69 n/d n/d n/d 31.12.1955 n/d 1989  
10 611 B-70 n/d n/d n/d 29.06.1955 n/d 1980  
11 611 B-71 n/d n/d n/d 30.09.1956 n/d 1981  
12 611 B-72 n/d n/d n/d 30.06.1956 n/d 1981  
13 611,
B-73 n/d n/d n/d n/d
NO 1971 knots I.S. Likhachev.
14 611 B-74 n/d n/d n/d 31.10.1956 n/d 1981  
15 611 B-75 n/d n/d n/d 06.10.1956 n/d 1982  
16 611 B-76 n/d n/d n/d 28.11.1956 n/d 1982  
17 611 B-77 n/d n/d n/d 30.11.1956 n/d 1982  
18 611,
B-78 n/d n/d n/d n/d
NO 1990 v of the 60th on the boat was tested astronavigational system on the project AV-'YYS.
19 611,
B-79 n/d n/d n/d n/d
NO 1971  
20 611 B-80 2 01.02.1956 16.01.1957 13.07.1957 NO 1990 plant of Noyyy. now is used as the restaurant in g. of den -Xelder (Netherlands).
21 611 B-81 n/d n/d n/d 13.07.1957 n/d 1982  
22 611 B-82 n/d n/d n/d 17.09.1957 NO n/d toward the end of 1964 it was additionally equipped on SRZ-ESHCH VMF for the experimental finalizing of the transfer of fuel with transport APL to impact DEPL with towing in the above-water and underwater positions. In the Barents sea the boat produced taking to the tug, towing, transfer of fuel hose, joint sinking with DEPL S -346 (project 613). Tests passed successfully, system was rekomendovana to the installation on APL of project 664.
23 611 B-88 n/d n/d n/d 25.09.1957 NO, PAC 1990 toward the end of 1968 it became part in the 19th brigade submarines Pacific Fleet. From 30 September 1971, through 4 May, 1972, it walked into the march (commander the captain 2- GO of the rank of males O.S.) in the quiet and Indian Ocean in the composition of oceanographic expedition for the purpose of the fulfillment of gravitational measurements along the route of passage, with the approach in Port-Luis (Maverick). On 10 July, 1980, in the above-water position it encountered with submarine B-833 Type 641 in the region of combat training after conducting of training torpedo firings. As a result on B-88 it was damaged TO GAS [Hydroacoustic station].
24 611,
n/d n/d n/d n/d
NO, PAC 1990 first rocket carrier (knot N.F. Of khanin), which overcame 1500 miles of northern seaway. Toward the end of 1968 it became part in the 19th brigade submarine Pacific Fleet. After re-equipment on the project AV-'YY at the plant #202, Vladivostok (according to sources - at the plant of y99 into Komsomol'sk-on- Amur) the boat of voshla(?) in 182- yu the brigade submarine Pacific Fleet. At the end of the 60th on the boat was tested hydroacoustic equipment on the project AV-'YYE. In 1976 on Dal'zavode it passed modernization for the finalizing HOOK [hydroacoustic complex] "Yenisey" for promising APL [nuclear-powered submarine].
25 611 B-90 n/d n/d n/d 30.10.1957 n/d 1990  
26 611 B-91 n/d n/d n/d 15.07.1958 n/d 1989 1974 it is renamed B-891.
n/d = no data

* the manufacturing plant:
1 - #196 Of "sudomekh", Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg)
2 - #402 (Sevmashpredpriyatiye), g. of molotovsk (now Severodvinsk)

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