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31600 Briz - Corvette

The International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2017) in St. Petersburg presented the latest models of the future warships. They were developed by experts of the Krylov Research Center. A corvette stands out, the project of which is called Breeze. Previously, fleet corvettes did not exist at all in the Russian fleet. The ships, similar to the western ones in terms of displacement and armament, were called guardians of the near-sea zone. They were supposed to protect water areas and coastal areas within state maritime borders.

Thanks to good seaworthiness and powerful armament, the corvette will also be able to work in the far sea zone, and not only in the inland seas or coastal waters. Otherwise, in the future, against the background of the fleet obsolescence, Russia will have only small ships to guard the borders. Therefore, large-scale production is important: if the fleet has more units, we will be able to use them more flexibly in different zones.

Valery Polovinkin, scientific director of the Krylov State Scientific Center (KGNTS), spoke with Interfax correspondents about work on a promising concept of a future combat corvette. According to the expert, corvettes represent a formidable force at sea due to their versatility and the ability to effectively both strike and repel enemy attacks. The Corvette of the Russian Federation of a new generation, which is being developed at KGNTs, will have excellent navigational indicators, because this is what the scientific staff paid special attention to. This is a new form of the ship, which allows to significantly strengthen and strengthen the ship. KGNTs has wide technical capabilities, which allowed to work out the shape of the underwater part of the corvette, a specialist said.

In the underwater part of the ship there is a bow bulb, a damper wing in front, a pitching damper and cheekbones. When we reduce the amplitude of the longitudinal pitching, the deck fill is increased. To reduce it, the board height is increased. When developing their newest ships, the same Americans were faced with a drop in seaworthiness when they reached the desired speeds. Therefore, you need a balanced solution. The engines of the corvette are interesting. It has its own advantages due to its high speed. Although they are criticized for less efficiency. Speed ??in the same 30 knots can be achieved using new domestic gas turbine engines. The corvette is supposed to have water-jet engines, and if faster speed is needed, gas-turbine.

This made it possible to achieve extremely high stability during sea rolling, as well as significantly reduce water resistance and facilitate handling, Polovinkin said. For the corvette, special additional wings for motion stabilizers were also installed, mounted on the bow. However, the main advantage of the new approach to updating the shape of the ship, the specialist called the possibility of increasing firepower. The number of cells of universal vertical installations in the new corvette will be 24 units. Given the weight characteristics of weapons, similar ships can be equipped with only 12 installations.

Corvette will be armed with universal missiles capable of striking surface and ground targets. For ensuring the safety of the ship from air attacks will be responsible 16 long-range anti-aircraft missiles, 32 short-range guided missiles, as well as a universal 100-mm automatic artillery gun. The protection against submarines, as well as their defeat, will be carried out by 324-mm Package torpedo tubes installed on both sides of the corvette. In conclusion, Polovinkin added that the new ship for increased efficiency and versatility will be implemented on a modular system.

With the same engine power as on similar ships of this rank, it was possible to achieve a significant increase in speed. But the designers offered a different option. The speed remained the same, and the power plant itself became less powerful, more compact and economical. Thanks to this approach, considerable volumes were released inside the case. And it gave the opportunity to saturate the corvette with a large number and a wide variety of different weapons. His firepower has increased significantly.

The number of cells of universal vertical launchers for guided missile weapons increased to 24 units while maintaining the size and displacement of the ship. Usually the number of such launchers on ships with a displacement of about 2,000 tons does not exceed twelve. The main missile weapons are anti-ship or universal, that is, missiles can strike at ground targets.

Air defense Corvette type "Breeze" is quite powerful. These are 16 long-range anti-aircraft guided missiles and 32 short-range guided missiles. The anti-aircraft missile defense is complemented by a universal 100 mm automatic artillery mount and two 30-mm caliber rapid-fire guns. In this case, the automata can be six-barrel or, performed by Duet, twelve-barrel. To combat submarines and for anti-torpedo protection, there are two four-pipe torpedo tubes, 324 mm caliber, on the left and right sides.

The normal displacement of the Breeze corvette is 1980 tons, the full speed is 30 knots, the cruising range is 3500-4000 miles. Autonomy - 15 days, which allows making raids away from native shores. Autonomy 15 days, is perfect for export, as a coastal protection ship, or seas. To the Black Sea, to the Baltic, the Sea of Okhotsk, would be perfect.

The universal platform for the corvette can solve problems in different water areas at low cost. All measures are taken to reduce the cost of construction and ensure greater serial production. In the latter case, one can think of its modifications a strike corvette, an air defense, an anti-submarine, or a fire support ship for amphibious forces, including the universal amphibious assault ships. Other innovations of the Krylov Center are the Pribo amphibious assault ship, the Leader destroyer and the Storm aircraft carrier. The projects of these ships are detailed. They can be built in the interests of the Russian Navy or in export performance.

In general, the main thing for the Krylov Center was to show that the new hull lines would reduce the water resistance by 15-20%, and therefore reduce the power of the power plant and the savings to increase ammunition or increase autonomy and range. But no one counted the real ship project, looking at the situation with Breeze more closely, and not just believing in the word of publications in the media. That in the Krylov center went on a number of times.

31600 Briz - Corvette

31600 Briz - Corvette

31600 Briz - Corvette 31600 Briz - Corvette 31600 Briz - Corvette 31600 Briz - Corvette 31600 Briz - Corvette 31600 Briz - Corvette 31600 Briz - Corvette

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